Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 13

It’s Glitchin’ Wednesday!

Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 13

Grace led them past few beautifully decorated courtyards before bringing them into the Winter Courtyard, a palace courtyard where it seemed to be perpetually snowing. It was not a huge blizzard, just light snow that was not heavy enough to cause trouble to the occupants.

However, poor Rozenbach, who did not have the physical ability to even best a girl, was quick to shiver from the cold the minute he stepped into the snowing courtyard. Unlike her human master, the demihuman maid Tea Cake had a high tolerance for cold due to her ancestry, while Grace had medicinal pills to help increase her resistance to the cold.

Upon noticing that Rozenbach’s lips had begun to turn blue from the cold, Tea Cake took the initiative to wrap her arms around her young master’s willowy waist.

“W-what are you doing?!” Rozenbach jumped as he peered at his maid through the gap in his arms.

“Miss Rozie is cold! So Tea Cake is helping Mistress to get warm!” Tea Cake answered innocently, not at all aware her actions might be inappropriate.

“N-no need!” Rozenbach tried to push Tea Cake away but he only had his frailty to blame for his inability to remove the maid from his waist!

“Oh Little Tea Cake~” Grace called in a sing-song voice as her eyes flashed with mischief.

Uh-oh, this doctor is up to something again!

“Yes, Imperial Doctor?” Tea Cake answered respectfully.

“This wouldn’t do, Rozie is a concubine-to-be, while you’re just her personal maid. Even if you are close, this kind of interaction is unacceptable in the palace. How about you turn into your real form? You won’t hinder your mistress that way.”

“Alright!” With a loud pop, Tea Cake disappeared. In her place, a black cat with dark brown eyes was clinging on Rozenbach’s sleeves with its paws while its body dangled in mid-air.  

Shocked, Rozenbach quickly grabbed the black cat and cradled it in his arms. Only once it was safe did the cat release its claws from Rozenbach’s sleeve. The cat purred happily and rubbed its cheeks on his chest. But, of course, what it rubbed against was actually the plump meat buns.

The black cat nearly drooled when it caught the scent of the delicious aroma of the meat buns.

“T-Tea Cake?” Rozenbach asked warily. The cat meowed and gave him a cute nod in reply.

Grace giggled at the adorable sight. “Well, are you warmer now?”

After being asked, Rozenbach noticed that his body had warmed up considerably. He looked down at Tea Cake in wonder. “You did something to me?”

“Tea Cake is a spirit cat, they give very good cuddles! They also radiate heat, which is very handy during winter time!”

After Grace said that, she suddenly wanted to have her own cat heater. Her eyes stared at Tea Cake longingly.

Rozenbach slowly balanced Tea Cake with one arm as he reached out with his now-freed hand, intending to touch Tea Cake’s fluffy fur coat.

“Tea Cake, sit on your mistress’s shoulder. That way her hands will be free,” Grace suggested, mischievous intent written all over her face!

Tea Cake obeyed almost immediately and Rozenbach missed the chance to touch the adorable cat, again!

Rozenbach glared at the smug doctor that did not bother to hide her gloating. Did she hold a grudge against him or something?!

“Alright, let’s go plant the snow potato!” Grace said and marched away.

Rozenbach could do nothing but swallow his anger and follow Grace. He swore he would give her a taste of her bullying one day!

Something soft brushed against his cheek. When he turned, he realized it was Tea Cake’s tail. Tea Cake meowed softly as if telling him to cheer up!

S-so cute! Rozenbach swore he would be a good master to Tea Cake that moment on!

Sadly, Rozenbach actually over thought too much about Tea Cake’s actions. She just wanted her young master to stop daydreaming and follow the Imperial Doctor!

Grace led them to a small corner of the courtyard, where Bobolander and an eight-year-old girl were playing with something.

“Miss Rozie! Miss Rozie!” Bobolander waved its stick hands happily. “Waffle, she’s Miss Rozie!”

… This cute, innocent young girl is the one that made those terrifying waffles?

“Greetings, Miss Rozie,” Waffles greeted warmly.

“Greetings, Miss Waffle. And hello Bobolander.”

“Just Waffle is fine. Can we call you Rozie?”

“Sure.” Inwardly, he preferred them to call him ‘Rozen’ instead!

“Yay!” Waffle happily high-fived Bobolander.

“I’m sad that Waffle and Bobo did not even say hi to me,” Grace complained but her face was spotted with a smile.

