Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 18

My time to shine! Bright and toxic green shine, I hope…

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 18


By the time Grace gave Rozenbach the correct medicine and effectively stopped the burning, he was already feeling half dead.

“Mistress, are you alright?” Tea Cake looked worried at the lifeless expression on Rozenbach’s face. Tea Cake helpfully used a wet towel that appeared out of nowhere to wipe his face, but the lifeless expression remained.

“I’m fine,” Rozenbach replied, but his tone was as dull as his expression. If only he had known he would transmigrate into a different world and being abused in so many ways, he would not have stepped out of his house that day!

Three consecutive knocks on the door caught everyone’s attention.

“Who is it?” Queen Yuuko called out.

“It is I, Cookie. I’m here to relay information.” That person had a voice that could cause ladies to be enthralled.

Hearing that the person was Cookie, Queen Yuuko’s face brightened. She quickly fixed her hair and clothes before she personally went to open the door.

Rozenbach’s lifeless expression finally showed a hint of curiosity. He was very curious how Lord Cookie would look like to have two beautiful ladies pinning for him. His voice was impressive enough to increase Rozenbach’s expectation of Lord Cookie’s appearance.

When Lord Cookie entered the room, Rozenbach caught the smell of delicious cookies. He rubbed his empty stomach that nearly let out a hungry growl.

“Wah! So yummy!” Tea Cake exclaimed as she stared at the young man dressed in a light brown suit wearing a monocle on his right eye. “Does the smell come from you?”

It was only his little maid that was bold enough to ask what was on everyone’s mind.

Rozenbach had only seen everyone dressed in traditional Chinese clothing, so seeing this young man in western clothing was a surprise. A sudden thought popped up in his mind. Perhaps Queen Yuuko loves western stuff? Even her personal dragon was from a western heritage.

Lord Cookie’s expression turned awkward due to what Tea Cake had said. “Thank you.” A box filled with delicious cookies suddenly magically appeared in his hand and he gave it to Tea Cake.

“Wah! Cookies for me? Thank you Lord Cookie!” Tea Cake happily accepted the box of cookies, already thinking of eating them with her favorite drink, milk!

Will it be shameless if I fight with Tea Cake for some of the cookies?

“Cookie, give some to Miss Rozie too!” Queen Yuuko urged. Normally, whenever Cookie was around, she would hardly notice anything around her as her eyes were only trained on the handsome Cookie. But the chances of seeing a beautiful man such as Rozenbach was too few, so she decided to look while she still had the chance.

That was why she caught the way Rozenbach had eyed the cookies that were given to Tea Cake! She was too familiar with those eyes that hungered for cookies and those puppy-dog eyes that seemed to be begging for them!

“Of course, I have plenty of cookies to share.” Lord Cookie gave Rozenbach a smile and took out an even larger box of cookies for Rozenbach.

Tea Cake stared at Lord Cookie with a seemingly betrayed expression, while Rozenbach happily accepted the cookies. When Tea Cake stared at the box of cookies in Rozenbach’s hands with undisguised greed, Rozenbach wondered if Tea Cake would steal the cookies from him.

“Can I have some of your cookies, Lord?” Grace asked respectfully with a smile.


When Lord Cookie gave her a box, Grace’s smile nearly disappeared but she still politely accepted the gift. Why was her box even smaller than Tea Cake’s? She had respectfully called Cookie by his title and even asked politely! What discrimination was this?!

“Yuuko~ Grand Tutor Etvo has spoken.” After finishing with the pleasantries, Lord Cookie looked at his fiancee, the reason why he was here in the first place. “She asks about the task she set for you~”

“Ah, I nearly forgot about it!”


“She won’t know if no one tells her, tee-hee!”

Queen Yuuko’s cute act softened Lord Cookie’s heart. He shook his head and stared at Queen Yuuko with a pampering smile. Seeing them acting lovey-dovey in front of him, Rozenbach felt bitter.

Is there a need for them to torture single dog like him?

It was a good decision that Lord Cookie decided to come over, or else Queen Yuuko would have truly forgotten about the task given to her by Grand Tutor Etvo.

Lord Cookie turned to Rozenbach and explained, “Grand Tutor Etvo wishes to meet with you, Miss Rozie, and Queen Yuuko was supposed to inform you of this invitation.”

“Me?” Why would Grand Tutor, the mighty creator of Voltaire, want to meet him, a concu- a human like him?

Rozenbach’s animosity towards King Sigil amplified as he blamed King Sigil for causing him to nearly refer to himself as a concubine!

“King Sigil is one of Grand Tutor’s most favored students. Miss Rozie becoming King Sigil’s concubine is something that Grand Tutor would be interested in. After all, in the past, Queen Purple could only be married to King Sigil after the Grand Tutor approved.”

The wedding will need Grand Tutor’s approval? This was a great chance for him! All he needed to do was make some mistakes here and there, destroying his good image, and he would be free!

