Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 22

Chapter 22!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 22


“Queen Yuuko, why did you want to meet us?” Queen Ruyi took an empty seat beside Queen Yuuko. “Not that I’m complaining, but you mentioned that it’s an emergency.”

“It is an emergency, however, it’s Madam that I’m looking for,” Queen Yuuko corrected and turned to look at ‘Madam’.

“So you wish for mercenary help?”

The ‘Madam’ took a seat right beside Rozenbach and looked at him in curiosity. “My help? Is it related to this beautiful lady?”

“Yes,” Queen Yuuko sighed. “Lady Rosaline, meet Queen Ruyi and her younger brother, Guan Zhong. Guan Zhong is a very famous mercenary.”

Rozenbach hurriedly stood up. “R-Rosaline greets Queen Ruyi and Prince Guan Zhong.”

“I’m not a prince so there’s no need to address me as one. It’s Elder Sister Ruyi that’s married into royalty, so just call me Guan Zhong.”

“I-I see.”

“Just call him Madam,” Queen Yuuko said with a sly grin. “Look at him, does he not look like a Madam?”

Rozenbach noted that Guan Zhong did have a clean and white face, but decided that it might have been the bright red fur scarves that contributed to the ‘Madam’ title.

“You keep on calling me madam just because of that one particular cross-dressing incident,” Guan Zhong groaned but there was no anger towards Queen Yuuko. “You are a rich madam too, Potato.”

“I’m broke!” Queen Yuuko suddenly wailed in frustration. “I’m still paying the construction fees!”

Queen Ruyi raised an eyebrow upon hearing that. “You still have not cleared your debts?”

“I need to pay it out from my own pocket! But I’ve already used a large sum of it to pay back the damages that I caused to Princess Ruri’s property.”

Rozenbach was very curious about the love triangle involving Cookie, Yuuko, and Ruri. It seemed that everyone from even other Kingdoms had heard about this incident!

“How are you going to pay it back now?” Guan Zhong asked.

As Royalty, they were not allowed to use the funds collected from citizens for personal use or they would be heavily punished by Voltaire law.

“I will sell my art!” Queen Yuuko declared with intense burning eyes. “I have new inspiration thanks to Lady Rozie!”

T-thanks to me?! What did I inspire in Queen Yuuko?

“Give me a look after you are done. I think my men would be interested in the painting inspired by a beauty,” Guan Zhong said.

After Guan Zhong said that, the group of men behind him glanced at Rozenbach a few times before quickly looking away with reddened ears.

Rozenbach shivered in disgust! He would rather prefer ladies look at him that way!

Unfortunately for Rozenbach, his shivering was interpreted in a totally different way. The gentlemen assumed that the beauty had to be feeling shy from their gaze!

They all decided to stop staring at the shy beauty, which suited Rozenbach well. He even silently praised himself for able to convey his disgust without getting into a fight.

“I can make copies for you all, but you will need to pay for it! And no sharing the copies!” Queen Yuuko said with a wicked grin.

“I don’t mind paying,” Guan Zhong immediately gave his word, not at all concerned about the cost. His job as a mercenary had earned him enough money for his entire life even if he should choose to retire right now.  

“I think we have gone off topic,” Queen Ruyi reminded them.

Queen Yuuko let out an embarrassed cough. “Madam, we need you to help us find a person.”

“Let’s talk about payment first.”

Money First. That was Guan Zhong’s policy, be it kith or kin. It was said that he would even resort to cross-dressing if it would get the job done, so long as the price was right. The payment was not restricted to money! Rare artifacts, special herbs, or even good quality pills could be used as payment.

What if you had neither money nor valuable treasure? No problem, Guan Zhong could take an IOU note!

Although this policy made his close acquaintances view him as a money grubber, the rare treasures he received as payments never failed to cheer him up.

“Give me a friendship discount!” Queen Yuuko quickly said.

“There’s no such thing as a friendship discount,” Guan Zhong immediately rejected.

“Lies! You think I don’t notice that you never charge Teacher Etvo at all because she’s your close friend?”

“Lady, you and Etvo cannot be compared.”

“I know that! That’s why I ask for a friendship discount instead!”

Guan Zhong relented. “Fine, I will charge cheaper then. Ten percent less.”

“You are already rich. Make it cheaper!” Queen Yuuko haggled.

“Ten percent is already a lot!”

“…Fine. Lady Rozie, will that be alright?” Queen Yuuko asked Rozenbach, who had been rendered speechless on seeing a Queen haggling like those aunties in the marketplace back in his original world.

“Eh? The beauty will be paying?” Guan Zhong asked in surprise.

“Yes, it will be paid by Miss Rozie,” Tea Cake spoke up. “Even if we don’t have much money, we can still auction off mistress’ assets!”

What are you talking about Tea Cake?!?!?! Don’t easily agree to sell your master’s assets!!!

“Potato, you should have told me that earlier! I thought that you would be the one that covered the fees!” Guan Zhong berated Queen Yuuko.

“Is there a difference knowing who will settle the payment?” Queen Yuuko asked Guan Zhong with a bewildered expression.

“Of course! I will give the beauty seventy percent off!”

That set off Queen Yuuko like fireworks!

Rozenbach watched, mouth agape, as Queen Yuuko no longer had any semblance of an elegant and regal queen, standing up and chasing after Guan Zhong, who laughed while easily evading Queen Yuuko.

“Forgive my brother for letting you witness such an unsightly behavior,” Queen Ruyi apologized.

“It’s… interesting,” Rozenbach answered honestly.

