Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 16

Meat Buns! Meat Buns! My kingdom for Meat Buns!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 16

It was a gentle pressure on his left cheek that stirred Rozenbach to consciousness. He felt tired, both physically and mentally. His whole being ached with the desire to rest indefinitely. He would have continued sleeping had the pressure on his face not disturbed his rest.

He was vaguely able to recognize that it was a hand that was touching his face. The gentle touch gave Rozenbach the feeling of being unconditionally loved.

“Mom,” Rozenbach mumbled and pressed his face closer to that hand, wishing to be spoilt. His mom always gave him the best pats and cuddles. It was only a few years ago that the cuddles decreased as Rozenbach spent all of his free time on studying.

The hand momentarily stilled before it resumed the gentle caress, but the hand was bolder this time. The caresses started to slowly becoming more adventurous and lingered more, trailing over Rozenbach’s face and neck as if to familiarize with it.

Feeling that something was off, Rozenbach started to notice that the size of the hand was larger than his mother’s. Even the touch gave a different feeling compared to the parental love from his mom.

Rozenbach’s frowned slightly before making an effort to open his eyes. His sight was blurry, but it slowly cleared. When his eyes saw that the owner of the hand belonged to a very familiar handsome man, Rozenbach felt goosebumps all over. He quickly moved his head away, staring at King Sigil in horror.

He was being molested by a man!

At the same time, Rozenbach felt a great pain in his heart. He had thought he was back in his original world, where he was still living with his mom and dad, being sheltered and loved by them. There was no trauma or unpredictable future there.

Rozenbach’s emotions were clearly shown on his face, and King Sigil took each one and carefully stored them away in his memory.

King Sigil was bewildered at how Rozenbach’s emotions could change so quickly. His beauty was the most innocent-looking during her sleep. She looked like an immortal goddess, untouched by the mortal world. When she finally opened her eyes, revealing her beautiful eyes that seemed to sparkle like stars, her eyes widened in surprise when she saw him. She shyly moved away from his touch before suddenly falling into depression.

Seeing his beauty looking depressed, King Sigil wanted to erase any worries or fears that his beauty had and protect him from them in the future. He wanted to keep his beauty in a courtyard away from outside world where she would remain pure and happy with all her attention on him.

Just thinking about it excited King Sigil. He could not wait to experience that future.

“My beautiful concubine…”

“I’m not your concubine!” Rozenbach snapped.

King Sigil’s eyes soften at the beauty’s outburst. Perhaps this beauty did not wish to his concubine?

“Beauty, I promise to marry you as my second wife.”

Rozenbach thought silently that ‘second wife’ just sounded nicer than the term ‘concubine’ but they shared the same meaning!

However, what Rozenbach did not know was that second wife was not the same meaning as a concubine! As a concubine, Rozenbach would not have the right to appear by his side in public and would spend his entire life at an appointed residence and wholly focus on King Sigil’s needs.

But as King Sigil’s second wife, Rozenbach could appear in public as the king’s wife without any criticism because he would have the same rights as the first wife! Not only that, he would be given some authority outside the harem.

“I don’t want to marry you!” Rozenbach said, his misty eyes betraying his grievance.

King Sigil thought his beauty was still angry and felt hurt because of Ying. The beauty telling him she would not marry him must be her way to getting King Sigil to spoil her.

If Rozenbach were to know King Sigil’s thoughts, one would not know how many heart attacks Rozenbach would suffer due to anger.

“I will get Ying to apologize to you,” King Sigil promised solemnly. When he had gotten the news that his bride-to-be was injured, he was outraged! Who was it that was so daring as to harm this king’s second wife?!

Only Queen Purple could calm her husband down and get him to listen to the explanation until the end without harming Ying. To make things worse, Ying was not one to be shy to speak out what was on her mind, infuriating King Sigil even more!

Rozenbach was confused. Who is this Ying? Why would this person apologize to him?

“Ying refused to do so, Your Majesty.” Grace suddenly spoke up. Rozenbach jolted in surprise as he had not noticed there was another person in the room!

King Sigil frowned at his Imperial Doctor. “Did I not give a command that no one was to enter the room?”

“You did, but Your Majesty had also given me your word to inform me if Miss Rozie woke up.”

Grace would not have known Rozenbach was awake if she had not kept her ear pressed to the door every few minutes. Her inner fujoshi could not stop imagining a hot scene, starring King Sigil and Rozenbach!

