Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 21

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Enjoy chapter 21!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 21


Tea Cake’s stomach let out a loud growl. She sheepishly rubbed her empty stomach and apologized, “Sorry, I’m really hungry.”

“I’ve asked the kitchen to prepare our dinner. It should be done by now,” Lord Cookie said.

“Really? That’s great!” Tea Cake cheered.

Tea Cake, you should not be eating cookies while saying that!

Tea Cake was unable to endure her empty stomach any longer and had decided to snack on the cookies that Lord Cookie had given her earlier.

“Would you like to join us, High Priest?” Lord Cookie asked.

“No, thank you. I will be joining Grand Tutor Etvo for dinner.”

With that, the three hungry individuals and one depressed human speed-walked to where the food was waiting for them. When they arrived, the food was already served but luckily, it was still warm. Miraculously, Tea Cake still remembered that she was a maid and ignored her hungry stomach to serve Rozenbach.

Tea Cake prepared a small basin filled with water for Rozenbach to clean his hands first before he started his meal. Next, she helped him dry his hands. Tea Cake even made sure that all the food served to him were in small portions!

Rozenbach had been to restaurants with good service in his original world, but he had never experienced the type of services that Tea Cake offered!

What kind of service is this? Am I being babied?!

The meal ended when Queen Yuuko excused herself with Lord Cookie, claiming she needed to leave before she forgot about her new ‘inspiration’ for her painting.

“This is the room you will be staying in, Miss Rozie!” Tea Cake announced excitedly, which was a huge contrast to Rozenbach, who gloomily looked at the room that Tea Cake had led him into.  

This feminine room would be loved by most ladies… but Rozenbach was a man!

Rozenbach sighed in despair. He could not do anything about it so he would just have to bear with it. He kept telling himself that it’s just a place to sleep so there’s no need to be picky about it.

“Young master, the bath is ready!” Now that they were alone, Tea Cake no longer needed to address Rozenbach as Miss Rozie. Tea Cake silently thought that calling him young master would cheer him up!

Rozenbach stepped behind a flower-patterned screen divider and stared at the wooden bathtub with dread. Why were there flower petals floating on top of the water?!

“A flower bath is nice! Young master will smell wonderful!” Rozenbach glared at the smiling Tea Cake as she moved around, preparing for his bath.

“I will wait outside, young master! Call me after you are done.” Tea Cake departed before Rozenbach could say a word.

Normally Tea Cake would have lingered for a little while, but she was currently a very hungry kitty that needed food! She planned to finish her dinner before Rozenbach finished with his bath!

Rozenbach sighed in resignation before he quickly stripped, scrubbed himself thoroughly and hastily escaped from the flower bath. It would have been nice to soak in the warm water, but knowing that he would have that flowery sweet smell clinging on him killed that thought!

“Tea Cake!” Rozenbach called. When no one responded, he thought that maybe Tea Cake had not heard him. When he was going to open the door and call for her again, suddenly he could hear someone running.

The door slammed open in a rough manner and Tea Cake, with bulging cheeks, entered the room. “Mic-su!”

“…Swallow the food first.”

Tea Cake quickly swallowed the food in her mouth. “I’m sorry, mistress!”

“It’s fine.” Rozenbach was about to tell Tea Cake to go and finish eating her dinner first, but Tea Cake had already gone and lifted the tub filled with water out of the room.

“Miss Rozie, is there anything you need before you rest?”


“Then Tea Cake wishes Mistress to have a good rest!” Tea Cake closed the door, leaving Rozenbach alone in his new bedroom.

Rozenbach had originally wanted to talk about the soul contract with Tea Cake, but she escaped too quickly!

With a weary sigh, Rozenbach flopped down onto his new bed and found it lacking immediately. He missed his bed in his original world. His mind assumed that it would be difficult for him to fall asleep as his mind kept on thinking about the day’s events. However, his weak body could not keep up with the toll and immediately dragged Rozenbach into a deep but stressful sleep.

It was not surprising that when Rozenbach woke up the next morning, his body felt sore and his mind was still tired. Even though he was too tired to dream, his mind still felt the trauma of the series of events previous day.

“Mistress!” Tea Cake once again noisily barged into the room without knocking. Even if she did not knock, could she not open the door softly?

But regardless of what Rozenbach thought, he did not bother to voice it out. He only wanted to lie on the bed without doing anything.

