Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 17

Origins of the Dynasty exposed~!?

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 17


While Rozenbach was in a state of panic, Queen Yuuko on the other hand, looked extremely ecstatic as if she had discovered something entertaining.

Her eyes glowed with excitement as she pulled out yet another bundle from her dimensional space and eagerly revealed its content.

It was another pair of meat buns, but they were perfectly shaped and produced a wonderful aroma that could lead a monk to quit being a vegetarian!

“Sigil’s chef has made nicer meat buns for you! It’s now even harder to destroy, look!” Queen Yuuko, without any thought of proper conduct, grabbed one of the meat buns and groped as harshly as she could.

“Timebun has truly outdone herself this time.” Grace stared at the meat buns in admiration. Rozenbach had the urge to eradicate those meat buns!

When Queen Yuuko finally stopped the heart-stopping groping, the meat bun still looked as perfect as before!

Is this even still considered a meat bun now?!

“With this, even Sigil won’t notice its fake!” Queen Yuuko shoved the meat buns towards Rozenbach, but he did not make any move to take it.

Rozenbach stared at Queen Yuuko with suspicion. “Queen Yuuko, why are you not stopping this?”

“Stopping what?”

“This!” Rozenbach pointed at himself. “I’m a man! How can a man marry another man!”

Rozenbach turned to Grace as another thought suddenly crossed his mind. “Did you tell Queen Yuuko everything?”

“Yes, I even told her about you replacing your missing sister.”

“Then… why?” Rozenbach stared at Queen Yuuko in disbelief. Was she not aware that what Rozenbach and others did could be considered as lying to the Royalty and their heads could be sent flying once they were discovered?

“Because… it’s fun!”


Queen Yuuko, you did not stop this deception because you want to make fun of someone, is that it?!

“It’s a rare opportunity to tease Sigil, so how can I let this opportunity go?!”

So it’s true!!!

“In fact, plenty of ideas for my paintings arose from this, so I have to thank you!”

Paintings? Rozenbach had a bad feeling about this!

“It’s enough for me to create a book too!”

What?! What book?!

Queen Yuuko finally descended from her cloud of happiness and cleared her throat with an embarrassed cough. “Don’t worry! I have even deployed my army to help with your search! There’s no way your sister can not be found!”

“Thank you!” Rozenbach felt gratitude to this Queen. She could have chosen not to do anything or just inform King Sigil of his deception. But instead, she kept it from King Sigil and is even helping him to find his older sister!

Rozenbach chose to have selective memory loss about what Queen Yuuko revealed about her book and paintings.

“Let me have a look on your wound!” Grace said and gestured Rozenbach to remove his top.

Rozenbach felt a little reluctant to remove his clothes. Perhaps it’s better to have a male doctor instead?

Grace easily saw through what Rozenbach was worried about and said, “I’m the only doctor that can treat you now.”

With a weary sigh, Rozenbach removed his top slowly, trying to delay the inevitable, but he did not realize his actions could be viewed as a striptease.

“You frightened your little cat when you fainted away.” Queen Yuuko leisurely took a seat and poured herself a cup of tea that emitted a calming aroma.

“Tea Cake?” Now that she mentioned it, where was his maid? Tea Cake always sticks to him, acting like his small tail.

“She went to force Countess Ying to apologize to you,” Grace answered as her fingers lightly pressed on the small patch of light purple that decorated his stomach.

“Who is Countess Ying?”

“The hippo that attacked you,” Queen Yuuko explained. “Luckily we stopped her after that one hit or else you might be dead. Then Sigil will go crazy and look for Ying for revenge.”

Grace handed Rozenbach a small bottle that normally contained pills. “Countess Ying says it’s a compensation for the misunderstanding as well as your injury.”

Rozenbach removed the cork and saw a dark red round pill inside. “What’s this?”

He took a sniff and caught the smell of mint, giving off a refreshing feeling that seemed to energize his mind and body. Rozenbach could feel his mind become sharper and the tiredness that seemed to cling to his body dissipated.

Rozenbach was astonished! By just smelling it once, he felt as if he had gained something that could defy natural law!

“This pill is called Beauty Pill! It’s extremely rare in Voltaire!” Grace excitedly explained. “It helps to regain your youth and enhance your beauty! Every female in Voltaire wants it!”

