Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 14

Whoa, it’s already been around 15 weeks!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 14

Rozenbach smashed the potato back into the pile of snow and quickly darted away. His heart was still beating fast from the shock. He might have found the potato cute if it had not frightened him with the sudden change of events. What really shocked him the most, was the potato calling him ‘mommy’!!!

Suddenly sounds of wailing that similar to a newborn came from the pile of snow. “Mummy!”

“I’m not your mother!” Rozenbach answered. After hearing that, the baby potato cried even harder.

Tea Cake jumped away from his shoulder and landed on the ground, hurrying straight to the buried potato.

“No! Tea Cake, come back!”

Grace patted his shoulders. “It’s okay. Snow Potato is safe.”

… Stop laughing! Your body was shaking too hard and your face twisted in a weird way!

“Sorry, I did not know it would be so quick to wake up, it must be very strong. Queen Yuuko is really nice to give you this potato.”

Rozenbach did not really care about that. He just wanted to know why he was called ‘mummy’?!

“Is it because I was the first one that potato saw when woke up? That’s why it called me… mummy?”

Grace nodded. “That’s what happens to most newborns.” She had personally witnessed some newborns wrongly recognizing their mothers as the first one they saw. It took some time before those babies finally recognized their real mother.

“Miss Rozie! Snow Potato is so cute!” Tea Cake, in her human form, had dug out the potato. It was even larger than before, the same size as Tea Cake’s palm.

The potato had stopped crying after it was dug out and was currently wiggling two long roots that had grown out from the sides of its body. It seemed that the roots were acting as its arms.

“Mummy, mummy!”

Can someone help teach this potato how its mother should look like?

Bobolander walked over to the potato and poked its body with a stick hand. The potato let out ‘kikikiki’ sound as its body trembled. Finding it fun, Bobolander poked it again, and the potato repeated the same ‘kikikiki’ sound.

“Waffle, come and try too!” Bobolander excitedly waved Waffle over.

“Oh no, don’t do that to the baby.” Grace immediately stopped Bobolander. “It can’t handle too many sensations.”

“Snow Potato needs snow to grow?” Waffle asked curiously.

Grace nodded. “Queen Yuuko specifically informed me of how to take care of Snow Potato. For now, it needs to hibernate in the snow.”

“Tea Cake,” Rozenbach called and continued on in a ruthless tone. “Stuff that potato back in.”

“Waaah!” The potato cried… but why did Tea Cake join in the crying too?!

“Miss Rozie, how can you do that to your firstborn?”

“Pfft!” Grace couldn’t continue restraining herself and burst out laughing.

“Tea Cake,” Rozenbach said through his gritted teeth. “That is not my child.”

The potato quieted down and sniffed pitifully with its small dark eyes staring at Rozenbach as if he had wronged it. Tea Cake also stared at him as if he had just told her to kill the potato.

“When we see the first person that holds us, they are our parent!” Tea Cake said with righteous indignation. “Snow Potato has already accepted Miss Rozie as its mother!”

… Is it too late to return the gift to Queen Yuuko?!

“Miss Rozie, it seems that Snow Potato has imprinted on you,” Grace suddenly dropped a bomb on Rozenbach.


“What imprint? Isn’t that supposed to be only between mates? Lovers? Animals?”

“You forgot the imprint between mother and child.”


Rozenbach breath was ragged from his anger and his cheeks were flushed from the adrenaline. What a pity that everyone did not take his anger seriously. What they saw was a petulant beauty looking adorable despite trying to be angry.

“Queen Yuuko needs a mom-parent for baby potato. She must have deemed you to be suitable. In return, Snow Potato is a good protector. With its inborn strength, it won’t be long for it to grow very powerful,” Grace explained, however, Rozenbach was not happy to hear that at all!

Silly Tea Cake even carried the potato closer to her young master, hoping that Rozenbach might hold it.

“Mistress?” Tea Cake peered at Rozenbach, whose eyes were currently about to overflow with tears. His expression seemed like he was trying to tell everyone that he was wronged. His lips were pressed together as if holding back his anguish.

Tea Cake stared at him in shock and did not react in time when Rozenbach suddenly turned and ran. She could only stupidly watch her young master run off.

“Mummy!” Snow Potato wailed when it saw its pretty mummy running away, leaving baby potato alone. Tea Cake stared at Snow Potato in her hands, her cheerful facade gone and looking oddly sober.

“I will chase after her!” Grace dashed in the direction where Rozenbach had disappeared.

