Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 2

It’s time for the long awaited chapter two of the Voltaire Dynasty!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

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Chapter 2

Grace was quick to distance herself from Rozenbach, while still keeping pressure on her bleeding nose with her wide sleeve. When Rozenbach finally realized that the liquid on his face was actually the doctor’s blood, he quickly wiped his face with his sleeve.

Grace did not dare to look at the beautiful Rozenbach anymore without risking another nosebleed accident. The current nosebleed had not even stopped!

When her eyes landed on the two oranges, her eyes lit up with understanding. This beautiful man must be cross-dressing using these two oranges as his tools!

But, why did this beautiful man decide to cross-dress? Grace gasped, her eyes flew back to Rozenbach in surprise. Perhaps this young man…. liked men?!

“Beautif… no! But your face can only be described as that of a beauty…”

Rozenbach did not know whether to laugh or cry. What face of a beauty? He was a man for goodness sakes!

“Doctor, you misunderstood…”

“Don’t worry!” Grace interrupted him, her eyes glinted with determination. “I will not tell anyone about your secret!”

You do not need to keep it a secret! Rather, this isn’t what you think!

“Doctor, you are truly getting things wrong. I am a man, and I have no idea why am I dressed as a woman.”

But Grace did not pay any attention to what Rozenbach said as her attention was wholly fixated on the area below his belt. Noticing that she was not listening to him, he followed her gaze to his waist, all the while trying his best not to cringe.

This doctor is definitely not shy about her curiosity!

However, Rozenbach soon found out he was mistaken when he followed her line of sight, which was onto a small wooden plate hanging from his belt instead of his privates.

Rozenbach removed the intricately carved wooden plate with Chinese characters carved on it. “What’s this? Concubine Candidate?”

He turned to look at Grace for an explanation, only to see the doctor staring at him with wide eyes. Her nosebleed seemed to have gotten worse as her blood had begun dripping onto the floor.

“Hold on! Let me stop my bleeding first!” Grace grabbed her medicine box and rummaged through it with one hand as the other was busy applying pressure on her bleeding nose. She pulled out a thumb-sized transparent bottle with purple liquid in it.

Without any hesitation, she poured the liquid right into her nose. She took a deep breath, inhaling all the liquid into her nose, and the bleeding immediately stopped.

This Rozenbach from Earth had not seen such a thing before!

“With this, I won’t have any nosebleeds for at least two hours!” Looking proud, she tossed the empty bottle back into her box.

Rozenbach felt that this doctor was proud of herself stopping the nosebleed instead of the miracle that the medicine brought about!

“I never thought you are one of the candidates!” Grace stared at Rozenbach admiringly.

“… This isn’t mine! I picked it up!” Rozenbach lied without a second thought!

“Aww…” The doctor puffed out her cheeks and pouted cutely.

Why was she looking disappointed!?

“Miss!” The door opened with a bang and a girl in light green dress with her hair tied into twin buns on top of her head hurried into the room.

Rozenbach thought the maid was referring to the doctor, but the young girl hurried towards him. Helping him to his feet, she took his arm into hers, attempting to drag him towards the door.

Naturally, as Rozenbach was a man, there was no way a small girl like her would be able to move him as she wanted. …Or so he thought, as he found himself being dragged towards the door.

What the heck?!

His dignity as a man took a great hit. Rozenbach quickly grabbed a thin wooden pillar when he was dragged pass it. His pride was restored when he successfully stopped himself from getting dragged further.

Rozenbach blinked in confusion as he looked at the servant girl that seemed to be around twelve to thirteen years old. “Who are you?”

“Miss Rozie, why are you still playing around? The selection is starting soon!”

What Rozie?! His name is Rozenbach!

“You got the wrong person!” Rozenbach said firmly and disengaged his arm from her.

The girl looked as if she was on the verge of tears. “Miss Rozie, please don’t scare me like this! I, Tea Cake, have sworn to Master and Madam to help you win the selection!”

Rozenbach wondered what this girl’s parents were thinking when they named their daughter as Tea Cake.

Just then, the doctor spoke, startling the young girl. “Little Tea Cake, is your… Miss Rozie going to participate in the concubine selection?”

