Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 19

Cough There are some discrepancies with what took place in reality in regards to a certain fluff’s perception.
Oh the bullying that followed after the discovery~!

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Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 19


Indeed, what Grand Tutor Etvo said was correct!

Queen Yuuko had assumed that Grand Tutor Etvo would not discover Rozenbach’s true gender. After all, Rozenbach’s disguise was not accomplished by the shroud of magic and potions but by mere make-up alone.

To learn that Grand Tutor Etvo’s discerning eye was at this level… was terrifying!

Even though Queen Yuuko was one of Grand Tutor’s students and a talented painter, she had not discovered Rozenbach’s true gender until she accidentally spotted the oddity on Rozenbach’s chest when he fainted.

“Teacher Etvo, please forgive us! I never meant to lie to you! Please listen to our explanation!” Queen Yuuko immediately knelt down and pleaded.

Grand Tutor Etvo stared at Queen Yuuko in what seemed to be an eternity before dismissing all servants in the hall. “Cookie and the demi-cat, leave us.”

The feeble Tea Cake wanted to stay and protect her young master, but Lord Cookie easily picked her up in her cat form and left the hall without delay.


“Thank you for your grace, Teacher!” Queen Yuuko said with gratitude before explaining. “This… young man disguised himself because his elder sister had run away. With King Sigil’s imperial decree, he had no choice but to disguise as Lady Rosaline to protect his family’s lives.”

Grand Tutor retracted her terrifying, pressuring aura, freeing Rozenbach and Queen Yuuko from the weight forcing them down. She looked at Rozenbach up and down in disapproval.

“Do you not know the consequences of lying to royalty?”

Of course, Rozenbach knew the possible consequences! When he transmigrated into this body, the crazy plan had already begun! After that, Grace had threatened him into going along with the crazy plan!

“Teacher Etvo, we are currently searching for Lady Rosaline to make the switch before the wedding takes place.”

Grand Tutor stared at Queen Yuuko with a raised eyebrow. “Why would you risk your neck for a mere stranger?”

“This…” Queen Yuuko looked embarrassed. “I do not know why, but I do not want him to be harmed.”

“To protect a beauty,” Grand Tutor easily figured out Queen Yuuko’s true desire. “His beauty is enough to cause chaos. Beautiful people like him should never be a good choice to enter the royal family.”

“Teacher, please have some leniency!” Queen Yuuko pleaded.

“If I didn’t, I would have killed him already.”

“Thank you, Teacher Etvo!” Relief could be heard from Queen Yuuko’s words. Once Grand Tutor gave her word, she never took them back.

“I suppose I’m to be blamed for forcing Sigil to marry a new wife. He nearly succeeded in running away,” Grand Tutor sighed.

Queen Yuuko was surprised. “King Sigil wants to run away? But…” She turned to look at Rozenbach. She had seen the adoration in King Sigil’s eyes for Rozenbach earlier.

“He would have successfully run away had he not met this youth. His beauty is enough to entrap Sigil’s heart.”

Rozenbach gulped. How did she know that Rozenbach had met the King when he was in the middle of running away? Did perhaps someone tell her about it? Or that… she had spies all around here?!

“That was a relief,” the man in a white robe said. “I was worried that my prediction had failed me.”

“What have you seen, Priest? You only said that Sigil’s fated one had run away.”

Queen Yuuko’s eyes widened. “Teacher Etvo already knew that Lady Rosaline had run away?”

High Priest answered for Grand Tutor Etvo, “The spirits told me so. But when King Sigil informed us that he had chosen a new wife, I was worried that my prediction had gone glitchy. This is why Grand Tutor Etvo and I arrived here earlier than scheduled.”

Rozenbach finally understood that this man was the priest that had ‘seen’ that King Sigil needed to secure his bloodline! The stress and anger that had accumulated from the moment he transmigrated here started to boil over and made him see red!

“It’s all your fault!” Rozenbach stood up and dashed towards High Priest. Rozenbach had no other thought than to beat up the main reason for all his suffering!

Queen Yuuko could have easily stopped Rozenbach, but her shock delayed her reaction. She had forgotten that even the gentlest person could resort to violence after being pushed over the line! She had a sudden flashback to the time when her gentle fiancé had used force to protect her Kingdom… that was the moment she had fallen in love!

Before Rozenbach’s tiny fist could touch High Priest’s face, a bright green smoke suddenly shot out from High Priest’s golden staff and surrounded Rozenbach. The green smoke trapped Rozenbach on the spot, effectively restricting his movement.

“Let me go, evil man!”

Queen Yuuko snapped out from her sudden flashback, her cheeks all flushed. “High Priest, please let him go!”

“It was self-defense,” High Priest declared, defending his innocence. He truly did not understand why this beauty suddenly attacked him but that did not mean he would just stand there and take the punch, even if it would not harm him in the slightest.

“He’s a human; he can not hurt you, the great priest!”

“He called me evil,” High Priest said with a wounded tone. He almost sounded petulant. Everyone praised and idolized him for his holiness! When people saw him, they never stopped showering gratitude on him!

“You forced me to marry!” Rozenbach yelled, as his eyes started clouding with tears.

Rozenbach’s flushed cheeks and dewy eyes softened High Priest’s ire. “The one that should be marrying King Sigil was supposed to be your twin. I’m truly sorry that you had to experience this.”

High Priest’s apology somewhat calmed down Rozenbach. After all, it would be useless to argue with a man that claimed to hear voices or see the future!