“Since my younger brother is currently busy, you can tell me who are you looking for. I can pass the word to him after they are… done.” Queen Ruyi’s eyelid twitched slightly.

“If it isn’t a bother, the person I’m looking for is my-” Rozenbach immediately stopped when he realized… what should he say?

He was currently acting as his older sister and if he were to say they were same gender twins, it would be suspicious as one could easily deduce the truth from someone that knew they were actually a pair of dragon-phoenix twins!

“Miss Rozie wants to find Young Master Rozenbach,” Tea Cake decided to help when she noticed her young master’s dilemma. “That is Miss Rozie’s younger twin brother!”

Thank you Tea Cake!!!

“What happened to Lord Rozenbach?” Queen Ruyi asked.

“Young Master Rozen has run away from home!” Tea Cake explained with teary eyes. “He ran off with a man to avoid marriage! Old Master and Madam have dispatched guards to search for Young Master but they are still unable to find him!”

…Why does it feel like Tea Cake’s explanation has something wrong with it?

“Did they use the tracking spell?” Queen Ruyi inquired. If one had enough money, they could buy the service from a local mage.

“That’s what Madam and Master did but the tracking spell failed. Miss Rozie had even asked High Priest for his aid, and even he failed to find Young Master Rozen!”

Queen Ruyi frowned. “That sounds like a spellshield. Must be a very strong one, if it can stop the honorable High Priest from finding him.”

“That’s why Miss Rozie had no choice but to accept Queen Yuuko’s suggestion of asking Lord Guan Zhong for help.”

“Please help us, Queen Ruyi,” Rozenbach pleaded with a pitiful expression, while silently thinking that Tea Cake was too good at telling lies!

“The final choice will be made by Guan Zhong, but since Yuuko is the one that introduced his services to you, he should accept. However, that also depends on the payment offered. You can choose to pay in gold coins or valuable treasure.”

Tea Cake poked Rozenbach’s waist and whispered, “Mistress, why don’t you show Queen Ruyi what you can pay first so that they can decide?”

What could he pay? Rozenbach had no money on his person! He had already searched his clothes some time back and found nothing of value!

Rozenbach was going to pull out all the sparkling accessories stabbed into his hair to offer to Queen Ruyi when Tea Cake suddenly crouched down beside him to sniff around his pocket.

“What are you doing?!”

“I smell something valuable, Mistress!”

What sort of nose do you have to be able to sniff out treasure?!

Rozenbach patted his pockets and found a small bottle. “Oh! You mean this?” He pulled out the bottle that Countess Ying had gifted him as an apology.

He held it in front of Tea Cake, whose cat ears and tail had already popped out upon laying her eyes on the small bottle. “You want it?”

“Yes!” Instead of Tea Cake answering, it was Queen Ruyi! Her eyes sparkled as her hands held out as if wanting to grab the bottle!

“Er… do you know what’s in it?” Rozenbach asked awkwardly.

“Beauty Pill! Even though it’s sealed inside that bottle, the fragrant smell can never escape my nose!”

“Then, can I use this pill as payment?” Rozenbach asked.

“Yes! It’s definitely enough as payment!” Queen Ruyi immediately turned and called out, “Guan Zhong, come back!”

Hearing his elder sister’s call, Guan Zhong hurried back with Queen Yuuko tagging behind, only to get ambushed by his overly excited elder sister!

“You will help Lady Rosaline to find her twin brother!” Queen Ruyi demanded. “Beauty Pill is the payment Lady Rosaline has offered, so you must do your best!”

Queen Yuuko stared at Queen Ruyi in shock. In terms of seniority, Queen Ruyi was ranked higher than Queen Yuuko. She had never seen Queen Ruyi express her emotions this openly before, as she always maintained her cool and calm appearance.

Guan Zhong finally figured out what had caused his normally stoic sister to act like an excited child. It was the Beauty pill, one of the top ten rarest pills!

Although Guan Zhong did not know how Lady Rosaline managed to get her hands on the beauty pill, he immediately agreed to the deal before the beauty could change her mind. He knew that to his sister Queen Ruyi, this pill was too important!

“Let me know more about your twin brother,” Guan Zhong said to Rozenbach seriously. This beauty was an important customer! He must not slack on his work even the slightest bit!

“Allow me to explain on my mistress’ stead!” Tea Cake stepped forward with a bright and reliable-looking smile that was perfected for the sake of duping people!

“Alright,” Guan Zhong, the newest victim of Tea Cake’s con, readily agreed, thinking nothing of it.

“Young Master Rozenbach looks almost identical to Miss Rosaline! However, to avoid being caught by search parties, there’s a possibility that the the Young Master might be disguised as a wandering swordsman or even cross-dressing as a female.”

“So I will just have to keep an eye on anyone’s face that’s similar to Lady Rosaline?”

“Yes! Lord Guan Zhong is indeed quick on the uptake! Tea Cake hass never met anyone as intelligent as you.”

“Ahaha! This is nothing much!” Guan Zhong laughed it off, but in his heart, he was happy with Tea Cake’s praise!

No one noticed Rozenbach was staring at Tea Cake with eyes with eyes that seemed to be be accusing her of committing a crime!

My little maid is getting naughty! QAQ

E/N: Don’t you mean naughtier? *laughs and floats away lazily*


Behind the Scenes!

Rozen: COUGH

Choco: Nyan~?

Rozen: Y-you made the MC gay again… vomits blood and and collapses onto the ground, twitching uncontrollably.

Choco: Its a lie master! But it is also the truth! After all, your sister did run away with a man!

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