Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 11

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Story By: Choco Lily

Story Assistant: Rozenbach

Editor: Draygan

** Disclaimer **
The characters in this novel are a work of fiction and are not based on real people other than their names!

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Chapter 11

Fortunately, the dragon managed to reach the palace right before Rozenbach passed out. Upon landing, Princess Ruri impatiently dragged the still shaken Rozenbach into the humongous building with a huge ornate wooden signboard on which the Chinese word ‘Palace’ was written.

The door was wide open upon their arrival. The servants were lined up and greeted them loudly and uniformly as they neared.

“Welcome back, Princess Ruri! Welcome, Concubine Rosaline!”

Rozenbach could nearly taste iron in his mouth as he felt the urge to vomit blood. Sooner or later, Rozenbach swore that he would get an allergy from hearing the word ‘concubine’!

Princess Ruri nodded and sent them back to their work.

“Miss Rozie!” A familiar-looking snowman with a black hat and red scarf walked towards them, with two small snowballs acting as its feet, while cheerfully waving its stick hand. This time, there was a carrot to fill the once-empty hole on its face.

“Bobolander?” Rozenbach responded carefully as he greeted the snowman, wary of any possible mood swings so that he would be able to take evasive action.

“Bobo!” Princess Ruri greeted happily as she hugged the snowman. “It’s been a while that I’ve seen you!”

“Waffle wants to create new waffles so Bobo came to help her in the kitchen!”

“You are so sweet!” Princess Ruri hugged Bobo even tighter. “So if you are here, does that mean Waffle is done with her new creations?”

“No.” Bobolander looked dejected. “She failed so she came out today to take her mind off the issue for a bit!”

“I feel bad for her, but it is certainly great timing! She will get the chance to meet my new mother!”

“Is Miss Rozie the King’s new wife now?” Bobolander suddenly turned to Rozenbach and asked him.

Can I not answer that?

Thankfully, Princess Ruri spoke up for him. “Yes! Appa has chosen her as his new wife! Isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yes, yes!”

Rozenbach did not feel happy with their praise at all! A man being called ‘beautiful’ was not a good thing at all!

“Since you are here Bobo, let’s go together!”

With that, the three very completely different individuals headed to where the King and his court were waiting. Princess Ruri and Bobolander were very happy, skipping along while chatting away the entire time. However, Rozenbach felt as though someone had filled his feet with lead as if he was marching to his own doom.

A male servant that was assigned as the guard at the entrance of the throne room, immediately stepped into the hall when he spotted the trio from afar. He loudly announced, “Princess Ruri, Concubine Rosaline, and Bobolander the Snowman have arrived!”

The slightly noisy hall suddenly went completely silent upon hearing the announcement. Everyone in the hall had greatly anticipated Concubine Rosaline’s arrival!

Even King Sigil sat forward in anticipation!

Everyone was curious about this new concubine! For King Sigil to suddenly return from his short escape and immediately decide on his concubine to be, and shocked everyone! Many ministers tried to advise their King to observe other candidates first before making the final decision, but the King was surprisingly stubborn and insistent on his choice!

Seeing how their King acted, their hearts itched with curiosity! Everyone’s breath seemed to be stuck in their throat when the trio entered the hall. Obviously, everyone’s eyes were on the rare beauty!

The beauty was dressed in a light blue dress with a maroon scarf wrapped around her neck. Her dark glossy hair seemed to gleam under the lighting, contrasting well with her delicate and pale face. She was walking behind the princess and the snowman with her head hung low. The beauty was gripping her sleeves tightly, to the point where her knuckles had turned white as if the gesture displayed her nervousness.

“This daughter greets Father King and Mother Queen,” Princess Ruri bowed elegantly as she paid her respects.

“Hello, King! Hello, Queen!” Bobolander greeted cheerfully.

“Rise daughter. Hello, Bobolander,” The King spoke cheerily but his tone betrayed his impatience. As soon as he said what was necessary to his daughter and the snowman, his eyes greedily fell back upon the beauty.

His general, Premonition, had teased him by only giving him her name when King Sigil ordered him to get more information on the beauty. Despite him pressing for more information, he actually dared to chide the king that as a man, he should not know too much about a maiden that was not married to him!

In retaliation, King Sigil decided to send this overly gutsy general of his to clean the royal baths, citing concerns for the personal hygiene of his aides!