Seeing that King Sigil seemed to have gotten even more annoyed, Grace quickly explained, “Your Majesty, Miss Rozie is human. Ying did not hold back when she attacked Miss Rozie. Although I have given Miss Rozie the best treatment that I can, it does not mean that her injuries are completely cured.”

King Sigil calmed down visibly after listening to Grace’s explanation. It would not be good if his beauty’s injuries were not completely healed. Until he got his hands on an immortal fruit, his beauty would be very fragile to the point where even a small injury could pose a risk to her life.

“Check her.”

King Sigil did not move away from the bed after giving the Imperial Doctor the order. Instead, he seemed to have every intention to stay during the check up.

Rozenbach was still in a daze, so his thoughts were not as quick as normal. Else he would do his best to kick this perverted king out!

It was fortunate that Queen Yuuko decided to enter the room at that moment and provided some excuse to get the king out. “King Sigil, Miss Rozie is a pure maiden. Seeing her state of undress is improper even if she’s your betrothed.”

Queen Yuuko had equal standing with King Sigil, so he could not order her around nor intimidate her.

“Queen Purple asked me to convey a message to you, Grand Tutor Etvo will arrive today.”

King Sigil immediately stood up from the bed as soon as he heard that. “Are you sure?”

Queen Yuuko shrugged with an air of elegance. “My Cookie gave me the same news too. He has already gone to welcome the Grand Tutor.” She let out a goading smirk. “You are one of the Grand Tutor’s personal students. It is not surprising that she would be here for your wedding. How can you be so heartless as to not welcome her?”

“You are one of her students too,” King Sigil pointed out.

“I got an exemption from Teacher Etvo herself.” Queen Yuuko gave King Sigil a smug look.

“Impossible!” King Sigil believed that Queen Yuuko was lying but she destroyed his belief by taking out a small badge.

“See? I’m exempted.”

That small badge could only be handed out by Grand Tutor Etvo herself, with the purpose of representing her to carry out her orders. After the task was done, the badge would be summoned back to Grand Tutor Etvo without exception.

After seeing the proof, King Sigil had no choice but to leave. It would be inappropriate that the head of this Kingdom was not among the welcoming community!

King Sigil turned to Rozenbach, his eyes displaying his unrestrained affection for him. Another round of goosebumps appeared on Rozenbach’s pale and fair skin.

“Beauty, I will visit you again.”

Please do not come again!

King Sigil suddenly got closer to Rozenbach. Rozenbach, whose guard was down, couldn’t react in time and King Sigil touched his face again!

I want to slap this King!!!

Grace let out a not-so-discreet cough, as if to remind the king that he was not alone with the beauty.

Luckily for Grace, King Sigil was not angry at the interruption, or else she would have found herself beside General Premonition, cleaning the royal bath. After giving Rozenbach a longing glance, King Sigil reluctantly departed.

King Sigil’s only regret was that the beauty had not spoken much to him. When he heard the beauty’s voice for the first time, he wanted to hear it again!

No matter. In the future, there will be enough opportunity to hear the beauty’s voice!

“Great! Now that Sigil is away, Grace can safely examine your body!” Queen Yuuko looked pleased.

“You will be staying, Queen Yuuko?” Rozenbach asked, his mind more or less back to his usual state of alertness after having been stimulated by few rounds of disgust thanks to King Sigil.


“But…” Rozenbach glanced at Grace, trying to get her to say something to make the Queen leave.

Instead, Grace turned to the Queen and asked, “Is the Queen holding something that belongs to Miss Rozie?”

Rozenbach was confused. What thing?

Queen Yuuko took out a bundle wrapped with a white handkerchief from her dimensional space. She walked over to Rozenbach and parted the cloth to reveal what was wrapped inside.

Rozenbach saw that it was two deformed meat buns; they looked repulsive with their smashed and droopy appearance.

Rozenbach sucked in a harsh breath when he finally recognized these meat buns! They were his upgraded artificial mounds! It looked like they had not survived from the fall after all!

But… Rozenbach stared at Queen Yuuko with fear. His secret was exposed! And the other party’s a Queen!

Will his head be chopped off?! Q.Q


Behind the Scenes!

Rozen: On a scale of 1 to 10, how is the comedy of the chapters so far?

Yuuko: I say 9! Cos I wuv you all!

Rozen: Well Choco… time to add a dash of lewd-ness to get that last 1 point!

Choco: Thank you for your nice review. bows. As a gift, we will hand out the special meat buns!

Yuuko: Wahhh. takes the meat buns. We can begin a Kickstarter merchandise of meat buns! We can use Rosie as the model!

Choco: Yesh!!!!!


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