“Miss Rozie, wake up! Queen Yuuko is waiting!” Tea Cake yanked the blanket away, exposing Rozenbach to the morning chill.

“Oh?” Rozenbach lazily replied and tried to curl his body into a ball to avoid the chill.

Tea Cake blinked at her young master’s cute behavior and then spotted the window that had not been closed the whole night!

“Ah! Tea Cake forgot to close the window yesterday!” Tea Cake hurried over and shut the window but the room was already filled with cold air.

Tea Cake swiftly pulled Rozenbach out of the bed, which was an easy task with her strength. Rozenbach was forced to clean up and dressed in a new dress the same shade of blue as the previous one.

Rozenbach was just glad he did not have to wear pink again.

He was then dragged out of the room by Tea Cake and straight into another room where breakfast had already been served.

“Good Morning Lady Rosaline,” greeted Queen Yuuko. Even though she knew Rozenbach’s real gender was male, she still had to keep up pretenses and addressed Rozenbach as Lady Rosaline. In addition, Rozenbach’s feminine beauty did not allow anyone who laid their eyes on him to doubt that he was anything but a legitimate female.

“Good Morning Queen Yuuko,” Rozenbach and Tea Cake both greeted in unison.

Queen Yuuko giggled when she saw the tired looking Rozenbach. “Hurry up and have your breakfast.”

Rozenbach stared at the table that looked as if it was about to break from the different types of food that it bore. He had no appetite even when the delicious aromas reached his nose. Seeing his unenthusiastic response, Queen Yuuko added, “I do remember my promise to introduce you to a group of mercenaries today.”

Hearing that, Rozenbach’s mood lifted slightly. “Really?”

“Yes, as soon as you finish your breakfast, we will meet them.”

With Queen Yuuko’s verbal promise, Rozenbach sat down and quickly ate his breakfast. Tea Cake was worried that Rozenbach would choke on his breakfast and tried to get him to slow down but he refused.

What would he do if the mercenary left because he ate too slow?!

As soon as Rozenbach finished his breakfast, he directed his puppy eyes towards Queen Yuuko, who was immediately defeated! This beauty was too adorable!

However, what Rozenbach did not expect was Queen Yuuko’s unexpectedly large appetite. Half of the dishes were consumed by Queen Yuuko alone! Not until all the food was eaten, did Queen Yuuko agree to leave.

Rozenbach pursed his lips together to avoid complaining as he followed Queen Yuuko, Tea Cake behind him busily chewing on a meat bun.

Queen Yuuko led them to a small garden with different types of flowers planted all over and there was a small river with a school of fish swimming happily. There was a small round table seemingly made of white jade, with few matching seats that were of the same material.

“Come, sit.” Queen Yuuko beckoned them over and took a seat herself.

“Where are the mercenaries?” Rozenbach asked, seeing as it was only them in the garden. He sat down on another empty seat while Tea Cake stood behind him, munching on a cookie.

“They should be coming… there they are!” Queen Yuuko stared at the newcomers with a wide smile.

When Rozenbach turned to where Queen Yuuko was staring at, the first thing Rozenbach saw was the fur scarves.

A woman and a man that shared similar features were wearing similar styled but different colored fur scarves that looked soft to the touch. Both wore leather boots with high heels. Behind them was a group of men with cold expressions on their faces, dressed in historical clothing made out of leather.

U-um…For a second, I thought I transmigrated into a Western historical setting!

“Queen Ruyi,” Queen Yuuko greeted the woman dressed in a blue fur scarf.

“Queen Yuuko,” Queen Ruyi returned the greeting with a friendly smile. Although Queen Ruyi’s majestic aura could not be compared to Grand Tutor Etvo, it was nevertheless still quite impressive.

“Madam!” Queen Yuuko greeted the male standing next to Queen Ruyi.

“Potato!” The male that was called ‘Madam’ greeted Queen Yuuko.

…Is it okay to call a man, ‘Madam’?


Behind the Scenes!

Rozen: P-Pfft Madam Guan P-PFFT

Choco: I- I need to fulfill Yuuko bossu’s wish! But wow, master knows that it’s Guan!

Rozen: Why is a mercenary a queen? That is the question on my mind.

Choco: Actually, the mercenary would be Guan, not Ruyi. XD

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