“Y- Yes.” Tea Cake timidly stole glances at Rozenbach, as though waiting for him to introduce this lady to her.

“I am Grace, an Imperial Doctor.”

“An I-Imperial Doctor!” Tea Cake was very surprised to have met an Imperial Doctor, especially together with her mistress in a place like this!

“Your… miss was found unconscious and I was asked to check what illness had befallen her by the Royal Chef… but then… I found out about his secret.”

Tea Cake was so frightened that she immediately knelt down. “Please, Imperial Doctor, spare my young master! It was all this servant’s idea!”

Rozenbach did a spit-take as he shot daggers with his eyes at the apologizing girl who remained prostrated on the ground.

So it was youuuuuuu?!

Grace waved the young maid’s apologies away. “Please get up. I only wanted to let you know that his secret was only discovered by me.”

“W-What do you wish for?”

“It’s just a small favor… I want Rozie to win the selection… and be the King’s favorite!”

Rozenbach looked downwards and let out a sigh of relief.

There’s no way that this would ever work, even a young girl like this maid here would know that this is impossible…

“That’s it?!” the pitiful looking Tea Cake suddenly transformed into a happy and eager-to-please persona.


Rozenbach now learned that common sense did not seem to apply to people in this world.

“Of course! I love seeing beautiful people in love!”

“Hey…” Rozenbach weakly tried to protest.

“But first!” Grace pointed at Rozenbach’s face. “It’s my fault for getting his face dirty…can you bring in a basin of water please, little maid?”

So his attempt to clean his face had failed.

Tea Cake was very quick to bring back a basin of water. “Young master! Please clean your face!”

Rozenbach approached the basin wordlessly. He was really uncomfortable with having blood on his face. When he peered at his own reflection, he stood gaping in great shock!

Rozenbach felt his heart race at the sudden appearance of this unknown goddess but the sight of an Adam’s apple at the girl’s throat soon made him realize that this person was no one but himself!

He had never seen such a beautiful person in his entire life. Long, pitch black raven hair with side bangs that framed his face. His skin was pale and smooth like porcelain. Large, watery phoenix eyes, a tiny upturned nose and small, cherry red lips that seemed to tug at the heartstrings of men. Long eyelashes that exuded innocent charm with every blink, this face was like the epitome of every man’s dream girl!

“This is not my face!” Rozenbach exclaimed in horror as he felt his face. This face was too feminine to be recognized as a male! In fact, there was nothing familiar at all with his original face!

Had he really transmigrated!? Rozenbach’s hand fell limply by his side as his mind turned blank at the possibility.

Tea Cake poked the lifeless-looking Rozenbach. “Young Master, what are you talking about? You have to hurry! The selection cannot be missed!”

“Can I not join?” Rozenbach muttered, depressed.

“No! You are the only hope for your family! Madam is always crying and Master’s hair has gone white from worry! You must not disappoint them!”

“But I’m a man!” Rozenbach cried as he made his final attempt at protesting.

“That is why you must hide it, Young Master! Oh no, this servant is so useless! I keep forgetting to address you as Young Miss in public!” The young girl stuck out her tongue as she knocked herself on the side of the head.

Rozenbach could almost smell iron as he resisted the urge to vomit blood.

Don’t call me that!

Miss Rozie, if you do not attend the selection, the King has the right to have all your family members executed,” Grace said solemnly.

Rozenbach looked in horror and despair at Grace. How dare she threaten him with innocent lives!

Wilting under the invisible pressure, Rozenbach caved. “…I got it already….”

Beaming at her victory, Grace began rolling her sleeves, exposing two pale, slender arms. “Good! Little Tea Cake, fix his hair! I will help with the makeup!”

“Yes! Imperial Doctor!” Whipping out a sandalwood comb, Tea Cake ran behind her master and got ready to do his hair.

Aren’t you my maid!? Why are you not helping me!?

“Then…can I not wear makeup?” Rozenbach made a last-ditch effort to save his identity as a man.

“No!” The two girls simultaneously cried out in unison.

Someone save me! I am being bullied over here!? Q.Q


Behind the scenes!

Rozen: Cough Candidate… Concubine O_O

Choco: Hides It… It needs drama, master!

Rozen: Q.Q

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