Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 20

Chapter 20!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 20


Grand Tutor Etvo stroked Tea Cake’s head a few times and instantly the wounds on Tea Cake were healed!

So powerful! As expected from Grand Tutor!

Any misgivings that Tea Cake felt were immediately washed clean and replaced with idol-like worship again!

“Now, tell me everything you know about Rosaline’s disappearance,” Grand Tutor Etvo said to Tea Cake.

The cat’s tiny head nodded eagerly. Tea Cake jumped onto the floor before returning back to her human form.

“Thank you Grand Tutor Etvo!” Tea Cake’s eyes sparkled. “This servant only knows that Miss Rozie disappeared last night with an unknown man! She took all her important items with her. A letter was left for Madam and Master to tell them not to look for her because Young Miss does not want to marry King Sigil.

High Priest raised an eyebrow. “Lady Rosaline did not assume she might not be chosen?”

“High Priest… Tea Cake can’t assume to say anything about that. But take a look at young master’s face. Miss Rozie and Master Rozen are identical twins!” Tea Cake pointed proudly at Rozenbach.

Immediately all eyes turned to look at Rozenbach, which immediately caused him to be self-conscious!

Queen Yuuko sighed and said, “She has every right to assume she would be picked.”

High Priest had to agree as well, this beauty was too heaven-defying!

“I will send out my men to look for Rosaline as well,” Grand Tutor said.

“Thank you, Grand Tutor!” Rozenbach bowed in gratitude.

“As for the wedding… Yuuko, inform Sigil that the wedding will be postponed for seven days!”

“Yes, Teacher Etvo!”

“We must find Rosaline within seven days. I will greatly reward anyone that manages to find and bring her back alive!”

“Allow me to handle it, Teacher!” Queen Yuuko offered and received a nod of approval.

Although Rozenbach was relieved that he did not need to marry King Sigil anymore, he felt pity for his elder sister that had run away to escape the marriage. With so many people looking for her, she definitely would not be able to escape any longer.

“What if… no one succeeds within seven days?” High Priest suddenly asked.

“Then Sigil will have to go and find her himself!”

“Grand Tutor,” Rozenbach stepped forward. “Why must my sister be the one to marry the king? Can’t he marry another?”

“Sigil indeed can marry another. That would be his choice. But Priest has confirmed that Rosaline is Sigil’s fated one.”

“But my sister does not want to marry the king.”

“Then is it right for her to run away and dump the problem on you?”

Rozenbach’s heart shook from what Grand Tutor said. That’s right, even if Rosaline refused to marry the King, was it right for her to run away and leave the problem to be solved by her family? Furthermore, it had fallen onto her brother’s tiny, weak shoulders?

“When she returns, let her know the consequences of not marrying Sigil. After that, let her have a brief meeting with Sigil. If she still refuses to marry the King, I will help persuade Sigil to choose another,” Grand Tutor Etvo promised, then serenely closed her eyes.

High Priest gasped. “But Grand Tutor! Lady Rosaline is-”

“If she does not want to, who are we to force the matter?”

Rozenbach held back his urge to roll his eyes. You are the one that forced King Sigil to marry a concubine in the first place!

Grand Tutor dismissed them when there was nothing more to discuss. Queen Yuuko led Rozenbach, Tea Cake, and Lord Cookie away.

“Queen Yuuko, why is my elder sister the fated one?” Rozenbach asked worriedly. “Shouldn’t it be Queen Purple?”

“This…” Queen Yuuko was surprised too. All along, she had always assumed that Queen Purple was King Sigil’s fated one. She thought that Grand Tutor Etvo gave them a hard time when King Sigil wished to marry Queen Purple was because she did not see Queen Purple as being worthy to marry her favorite student!

But who would have thought, it was because Queen Purple was not King Sigil’s fated one!

“Queen Purple is not King Sigil’s fated one, but King Sigil truly loves Queen Purple,” Lord Cookie explained.

Queen Yuuko stared at Lord Cookie in disbelief. “How do you know that?” Why was she not informed of it?

“Princess Ruri accidentally revealed that to me,” Lord Cookie said.

“What? She would tell you something important like this?” Queen Yuuko glared at Lord Cookie as if it was his fault that Princess Ruri would tell him about it.

“It just so happened that we were talking about soulmates,” Lord Cookie explained hurriedly. “Princess Ruri did not seem to worry about me knowing it.”

“How does one know who is their fated one?” Rozenbach asked, full of curiosity.

“It’s truly rare to find your fated one! Even Madam and Master are not soulmates!” Tea Cake exclaimed. “It is said that only Royalty can marry their fated one!”

Lord Cookie nodded. “That is because Royalty are the ones with the only means to identify their fated one.”

“To be royalty, one has to have the bloodline of a pure Celestial. Like me, I am the direct descendant of the Potato celestial beast,” Queen Yuuko said, pride evident in her voice.

To have the celestial bloodline, they had the right to be proud! They were far stronger than other bloodlines and had longer lifespans too!

