Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 24


Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 24


“Thank you for your help,” Sunset said with a beaming smile. She was happy to be able to punt that perverted octopus! That octopus was the reason why cute mermen were hardly seen in public.

As Paul was Princess Ruri’s pet, no one dared to harm it. Because of that, its ego swelled and it often terrorized people with its tentacles!

“We did not help at all,” Rozenbach quickly denied before Tea Cake could say anything. He started to fear what his little maid would say to the little mermaid, for he could plainly see the dissatisfaction on Tea Cake’s face! “You have done well, Sunset.”

“Farewell.” Sunset gave them a polite nod before swimming to where  Princess Ruri and Paul were at. They exchanged a few words before dragging the limp octopus away.

Tea Cake’s cat ears popped out and twitched when she caught sounds of footsteps approaching them.

“Concubine Rosaline.” An older-looking maid appeared with more than ten maids behind her. They curtsied to Rozenbach respectfully, with their eyes looking to the ground, except for the older maid. “This servant is here on behalf of King Sigil and has been given the task of escorting Concubine Rosaline to try on the wedding dress.”

Rozenbach’s face immediately paled. Wedding dress?!

It seemed that Rozenbach had gotten a little too relaxed after being promised aid by Grand Tutor Etvo and Guan Zhong!

“Concubine Rosaline, please follow us.”

Facing the entourage that had opened a path for him, Rozenbach could not bring himself to refuse. “Lead the way.”

“What are you guys doing?” Tea Cake exclaimed when two maids stepped in front of her, blocking her from following Rozenbach.

“King Sigil has given orders that no one is to interrupt Concubine Rosaline’s fitting.”

“I am Miss Rozie’s maid!”

“This is His Majesty’s orders.”

“Tea Cake, it’s alright,” Rozenbach quickly interrupted when he saw Tea Cake starting to get hostile. He swore her fingernails had lengthened into sharp ends.

“I can’t do that Mistress! Tea Cake will follow you everywhere!”

“This younger sister, aren’t you making too much of a fuss? We are just here to lead Concubine Rosaline to try on the wedding dress,” said one of the maids that had blocked Tea Cake. However, her eyes seemed to be filled with mockery despite her polite tone.

Rozenbach, who could only see the back of the maid, missed what Tea Cake could see clearly.

“No way!” Tea Cake protested vehemently. She tried to push past the two maids that blocked her way, but unexpectedly, they did not even budge an inch. Instead, with just a shove from one of the maids, Tea Cake was easily pushed back a step.

“What?” Tea Cake was shocked. She could be considered as one of the strongest cat spirits in the kingdom and that was why Lady Rosaline had entrusted her with protecting Young Master Rozenbach.

Clenching her teeth, Tea Cake dashed forward, trying to run past them with her full speed. Suddenly, a large snake tail appeared from under one of the maid’s dress and would have hit her if she had not dodged in time! The sight of the large snake tail that had smashed into the ground with such force that huge cracks were formed was enough to frighten Rozenbach.

“Stop, Tea Cake! I will be back soon,” Rozenbach promised. Although this entourage of maids made him feel a little apprehensive, it would be better to follow them than having Tea Cake try and fight against them. Judging from what he had seen, Tea Cake might not able to even defeat one of them.

Tea Cake stared at her young master as if searching for something before giving him a nod.

The older maid smiled when the small cat finally gave up. “Concubine Rosaline, please follow this servant.”

Tea Cake stared at her young master’s departing back until he and the entourage were out of her view.

“What should I do now?” Tea Cake mumbled in distress. She had failed to protect her young master!


Tea Cake’s tail flicked lightly at the person that tried to sneak up to her. “Imperial Doctor, why did you do that for?”

Grace wrapped a hand around the fluffy black tail and tugging it playfully. “I called you twice but you did not hear me. What are you daydreaming about?”

“No, I wasn’t daydreaming! I’m just thinking the King would not let me follow Miss Rozie!” Tea Cake pouted unhappily.

Grace’s expression turned to surprise. “King Sigil? He brought Miss Rozie away?”

“No, it’s those maids. They want Miss Rozie to try on a wedding dress. But strange thing is, they are not maids!”

“What?” Grace asked in confusion. “You said they are maids earlier.”

“They are dressed like maids, but they are super strong! As strong as a warrior! One of them is even a high-ranked snake spirit!”

Grace’s eyes widened. “These maids, are there twelve of them?”

“Yes! I counted!”