If High Priest had known what Rozenbach was thinking, he would have vomited blood! He was the most powerful priest in Voltaire! So much so that even Grand Tutor Etvo had to show him some respect!

Although he had been born with a glitchy defect from birth, causing some parts of his life to occasionally glitch out, the one thing that had never glitched was his predictions!

“Let him go, Priest,” Grand Tutor Etvo said.

“Yes, Grand Tutor.” High Priest released Rozenbach, but that was only after placing Rozenbach as far away as possible.

Rozenbach, who was now standing far away from them, felt extremely wronged, and it was clearly shown on his face like a lectured puppy. Grand Tutor Etvo gave High Priest a look that immediately had him use the bright green smoke to pull Rozenbach back closer to them.

“Since the truth is now revealed, I will not have this youth marry Sigil,” Grand Tutor Etvo declared.

Rozenbach, on hearing that, could not believe his ears. His freedom was given back to him… so easily?!

“So we can count on High Priest to find Lady Rosaline?” Queen Yuuko asked as she stared at High Priest, her eyes glittering in admiration.

“But… that is rather difficult,” High Priest lamented.

“Why?” Queen Yuuko was confused. “High Priest is an expert at finding people.”

High Priest sighed and started to explain, “I thought so too but…”

High Priest fell silent and closed his eyes. Suddenly his whole body glowed with a bright green light. The glow continued for a while before it eventually died out after a few minutes. High Priest then opened his eyes with a defeated look on his face. “I still can’t find Lady Rosaline.”

“What? You can’t find her?” Queen Yuuko exclaimed in shock. When she was under Grand Tutor Etvo’s tutelage, that was when she met High Priest, who was always close by Teacher Etvo.

High Priest had never failed to locate anyone as long as that person was born in Voltaire! No matter where they hid using spells, High Priest would be able to find them!

As for how High Priest was able to find out who King Sigil’s fated one was, that was just a simple task for him. Not to mention how High Priest managed to get King Sigil to use an artifact that helped to find his fated one without his knowledge.

So how was Lady Rosaline, a resident of Voltaire, able to escape from High Priest’s eyes?

“Could it be…Lady Rosaline is dead?”

“No, she is very much alive,” High Priest hurriedly explained when Rozenbach’s face turned pale from the horrible possibility that Queen Yuuko raised.

“Then why?” Queen Yuuko pressed.

“I’m not sure either. Something is interfering with my spell from finding Lady Rosaline.”

“Spells would be of no help in locating Rosaline now that someone has thrown a veil over Priest’s eyes,” Grand Tutor said. “The only way left is searching for her physically.”

“It’s not even been a day yet since I sent my men to search for Lady Rosaline,” Queen Yuuko reported.

Grand Tutor Etvo looked at Rozenbach. “Tell me what you know about your sister’s disappearance.”

“I-I don’t know much… Tea Cake would know more,” Rozenbach said honestly.

“Call in the cat spirit.”

Queen Yuuko hurried out of the room and returned with an agitated black cat in her arms. “Tea Cake seems to be too injured to turn into human form,” Queen Yuuko observed.

“Injured?” Rozenbach stared at his maid cat worriedly. It was just insane pressure from Grand Tutor Etvo, why would she be injured?

“Bring her to me.”

Queen Yuuko handed the black cat over to Grand Tutor. The cat was placed on her lap but Tea Cake did not look happy at all, even though it was her idol.

Tea Cake hissed and tried to claw Grand Tutor Etvo but with one light tap on its forehead, Tea Cake suddenly fell silent and became docile.

“I see. So this cat has a soul contract with her little master.”

“Soul contract?” Queen Yuuko and High Priest were surprised.

“What is a soul contract?” Rozenbach asked. He knew that he was the little master Grand Tutor Etvo mentioned.

“She has signed a contract with you. When you die, she will die too,” Queen Yuuko explained.

“What? Why would she do that?!”

“There aren’t many servants that would perform a soul contract with their masters. Tea Cake must have really liked you to do that.” Queen Yuuko stared at Tea Cake in admiration.

Rozenbach did not know what to feel. This little cat maid had always tried to help him but it also always caused a backlash. He secretly thought Tea Cake might have been purposely sabotaging him. But to hear that she had a soul contract with him… perhaps this little maid really cared about him in her own clumsy way.

“No. This is a forced soul contract,” Grand Tutor Etvo corrected.

Rozenbach felt as if ice water was dumped on him.

Grand Tutor Etvo continued, “In fact, this soul contract is different from ordinary ones. This soul contract is designed in a way that heavily burdens this little cat. Most injuries on her little master will transfer over to this little cat.”

“This… how can this be?” Queen Yuuko was full of outrage as she glared at Rozenbach.

“I don’t know anything!” Rozenbach hurriedly cried out in dismay.

“It seems that the soul contract is damaged. Something went wrong and the contract has been altered.”

“What went wrong?” Rozenbach asked quickly.

“I don’t know,” Grand Tutor Etvo said bluntly. “From what I can tell, the alteration only happened today.”

Today? The only big thing that happened… was that Rozenbach woke up in this body!

“Can this contract be removed?” Rozenbach asked.

“It’s permanent now. Hmm, this is interesting,” Grand Tutor Etvo mumbled, her eyes sparkling in interest.

This is not interesting at all! I feel like I have just participated in slavery! QAQ!!!


Behind the scenes!

Rozen: Mmmn, I approve of this chapter.

Choco: Pfft master approves just because you don’t need to marry anymore.

Rozen: N-no! It’s just because there’s a significant progress in the plot.

Choco: Master is lying.

Rozen: Looks away. Doesn’t reply.

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