Rozenbach wanted to cry. Why would he want this Beauty Pill?! This body was male, but he looked too much like a female! If he were to eat this Beauty Pill, then this body would look even more like a female, wouldn’t it!

It was kept a secret to everyone but a select few that King Sigil was already planning to extend his beauty’s lifespan. He could have given Rozenbach a Beauty Pill to lengthen his lifespan, but he would need to continue eating as its effect was not long lasting. That’s why the king decided to hunt for an Immortal fruit so that Rozenbach could ascend to the rank of Immortal.

“Do you want it?” Rozenbach asked Grace, who was staring at the pill like a hungry wolf.

“Of course! But this is what Countess Ying gave to you! It would be improper for me to take it!” Grace rejected it but her eyes looked as if she wanted to cry.

“It would be unwise to anger Ying. If she found out you that have given it to Imperial Doctor…” Queen Yuuko kindly advised.

“But… I have no use for it,” Rozenbach replied, scratched his cheek and feeling helpless.

“Just hold on to it for now. Perhaps it will be useful in the future when you need to bargain for something!” Queen Yuuko suggested.

Rozenbach turned to Grace. “Bargain?”

“What do you want?” Grace asked reflexively, even if her mind was already far away in her fantasy.

“Get me out of here.”

Grace snapped back to reality. “Why don’t you just say you want me dead?!”

“I don’t want you dead. I just want to get out of here.”

“Well, your injury is healing well,” Grace swiftly changed the subject. “Your inner injuries are already cured. This bruise will be gone in few days!” Grace reported.

Rozenbach climbed out of the bed, intending to pressure Grace. “I want-”

“I’m busy! There are lots of people looking for me! Goodbye!” Grace threw out any excuse she could think of and quickly escaped.

Rozenbach let out a frustrated sigh and put on his top back on. Queen Yuuko once again shoved the meat buns towards him.

“Don’t blame her. She would offend King Sigil if she ever helped you escape. He already has his eyes on you now.”

With a resigned sigh, Rozenbach took them and equipped his upgraded artificial mounds. After he was done, Queen Yuuko let out an appreciative wolf whistle.

This Queen… where is your proper conduct?!

“Um…” Rozenbach slowly said, “Can you get Tea Cake to come back? There is no need for Ying to apologize. She has already given me this… pill.”


The door suddenly burst open, and a figure dashed into the room, headed straight towards Rozenbach.

“Mistress!” Tea Cake jumped right onto the shocked Rozenbach. “You are awake!”

Unfortunately for Rozenbach, he happened to be standing near the bed with his back facing the wooden pillar of the bed frame. From the force, the back of his head hit the bed pillar with a loud bang! He groaned as pain assaulted him mercilessly. His body slid down to the ground, Tea Cake still clinging onto him like a monkey.

“Mistress!” Tea Cake cried out in alarm. She tried to get up from his lap, but she nearly kneed his family jewels in her clumsiness.

Rozenbach felt a chill all over from the thought of how dangerously close that was. Tea Cake, I’m your master! Be gentler to me!

“Woah! That might injure your brain!” Without them knowing, Grace had sneakily returned into the room.

Grace passed a transparent long and thin bottle with light brown liquid in it to Rozenbach. “Drink it. It will ease your pain.”

“T-Thank you.” Without a second thought, he took it and gulped the contents down his throat. Right after he swallowed it, he wanted to vomit it back out!

“It’s burning!” Rozenbach roared and clutched his throat.

Grace gasped. “Oh no! I accidentally gave you my strongest alcohol!”

Y-You! Are you sure you have a doctor license?! QAQ

Behind the Scenes!

Rewind back to the time how this fiction started…

Bobo: Is there already a fanfic with Roz and Sigil?

Choco: Awww fanfiction! Wanna write but scared Rozen will throw this cat out!

Bobo: You can write it and send it to me, I will say I wrote it

Waffle: I will adopt you.

Rozen: Coughs blood

Choco: If I write, it will be Rozen crossdressing as a woman and Sigil the manly man will fall for Rozen

Bobo: Shh, don’t say it, Rozen will suspect something when I post it.

Waffle: Do it, I will send you more waffles!

Rozen: O_O I will sulk!

Choco: Cough. Bobo and Waffle, we shall talk more in private messaging. Smirks

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