Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 12

Its here! Chap 12!

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Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 12

“This potato is a member of my family, her name is Snow Potato. Do take care of her properly.” Queen Yuuko was teary-eyed as she kept patting the potato that lay in Rozenbach’s hands, as though reluctant to part with it.

A certain dark blue dragon tail shot out, wrapped around Queen Yuuko’s arm and tugged as if telling her to let go. But Queen Yuuko refused to budge and even glared at the dragon for interrupting her. The dragon was tough, for it returned the glare without flinching.

If you are so reluctant to separate, why did you give it to me in the first place?! Rozenbach had already planned to roast the potato later as a snack.

Grace suddenly pushed Tea Cake’s out from the crowd and avoided eye contact with Tea Cake. Tea Cake looked slightly awkward from the sudden attention she received from everyone. In short but quick footsteps, she dashed towards her young master and grabbed the potato from his hands.

Rozenbach and Queen Yuuko’s expression went [-.-]?

“I will bring Miss Rozie to a cold place and plant it together!” Tea Cake declared as she hugged the potato close to her chest.

The dragon’s tail released Queen Yuuko’s arm and gave Tea Cake a head pat as if to praise her. Tea Cake gasped and her eyes sparkled at the affectionate gesture.

She was told by her fellow kin, the cat spirit Krrizis that to be able to touch a western dragon was great luck as they were extremely rare in the Voltaire Empire. To be able to touch a western dragon… Tea Cake thought her luck would be good soon!

What Tea Cake did not know was that having touched a dragon would not give her any luck at all. It was just a small lie for Tea Cake to gather enough courage to face a dragon!

“Draygan,” Queen Yuuko called to her dragon, her tone filled with warning.

Draygan reluctantly flicked back its tail. It was fun to tease its master once in a while. However, he felt today’s teasing quota was already fulfilled or else he definitely would have continued on.

Queen Yuuko’s ire waned as her dragon finally obeyed. Oh, why would her dragon be so wilful and not obedient like Princess Ruri’s green dragon? The only thing Queen Yuuko could boast about her dragon was that Draygan was the strongest dragon in Voltaire.

She shifted her attention to Tea Cake and asked, “You are?”

“This servant’s name is Tea Cake, my queen! I’m Miss Rozie’s personal maid! It’s a great honor to meet the reputable Queen Yuuko Potato!”

…Yuuko…Potato…??? Rozenbach pressed a nail into his palm, barely able to keep his laughter in check.

“Hmm? You actually remind me of someone.” Queen Yuuko pondered, raising a finger to her cheek.

“Who could that person be? Tea Cake similar to someone Queen Yuuko knows?!” Tea Cake bounced about happily as though she was the acquaintance of the Queen herself.

With the conversation going nowhere, at least in the direction the Imperial Doctor wanted, Grace stepped forward and graced Queen Yuuko with a warm smile. “Greetings, Queen Yuuko. I am Grace, King Sigil’s Imperial Doctor.”

“Oh yes! I remember you! I truly miss your massage!” Yuuko clapped her hands on recollecting Grace. That was the first time she had experienced such a relaxing massage! All her aches miraculously disappeared!

Grace smiled. “If Queen Yuuko permits, I will give you another massage when you are free.”

“I’d love that!”

Draygan let out a soft growl, its eyes trained on Grace. Grace, being a communication expert, immediately caught on to what the dragon wanted. “I will give you a massage as well.”

Queen Yuuko gave her dragon a glare but was ignored as Draygan started humming approvingly as it was very satisfied.

King Sigil could no longer hide his impatience at the small talk that kept going on. “Where is Minister Shortbread? This King wants his wife to pick a good day for this King’s marriage.”

Queen Purple nodded in agreement. “Lady Shortbread is indeed a wise choice.”

The King and Queen shared a knowing look that spoke volumes. Who said that after hundred years of marriage, their love would wane? The relationship between these two was still going strong!

But some had bet that in the end, the King would love the new concubine more, as most men would prefer a newer, younger wife.

“Your Majesty, Minister Shortbread is not in attendance.” Someone spoke up.

King Sigil frowned. “Did he not receive the invitation to today’s event?”

“Minister Shortbread had indeed attended today’s event but just moments ago, he was hauled off by Detective Law.”