“Is Rozie alright?” Waffle asked in concern.

“I will make sure Miss Rozie will be alright!” Tea Cake patted her chest as she gave Waffle a reassuring smile despite herself feeling as if waves were crashing strongly against her heart.

Waffle smiled and gave Tea Cake a container from her secret dimensional space. “Enjoy some waffles with Rozie.”

Tea Cake grinned. “Thank you, Miss Waffle!” She walked to the same spot where the potato had been planted earlier. She bent down with her back toward Waffle and Bobolander, then she started digging through the pile of snow so that the hole would be even deeper for the potato burial.


“If you want to stay with Miss Rozie, you need to grow up more~” Tea Cake voice was cheerful with a smiling expression, but her red eyes betrayed her real feelings. The potato immediately quieted down and rubbed its roots around Tea Cake’s pinkie.

“Very good~” Tea Cake stuffed the potato into the hole and covered it back with snow.

“We will take good care of our new friend,” Bobolander said. It was excited as most people did not want to be its friend. Everyone knew that the snowman was naturally violent, but it was only because of Waffle’s sacrifice did this snowman named Bobolander gain rationality.

In return for Bobolander’s gained rationality, Waffle was forever stuck in her child form, her age forever frozen. Waffle did not mind it, because this way she could be with Bobolander evermore.

“Snow Potato will be very happy to have friends like Bobolander and Waffle!” Tea Cake forced herself to look cheerful even though her mind kept on replaying her young master’s crying face.

Rozenbach ran around without noticing where he was headed. When his legs start to feel sore, he finally stopped and found himself lost. With a sigh, he rubbed his tears away. Strangely, his heart was a whole lot lighter after crying, but he felt a bit bad for running off and leaving his little maid cat in shock.

Rozenbach looked around but the place seemed to be pretty far from the winter courtyard. This place was filled with lovely pink flowers that reminded him of the Japanese Sakura flowers back in his original world.

He walked around, hoping to be able to bump into someone so he could ask for directions. His mind reminded him of his plan to escape, but the thought of leaving Tea Cake just like this somehow made him feel guilty. Anyway, it’s not as if he could get out of here without getting caught! He was just a weak human and Rozenbach bet that he would be easily discovered!

But after walking around for a while, he still could not even find a single soul.

Where are the servants?

His legs had gotten tired from walking, which irked him. Back in his original body, he at least had some semblance of muscles! He could weight lift and run for miles and not feel as pathetic as he was now!


Rozenbach blinked and turned to where a sound had come from. He saw a ripple from a long man-made stream that seemed to be connected to every courtyard. He stared at the spot that was rippling and wondered if something had fallen into the stream.

Suddenly, something dark slowly rose from the water and Rozenbach felt his hair all over his body stand when he realized that it was a head!!!


Rozenbach halted his attempt to run away. He stared and found that head belonged to a girl. But her voice… was very captivating!

“H-Hi,” Rozenbach greeted her and slowly approached the girl that only had her head revealed. “What are you doing in the water?”

The girl ignored his question and asked him instead, “You’re lost?”

“Yes. Can you help me?” Rozenbach asked eagerly.

A tiny hand popped out from the water and pointed in a direction. “Right courtyard with purple flowers. There are people there.”

“Thank…you?” Before Rozenbach could finish talking, the girl had already disappeared back under the water.

Rozenbach headed to the right courtyard, and just like the water girl said, there was a large tree with beautiful purple flowers. The ground was covered with fallen petals. A door decorated with handles in the shape of purple dragons caught his eyes when he looked around.

He hesitated for a moment before approaching the door. That girl said there were people here. He decided to knock on the door and ask the people inside for directions.

But before he could knock on the door, Rozenbach carelessly tripped on the purple flowers on the ground. Both of his hands reflexively reached out to find something to stop himself from falling. Instead, his hands ended up pushing the door wide open.

Rozenbach fell onto the floor with a loud thud! His meat buns hit the ground so hard that he feared he had truly burst them for real now!

The sound of water splashing directed his gaze upward… and found himself witnessing a maidens’ bathing scene.

But why are the maidens, Queen Yuuko and Queen Purple?! Q.Q

Behind The Scene!

Choco: Tell me if this is okay? Especially the last part. prepares to scrape

Rozen: dun dun dun dun. jaws theme. grabs choco. You just… had to put in a bathing scene.

Choco: dangling from the neck. …

Rozen: You made Potato too pitiful, now I feel sorry for Potato! D8

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