“Miss Rozie is very lucky to be able to meet Grand Tutor Etvo!” Tea Cake gushed.

Rozenbach’s lips curled upward. Yes, very lucky indeed! Meeting Grand Tutor meant a chance to escape from this marriage! Even if meeting the Grand Tutor would make him feel as if meeting his in-law, he would bear with that disgust for his freedom!

“Come, let’s go!” Queen Yuuko linked an arm with Rozenbach and dragged him out.

Rozenbach sighed at how easy it was for females to drag him, a man, around. He did not even have enough strength to resist! The only thing that softened the blow to his male pride was him knowing the fact that he, a human, would not be stronger than non-human beings!

“Then I’ll return to my duties, I’ve been neglecting them,” Grace excused herself from meeting Grand Tutor. As she was only an Imperial Doctor, albeit one of the top doctors in Voltaire Empire, she did not have the privilege to meet Grand Tutor unless she was invited.

Grace planned to take Tea Cake along with her since Tea Cake was only a servant, but Tea Cake wanted to meet Grand Tutor.

“I will be Mistress’ pet cat!” Tea Cake suggested eagerly and immediately turned into her black cat form. After that she jumped into Rozenbach’s arms, refusing to move.

“Tea Cake, be good,” Rozenbach coaxed, but he did not make any move to pull Tea Cake from his shoulder. He personally feels that it would be better to have more people with him to meet Grand Tutor Etvo.

“Little Tea Cake is your personal maid?” Queen Yuuko asked Rozenbach in confirmation. After he nodded, Queen Yuuko smiled. “That’s fine then. Little Tea Cake can follow you.”

Permission granted, Tea Cake turned back to her humanoid form and happily followed behind Rozenbach, whose arm was still tangled with Queen Yuuko’s arm.

Their walking pace was fast and Rozenbach had to do his best to keep up. When Queen Yuuko suddenly stopped, Rozenbach could not stop in time and hissed in pain as his arm felt as if it was going to be ripped off.

“Cookie, where’s Grand Tutor waiting?” Queen Yuuko turned back to ask Cookie, who was following them from behind.

Lord Cookie stared at his betrothed with a helpless look before overtaking Queen Yuuko. “I will lead the way.”


With that, the group of four headed to where Grand Tutor was waiting. Along the way, every time they passed by a person, they would successfully capture their attention. The servants or guests could not help but glance at the group more than once.

Their eyes would always fall onto the delicate and fair beauty in the middle of the group. This was their first time seeing such a beautiful lady! Even other Queens or Princesses that they had seen before paled in comparison!

The sun had set and the moon was high, shining brightly on their path. Servants began to light up beautiful lanterns everywhere, and there were even glowing palm-sized fairies flying everywhere, playing around and filling the peaceful night with their laughter that made one think of chiming bells.

They arrived at a luxurious courtyard that was lit up with luminous pearls, without fairies or any other living being in sight. However, two guards stood in front of a large double door. They saluted them before pushing the doors open for them to enter.

Inside the large room, there was a female and a male. The male was dressed in white robes with bright green patterns decorated all over. He was holding a golden staff, standing beside a tall and grand chair that looked heavy to lift. The female was dressed in a bright yellow dress with a very realistic-looking red phoenix embroidered onto it. An impressive-looking crown decorated with different colored gems was placed on top of her head.

Rozenbach could see this female was terrifying in terms of authority and strength. She possesses a majestic aura that everyone naturally bowed down to. She was supposed to be King Sigil’s teacher, but she looked younger than the King!

Queen Yuuko took the lead and bowed in greeting. “Yuuko greets Teacher Etvo!”

“Cookie greets Grand Tutor!”

“Tea Cake greets Grand Tutor!”

Tea Cake jabbed at Rozenbach’s waist to get him to follow what she said. “R-Rosaline greets Grand Tutor!”

Grand Tutor straightened her back as she stared at them intensely. Rozenbach felt pressured and his back bend forward even further, his body unconsciously hiding from the searching gaze.

“Yuuko, are you trying to trick me or Sigil? To bring a male disguised as a female to meet me… did you think he would be able to fool me?”

Along with her words, a terrifying pressure suddenly descended upon them. Rozenbach, being a human, was the first to fall to his knees from the pressure. He could not even move a finger and even had difficulty breathing!

The second was Tea Cake, who failed to even maintain her human form and turned back into her original cat form!

Next was Lord Cookie, who was also forced to kneel but he was not in a bad situation as Rozenbach, whose face was only few centimeters away from the ground. Lord Cookie wisely kept his head low to avoid angering Grand Tutor.

Only Queen Yuuko remained standing but her face was deathly pale.

Is this the time I meet my maker?! Q.Q


Behind The Scenes!

Rozen : Should I feel disturbed by the fact that chapter 18 starts off with the MC feeling half dead?

Choco: Pffft. pats master.

Rozen: Etvo seems quite scary, hum hum…

Choco: As the highest authority, she has to? But don’t worry, she’s scary but not unreasonable!

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