Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 15

For science..!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 15

Rozenbach did not know what to do. Should he apologize and run out? But he could feel his meat buns’ fillings… leaking generously.

Before he got to decide, Queen Yuuko had already stood up from the large steaming pool with only a thin and short towel wrapped around her.

He didn’t know where he should look!!!

Miss Rozie, are you alright?”

Rozenbach sat up and tried not to be too obvious as he wrapped his arms over his chest, using his arms to support his now-sagging mounds. Luckily his clothes were dark, so the stains were not visible from a distance!

“I-I’m fine!” So please do not come any closer! Rozenbach would not able to explain if he suddenly got a nosebleed!

“Miss Rozie, come and bathe with us,” Queen Yuuko graciously invited.

No, no, no, no! Queen Yuuko, no matter how generous you are, I can not accept! Rozenbach, think about King Sigil and stop the incoming nose bleed! This is bad, how did I manage to get into this situation? With two beautiful ladies that are barely dressed, it’s too much of a great temptation!

“T-That would not be good. I’m sorry for interrupting!” Rozenbach was going to dash out of the room but Queen Yuuko had suddenly wrapped her arms around Rozenbach with a speed that he was sure no human could rival.

“Don’t be shy Miss Rozie~ It will be fun, I promise.” Queen Yuuko assured, her appearance akin to a seductress to the poor innocent Rozenbach.

Rozenbach, who looked as if his soul had been forced to trade up for pleasure, was pulled by Queen Yuuko towards the pool without resistance. Although it might look so, Rozenbach had actually tried and used all his strength to escape from Queen Yuuko’s grip, but she did not even budge for a tiny bit!

Someone save me! QAQ

“Miss Rozie!” Tea Cake burst into the room, accidentally unhinging one of the doors, looking panicked. When she saw her young master was in Queen Yuuko’s arms, her eyes widened in a rather comical way.

“M-Mistress! H-How could you!”

… Why is it that I feel Tea Cake has misunderstood something?

Rozenbach’s suspicion was confirmed when he noticed Tea Cake staring at him in disappointment.

“Mistress, could you not hold yourself back?” Tea Cake wailed in despair.

“This is a misunderstanding!” Rozenbach yelled.

“So you are here! Wow Little Tea Cake, you arrived faster than me!” Grace appeared behind Tea Cake, her breath slightly ragged.

“Doctor!” Tea Cake turned to look at Grace as if she had just seen her savior. “What should we do?”

“What’s going on?” Queen Purple asked casually, but inwardly, her guard was raised. First, her new little sister had fallen right into her bathing chamber. Then now the cat maid and the Imperial Doctor appeared.

This courtyard was one of Queen Purple’s smaller properties that King Sigil bestowed to her. The whole place had been enchanted in a way that no one would be able to see it unless they had permission to enter the courtyard.

So how did little sister Rozie enter this courtyard without my permission and even managed to bring two people along?

Queen Purple stretched out her energy to investigate the property enchantment and found that there was a big hole in the barrier! Her eyes unconsciously narrowed when she recognized the owner of the leftover energy that had blasted a hole in the barrier.

Knowing that the little mermaid must have done that for a reason, Queen Purple decided to overlook it and use her energy to patch up the hole. Little sister Rozie would soon join her family, and there was no reason to hide unimportant stuff such as her private residence from her.

“Queen Purple, Queen Yuuko, please forgive our insolence. This Imperial doctor and the little maid was following the crying beau-” Grace coughed at her little slip-up before regaining her composure. “Miss Rozie was crying earlier, so we were worried.”

“Crying? Did someone hurt you?” Queen Yuuko asked in a way that implied the one that had hurt Rozenbach would pay for it.

“N-No! It was just… some worry that I had. Nothing important!”

Queen Yuuko was going to pry more when suddenly a large grey hippo sauntered into the room.

“Hey Purple! Finally found you~”

“Ying!” Queen Purple looked extremely pleased to see the hippo. “You took your time coming here.”