“Hello, Grace!” Waffle and Bobolander said cheerfully in unison.

Rozenbach felt his depressed mood slowly lifting after seeing so many adorable cuties! With Waffle and Bobolander standing around the same height, Rozenbach felt like he was looking at two children.

“We are here to plant this snow potato.” Grace held out the snow potato for them to see. “Can we ask Waffle and Bobo to help take care of this potato?”

“This is the first time we are meeting a young potato spirit, right, Bobo?”

“Yes, yes!”

Waffle stared at Grace happily. “We will take good care of Snow Potato!”

“Thank you for being Snow Potato’s friend,” Grace corrected.

“Eh?” Waffle and Rozenbach said. The first said it in surprise, while the latter, in disbelief.

Waffle never thought she would make so many friends in just one day!

Rozenbach thought Grace was a mean person for telling a kid to befriend a potato!

“Snow Potato is a spirit potato,” Grace explained. “When it finally wakes up, you can teach it to talk. And when it grows stronger, it can take human form.”

“Y-you are giving me such an important task?” Waffle asked in disbelief. “But… isn’t this Snow Potato was given to Rozie by Queen Yuuko?”

Waffle missed out on seeing Rozenbach in the palace hall earlier, but that did not mean Bobolander did not immediately tell her everything it saw and heard as soon as King Sigil dismissed everyone from the hall.

“Miss Rozie will be very busy later! King Sigil will want Miss Rozie to always be with him!”

Don’t curse me!!! I will run away before that happens!!!

“Bobo says King Sigil will make waffles for Rozie?” Waffle asked. “Is that true?”

“Huh?” Grace stared blankly at Waffle. King Sigil will make waffles for beauty?

“That’s what General Premonition says,” Tea Cake informed Grace.

Grace decided to ask Timebun and Premonition what was that about later.

“So, will Waffle and Bobo help Snow Potato?”

“Okay!” Waffle and Bobolander immediately agreed.

Grace sighed. “I want to help too, but I will be busy throwing myself into my research. I need to find a way to ensure King Sigil’s new concubine will get pregnant.”

I knew it!!! You have a huge grudge against me, don’t you!!!

“Pregnant?” Waffle’s eyes lit up and stared right at Rozenbach’s stomach. “Babies are cute!”

“Babies?” Bobolander asked Waffle.

“Um! When a man and woman love each other, they will create a baby! Rozie will get pregnant soon!”

No!!! I, Rozenbach, am a man! A man cannot get pregnant!!!

“Let’s plant the potato!” Rozenbach cut into the conversation before the topic escalated.

“Here is a good spot for our new friend!” Bobolander pointed at a spot where there was more snow on the ground.

Can a potato grow in this freezing weather? No, Rozenbach had to discard his rational way of thinking! Grace had said this potato was a spirit potato, its growing requirements had to be different from normal potatoes!

Grace passed the potato to Bobolander. It immediately went to the ‘good spot’ and unceremoniously stuffed the potato deep into the snow!

No!!! The potato will get smashed!!!

Rozenbach’s body automatically moved without thought and dug the potato out of the snow. Seeing that it was not damaged in any way, he breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Rozie?” Bobolander tilted it’s head to the side in confusion. It was a good thing that the large black hat it wore was not any bigger or else it would fall from its round head.

“Sorry. I thought it might have hurt the potato. We did not check if there were any rocks under the snow.”

“Ah!” Bobolander cried out in realization. Beads of ice drops started to form around its coal eyes. It nearly killed its new friend!

“It’s fine, Bobolander. Potato is fine,” Rozenbach comforted, trying to ease its guilt.

“Potato is fine!” A shaky baby voice suddenly drifted from the potato’s direction. Rozenbach slowly looked down at the potato that was still in his hands and found that it was few centimeters larger than it was originally.

But what weirded out Rozenbach was that it now had two small, dark eyes and a tiny mouth.




Behind the scenes!

Rozen: So… strange…

Choco: What is?

Rozen: strokes Choco its okay~

Choco: What is?????

Rozen: There is much less trolling than I expected now. I can’t wait to get to the part where the mc runs away

Choco: … I will work harder to troll more! Brain, more trolling!


A moment later…

Choco: Huehuehue. Master, I added something at the end. takes out mic. How do you feel about having your firstborn?

Rozen: Pfft!!! Kill me! End my torment! You managed to make me vomit blood in just 2 sentences. You win!

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