“Detective Law? Why was I not informed?”

“This… Detective Law must have a valid reason for doing so…”

“Of course Detective Law would have a reason to do so. This King only wants to know what Minister Shortbread has done to warrant his detainment!”

Most people in the hall gulped as they did not know the answer to their King’s question.

“This daughter knows because I was the one that ordered Detective Law to investigate Minister Shortbread.” Princess Ruri walked closer to the throne. There was no trace of fear from her as if there was nothing for her to feel guilty about.

“I heard you had Minister Shortbread’s niece placed under house arrest.” Queen Purple said.

“Yes. To be certain that Minister Shortbread and his family was not involved in a conspiracy to usurp the throne, I asked Detective Law to investigate them. Please forgive this daughter’s actions for not asking father’s permission beforehand.”

“No, you did the right thing to have Detective Law find out the truth. You’ve done well, daughter,” King Sigil said, proud of his daughter.

Princess Ruri beamed. “Thank you, father.”

It was good that Princess Ruri had not grown up into a spoilt princess, for the King and Queen had been very indulging towards their one and only daughter. Unfortunately for Prince Jimminx, his upbringing was strict as everyone had their expectations of their future King. King Sigil and Queen Purple felt that they were being too strict on their son, which was why they choose to look the other way on their son’s bedmate preference.

“Since this has happened, this King will just choose a date.”

“How does tomorrow sound, my husband?” Queen Purple unexpectedly suggested.

Rozenbach silently lit a candle for himself.


And why is the wife so eager for the wedding?!

Grace quickly stepped up. “Your Majesty, tomorrow might be a tad too soon.”

Timebun, deciding to help her friend, stepped out and spoke up as she stood beside Grace, “Your majesty, as the Royal Chef, I fear I do not have enough time to prepare enough food for the invited guests. Your Majesty, I beseech you, please allow for some time for the preparations!”

“I heard… that the wedding dress has been torn in an accident?” Prince Jimminx unexpectedly spoke up. He glanced at Rozenbach teasingly, who instinctively trembled, before turning his gaze back to his father. “The tailors would need time to create a new dress that would compliment Concubine Rozie’s fine figure.”

King Sigil looked hesitant, as though he wanted to veto everyone’s suggestion and get on with the wedding as soon as possible. Everyone had assumed the King only wanted the wedding process to finish quickly so that he could be back by his beloved wife’s side. However, his seating posture and his eyes that were blazing with desire as he looked at the Concubine Rozie, was enough to scrape their original opinion.

Their King had fallen for his beautiful concubine-to-be! Soon, they would have a new royal child! They no longer needed to wait for the future generation from Prince Jimminx!

“Three days! This King has decided to have the wedding in three days! Are there any more suggestions?”

“It will be enough for this chef to prepare the wedding banquet,” Timebun said resolutely. She had done her best to delay the wedding. The rest would depend on the search party for the real Miss Rozie.

If Miss Rozie was not found after three days… then Rozenbach would just have to bite the bullet and admit his part in a crime and hope that the King would be forgiving for such a treasonous act of deception.

With the wedding date set, Rozenbach and Tea Cake were led away by Grace, who had taken up the responsibility to guide them to their resting area. It was only when Rozenbach made sure that they were well out of earshot did he voice out his worries.

“What should I do now? Three days is too little! We don’t even know where my elder sister is!”

“Calm down. Timebun has already informed her husband the truth of your identity. Premonition has promised to dispatch his men to help find your sister.”

“B-But what if they still can’t find her after three days?” Rozenbach asked desperately.

“Then you will have to sacrifice yourself,” Grace said in a solemn tone, but her eyes shone brightly as if she was anticipating it!

This damned fujoshi!


“Young Master! We need to plant this Snow Potato!” Just as Rozenbach was about to implode from anxiety, Tea Cake interrupted him with a totally different topic altogether.

“What? Plant the potato?” Rozenbach looked at Tea Cake as if she had gone senile.

“This is a baby potato. It still has a long way to grow,” Grace informed.

Grow? This snow potato is not a seed, how do I grow it?! Q.Q


Behind the Scenes!

Rozen: Geh this potato…is it that potato?

Choco: Yup that potato~ huhu~ let’s get on with the marriage!


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