The grey hippo suddenly ran towards the pool and jumped! It landed right in the middle pool and caused a huge splash with the water spraying everywhere. Rozenbach, Tea Cake and Grace, originally dry,  were drenched from head to toe.

Rozenbach’s eyebrow twitched as he could feel his meat buns had gotten even soggier, adding more weight to them and increasing the rate they were sagging!

He quickly turned to look at Tea Cake and tried to make eye contact, but not surprisingly, she was staring at the hippo with sparkling eyes. If Rozenbach was not facing a critical issue, he would have surely stayed and make friends with the talking hippo! This hippo did not seem to be aggressive or unpredictable as those from his original world. It was currently floating on its back in the remaining half of the water still left in the pool.

The hippo let out a satisfied sigh. “Hot baths are always so comfortable! Purple, as usual, you really know how to enjoy life.”

“Says the hippo,” Queen Purple replied lazily as she adjusted her position to get comfortable. The Queen was not surprised at the way the hippo had entered the pool as this was not the first time.

Rozenbach turned to look at Grace and was delighted when he found that Grace was looking at him! Rozenbach quickly pointed to his chest using his chin. He did not dare to use his hands to convey the message because they were needed to hold up the meat buns!

Poor Rozenbach never knew that Grace had thought his actions was very much like a little chick pecking rice. So cute!

Seeing that Grace was not moving, Rozenbach thought she must have not understood him so he took a risk and lifted a hand to point at his meat buns. Next he did an exploding gesture with his hand.

Grace raised an eyebrow and stared at Rozenbach’s artificial mounds. It was only then that Grace finally grasped what he meant. Grace’s eyes trailed towards Queen Yuuko, whose arm was still around Rozenbach’s slender waist. It would not be easy to escape from this one, Grace thought.

After all, everyone in Voltaire Empire knew what the Queen Yuuko did to get Lord Cookie to choose her as the one in his life, because she had almost caused a great disaster.

“Tea Cake,” Grace whispered to the little maid. Tea Cake blinked from the idolizing trance and turned to look at the doctor.

“Yes, Imperial Doctor?”

“Can you get your mistress out of Queen Yuuko’s hands?”

Tea Cake looked conflicted. “Imperial Doctor wants Tea Cake to get Miss Rozie away?”


“But… Miss Rozie doesn’t want to.”

“What?” Grace looked confused. Rozenbach had pleaded for her to save him, so why did Tea Cake say otherwise?

Tea Cake leaned in closer to Grace and whispered, “Miss Rozie purposely came here!”

Unfortunately, other than Rozenbach and Grace who were humans, everyone present possessed senses that were many times sharper than a human.

“What? A pervert is here to peek at us bathing?” Ying the hippo said angrily as it sat up. Ying glared right at Rozenbach. “Yuuko, good job in catching that lil’ pervert!”

“Wait, Ying!” Before Queen Yuuko could even explain that Ying had misunderstood, a ball-shaped water flew right towards Rozenbach and hit him straight at his stomach!

Rozenbach coughed and spat out in reflex from the impact. It was even worse than a punch!

Rozenbach’s body was not used to pain, as he originally lived a pampered life. Within a second after feeling the painful impact, he fainted splendidly.

This body is too weak! Q.Q


Behind the Scenes!

Yuuko: NO! STOP! YOU WILL DESTROY MY MEAT BUNS!!! – Rozenbach 2018

Rozen: Yuuko… QAQ

Yuuko: I want to touch those too. I must confirm the elasticity and firmness! hands wriggling. cough. For r-research… for science!

Choco: I want to touch them too!

Rozen: No Choco! Dun goad her into doing something that I will regret!

Yuuko: Tea cake, hold her! I must test it out!

Choco: Yes bossu- wait, I’M NOT TEA CAKE!

Rozen: HAHAHA! See Choco, you’re definitely Teacake!

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