The Imperial Doctor looked grim. “Tea Cake, tell me everything, including what happened when you met Grand Tutor yesterday.”

Rozenbach was dressed in a blood-red wedding dress that felt nice to the touch. With just a look, he could see that the material was very expensive. An impressive large golden phoenix was embroidered onto the wedding dress, with its wings spread wide.

His red clothing could blend in with the room as the whole room was fully decorated in red! Red papers with the word ‘happiness’ written on them were stuck on the walls and windows. This room was definitely fully prepared for a marriage ceremony!

The maids said they had prepared the room first as they were needed for other tasks and it slightly allayed Rozenbach’s fears.

The maids were busy painting his face and even went as far as to draw a red flower between his eyebrows! His long hair was combed so thoroughly that not even a small knot could be found. Rozenbach had stopped counting when the fifth hairpin was added into his hair. He swore that those hairpins must be made of real gold for them to be so heavy!

Can they stop adding hairpins?!

Finally, the maids stepped away from Rozenbach, nodding with satisfaction at their handiwork! The originally innocent-looking Concubine Rosaline had transformed into a budding young woman that was clearly out to get the one she loved to notice her!

Two maids helpfully lifted a large copper mirror in front of Rozenbach. His eyes widened when he saw his transformation! His eyebrows now seemed longer, making his eyes look sharper and more mature. A thin layer of white powder made his skin even paler, but red blush was gently brushed onto his cheeks, adding some color to his pale face. His lips looked fuller thanks to the rouge and the bright red color stood out on his pale face!

This… is too beautiful! Too seductive!

If only this person was not Rozenbach! He gripped his front robe tightly as his heart clenched in pain. How could a man be this beautiful that even all the ladies would be jealous of?!

Even the maids in the room had succumbed to his beauty, their eyes were glazed and hearts beat irregularly! The head of the maids quickly grabbed a red veil and hurried towards Rozenbach.

“Please allow this servant to help put this on, Concubine Rosaline.”

“This…” Rozenbach’s eyebrows twitched.

Seeing his reluctance, the head maid quickly explained, “Concubine Rosaline should try on the veil to see if it fits.”

“…Alright.” Rozenbach inwardly scolded himself for being a coward. It was just a fitting, not a real marriage. If he kept on dilly-dallying, his neck would not be able to support his head with the heavy hairpins any longer!

The maid was quick to place the veil over his head, completely blocking his sight and filling his vision with red. Now that the alluring beauty was covered, the maids secretly sighed in relief. But some felt disappointed that they could not continue gazing at the beautiful sight.

King Sigil is a lucky man to have such a beautiful concubine!

“Um… Can I take it off now?” Rozenbach asked. From what he could deduce, the veil worked just fine. No holes could be spotted and he could not see anything beyond the veil.

“You mustn’t, Concubine Rosaline!” The quick and sharp answer was filled with panic that surprised him.

“Why not?”

“Please wait a moment! Concubine Rosaline, please take a seat and don’t move while we fix it.” A maid guided Rozenbach to sit on the bed.

Fix what?

He did not have a chance to ask as every maid was busy walking and moving stuff around the room. The urge to sneeze hit him when he smelled some weird perfume. He was about to ask what the perfume was when he noticed the room had suddenly turned peaceful.

What’s going on?

“Hello?” Rozenbach called out but no one answered him. When he was about to lift the veil, the sound of doors closing stopped him. Unsure of his own reaction, Rozenbach felt a little scared.

It’s all because of this veil’s fault!

Just when he was about to yank the veil away from his head, it was suddenly lifted up gently, and a handsome man that could rival a celestial being was standing extremely close to Rozenbach. He was wearing a red robe that was the same shade of red as Rozenbach’s wedding dress. There was a huge golden dragon stitched onto his clothes, looking magnificent and mighty.

The handsome man revealed a wide smile that seemed to brighten the whole room. “Beauty.”

Rozenbach’s mind immediately stopped working. Was this man not King Sigil?! Q.Q


Behind The Scenes!

(When Yuuko seemed to have teased Rozen way too much…)

Rozen: Yuuko dear~ angelic smile.

Choco: imagines Rozen saying it with a maidenly voice.

Rozen: What is your biggest fear?

Yuuko: My biggest fear is that Rosie will fall out of love with Sigil XD

Choco: That will be the day Rozen no longer denies the relationship? To show that he does not care anymore? But that seems like a broken person.

Rozen: …This Choco is betraying me again! D8

Choco: blinks. Of course not!

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