When Premonition blatantly refused, crying outright that the King was bullying him because he refused to reveal more information about the beauty, King Sigil deployed his secret guards to drag him off to his new task!

Even so, Premonition held onto the information and used his connections to stop any information from reaching King Sigil!

While that was going on, the Queen merely stared at their silly antics and shook her head. She had also decided not to tell her husband that she had a drawn portrait of Lady Rosaline that Timebun secretly took away when her husband, Premonition, was unaware.

Timebun was taught that it would be unwise to allow one’s husband to hold onto a beautiful lady’s portrait!

After getting some encouragement from the princess, the beauty finally raised her head, her pair of beautiful eyes slowly widened in surprise when she took in the large number of people in the hall!

Everyone’s hearts felt like they were being scratched by a cat when they saw that expression!

Have mercy, beauty!

King Sigil wondered if he should dismiss everyone so that the beauty would be more comfortable.

Rozenbach could spot Tea Cake and Grace standing at the corner, smiling at him in encouragement. He also recognized Timebun standing not too far away from them. He secretly sighed in relief upon seeing the few familiar faces.

“Ro- this Rosaline greets King and Queen,” Rozenbach greeted while copying the same pose as the princess’.

Oh no! He almost uttered his real name!

Very fortunately for Rozenbach, he possessed a body with rare beauty, so his small mistake was treated by everyone as merely being too nervous.

“Rise!” King Sigil commanded, noticeably faster than when he spoke to his daughter and Bobolander. He could not bear for her to bow for long!

“So this is the concubine you have chosen, Sigil?” A woman dressed in a light orange chiffon dress with diamonds worked into them examined Rozenbach. There was a dark blue dragon sprawled on the ground beside her wide chair, but its tail would often flick around, it was definitely alert even though it seemed idle and harmless. The dragon seemed to be reaching adulthood if Rozenbach guessed correctly from its size and color of its scales.

But what really caught Rozenbach’s attention was the sparkling silver crown on top of her head. Except… why was the crown shaped in such a weird way? It reminds him of the shape of a potato or a peanut.

“Very beautiful. My, my, King Sigil, you are making me jealous, marrying such a beautiful lady.”

“You must be kidding, Queen Yuuko. You have a very handsome betrothed yourself.”

Queen Yuuko? Oh! The one that loves the same guy as Princess Ruri!

Queen Yuuko was a tall, elegant, mature woman, who radiated dazzling confidence through her graceful poise and movement. She reminded Rozenbach of the top models from his original world!

“I am very happy with my betrothed indeed.” Queen Yuuko’s laugh was mesmerizing and reminded Rozenbach of the tinkling of wind chimes. She switched her attention to the woman sitting beside King Sigil. “What do you think of your new younger sister, Queen Purple?”

Queen Purple, on the other hand, was a classic beauty that was widely favored by most men (and maybe women too!). Her hair, like her daughter, had flowers interwoven into it. However, unlike Princess Ruri, who braided her hair into a thick plait, the queen’s hair was tied into a beautiful and sophisticated bun. Her two long side bangs were left untouched, emphasizing her femininity and gave a favorable contrast to her fair skin against her dark-colored hair. On top of her head nested a small crown of purple amethyst carved into the shape of a dragon.

Rozenbach sighed inwardly. As expected of royalty, they were all beautiful individuals!

“I am very happy with my new little sister.” Queen Purple’s voice had an ethereal tinge to it, giving anyone that listened to it a feeling of timelessness.

“Excellent!” Queen Yuuko stood up and Rozenbach noticed her dress had a high slit on both sides of her dress, which gave glimpses of her long, slender legs. She approached Rozenbach and took something from her attendant. “This is my wedding gift to you, Concubine Rozie.”

“T-Thank you, Queen Yuuko…?! T-this is…?!” Rozenbach accepted the item but nearly facepalmed himself when he recognized what it was.

Why was I given a potato?! Q_Q


Behind The Scenes!

Choco: Hm… this chapter is not very interesting…

Rozen: Nope. We got to meet Yuuko and Purple. They were described very beautifully.

Choco: stares at Rozen thoughtfully

Rozen: W-what?

Choco: Smiles evilly Perhaps a side story of Rozie being lesbian would be refreshing?

Rozen: YES!

Choco: ……

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