“Only those of pure Celestial bloodline can use an artifact. There are very few artifacts that can be used to match soulmates.”

As long as one did not cut off all ties to the world, their soul would always be searching for their fated one. However, people were unable to recognize their fated one as their souls were trapped inside their mortal bodies. All the artifact did was to free the soul from the mortal body, allowing the soul to locate its soulmate and then the artifact would show the image of the destined one.

“I want to find my soulmate too,” Tea Cake lamented. It was rather unfortunate that Tea Cake was just a commoner, even though she was a cat spirit, she had zero chance to use the artifact.

Lord Cookie, who was standing beside the dejected cat humanoid, gave Tea Cake head pats and smiled when Tea Cake started happily purring in response.

It seemed like they had broken the stranger barrier and were currently friends now. But Rozenbach felt jealous that he still did not get to touch those fluffy ears! The same fluffy ears that were in the midst of twitching from the head pats!

“That artifact is really wonderful!” Queen Yuuko gushed. “It confirmed Cookie is my soulmate!”

Her starry gaze suddenly sharpened and her lips curled upward, the whole effect made her look devilish. “I won! HO HO HO HO!”

Is this… the famous female villainous laugh? And when she said she won, did she mean the competition for Lord Cookie against Princess Ruri?

“Then… when King Sigil used that artifact, he saw my elder sister?” Rozenbach asked.

“No, King Sigil refuses to use the artifact to find his fated one.” High Priest suddenly appeared right behind them with bright green smoke swirling all around him. To be honest, it made High Priest look terrifying!

The easily frightened Rozenbach and Tea Cake cried out, “High Priest!”

“Then how did you know my elder sister is his fated one?” Rozenbach demanded with a frown after the brief shock.

“That’s a secret.” High Priest smiled mysteriously and turned his gaze towards Queen Yuuko. Queen Yuuko truly deserved to be crowned Queen, for her mind was quick to pick up the unspoken hint.

“Does Teacher Etvo want something?” Queen Yuuko asked, her tone calm with no exaggerated actions, giving the opportunity to High Priest to change the subject.

“No, I am here because I know of something that might be helpful in finding Lady Rosaline.”

“W-what is it?” Rozenbach asked eagerly. To him, knowing where his elder sister was at, was more important than how High Priest had found out about King Sigil’s fated one.

“Mercenaries are very good in their task, especially in retrieving a person.”


“Ah! I know of a good mercenary!” Queen Yuuko exclaimed excitedly.


“I will tell you tomorrow!” Queen Yuuko said to Rozenbach. The reason why Queen Yuuko would only tell Rozenbach about the mercenary the next day was because Queen Yuuko wanted to gossip!

Queen Yuuko turned her attention to High Priest. “Why did King Sigil refuse to use the artifact?”

High Priest did not want to reveal that he got King Sigil to use the artifact without him knowing, but asking him why King Sigil refused to use the artifact was a different matter!

High Priest chuckled. “He’s stubborn with his decision in choosing Queen Purple as his wife. No matter how much Grand Tutor Etvo tried to get him to use the artifact, he refused.”

Actually, High Priest and Grand Tutor Etvo had long suspected that King Sigil knew that Queen Purple was not his fated one or else he would have used the artifact to stop Grand Tutor Etvo from protesting. He would have successfully married Queen Purple without going through so much of a hassle.

“So why did Teacher Etvo give in?”

“Queen Purple is very compatible with King Sigil. Together they can achieve what most cannot. Since King Sigil was so very stubborn, Grand Tutor Etvo gave in. She does not believe in forcing people.”

The main reason why Grand Tutor Etvo had given in to King Sigil’s wish was because she could clearly see that Queen Purple was a positive influence on King Sigil. Queen Purple truly loved King Sigil and she had was no malicious intent.

Currently, Grand Tutor Etvo had no choice but to force King Sigil to marry a new wife because of the prophecy. It did not matter who would be the second wife, but if possible, it would be better to be King Sigil’s soulmate.

High Priest turned to Rozenbach. “King Sigil himself is the one that agreed to marry a new wife to secure his bloodline because Princess Ruri and Prince Jimminx are not in their right state of mind.”

It would be good for everyone if Prince Jimminx would marry someone of the opposite gender and for Princess Ruri to open her heart to love someone else.

Queen Yuuko shook her head. “You say King Sigil agreed yet he tried to run away!”

High Priest suddenly smiled, his eyes twinkled mischievously. “Don’t you think that his act of running away is the same as Lady Rosaline?”


“Yes!” Queen Yuuko squealed along with Tea Cake.

“Very similar,” Lord Cookie nodded in agreement.

If I were to run away, will this bunch of gossip mongers twist my act of running away into a shameful action?! Q_Q


Behind the scenes!

Choco: cries. There’s no trolling in there. Tomorrow I will continue writing with trolling in them!!

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Choco: But… trolling is the main selling point XD

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