Voltaire Dynasty – Chapter 1

‘Voltaire Dynasty’ is a fan fiction where some Volare staff and readers will be used (with their permission or by coincidence) as characters.

This fan fiction is not to be taken seriously! Please do not assume that the owners of the names possess the same personality or traits as the characters in this fiction. (or even gender… urk!)

Have fun reading!~

Story By: ChocoLily
Story Assistant: Rozenbach

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Happy Birthday to our hero Rozenbach!

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Chapter 1

Rozenbach woke up and found himself lying on a hard bed in an unfamiliar place. He was about to sit up when he suddenly felt something heavy pushing down on his shoulders.

“The beauty is awake! Call the Royal doctor!”

An unfamiliar man held Rozenbach down as he repeatedly yelled for the royal doctor.

“Stop! Why are you pushing her down? She looks like she’s in pain!”

“I’m just trying to prevent her from getting up!” The man protested and quickly released his hands.

With the heavy burden on his shoulders finally removed, Rozenbach was freed from the pain. He winced as he rubbed his bruised shoulder.

“Are you alright?” A lady stepped closer to examine him, worry written all over her face.

“W-who are you?” Rozenbach asked fearfully. He did not recognize these two people, nor could he understand why this room looked as if it belonged in a historical Chinese drama set. Even these two strangers were dressed up in ancient chinese clothing.

Seeing that he was still lying down on the makeshift bed, he quickly sat up.

“My name is Timebun, the royal chef,” the lady with her hair gathered into a bun on top of her head introduced herself. Then she pointed at the man in dark blue robes beside her. “This is my husband, Premonition.”

“W-where am I?”

“You’re in a storage room.”

“I apologize, but since we do not know who you are, we can only help you secretly,” Timebun said sincerely.


“I- I don’t understand. What’s going on?”

“My wife found you unconscious behind the kitchen,” Premonition explained. “Beauty, who are you?”

Beauty? Why’d he call him that? Rozenbach knew he looked pretty good, but it was not on the level of being called a beauty. Also, he was a man!

“U-um…My name is Rozenbach. Did I interrupt your filming?”

“Feel-Ming? What’s that?”

“Recording a historical setting drama?” In the midst of standing up, he abruptly froze in shock upon realizing what he was currently wearing.

He was wearing similar clothing as Timebun and Premonition, but why was his clothes pink? And female clothes at that!

Rozenbach had to blink and rub his eyes few times to double and triple check if his eyes were playing tricks on him.

If Rozenbach had paid attention, he would have realized that his voice was a few octaves higher than usual. However, due to being abruptly held down by a stranger so roughly in a foreign place, this matter had been blown to the far recesses of his mind. Right now, what he wanted to know, was where he was…and what was his current gender.

His hand shot to his chest, and was relieved to know that it was as flat as ever! He wanted to check his privates, but he refused to do so in front of strangers!

Timebun secretly praised this stranger for being able to look so beautiful even with such a horrified expression! She snuck a glance at her handsome husband to check and was very satisfied that he was not bewitched by the beauty!

Hoho, looks like her effort in conquering Premonition through his stomach worked very well! After all, the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach!

It’s true… Premonition recognized Rozenbach as a beauty, but it was Timebun who managed to conquer his heart and stomach completely. As he turned to look away from the young beauty, he slowly released his fingers that had been pinching his thighs for a while. That was too close…

“Why am I wearing women’s clothes?!” Rozenbach asked in outrage, but with his delicate and beautiful face, it made him look as if he was complaining instead.

Ah, the advantages of being a beauty were truly marvelous!

“My dear, we didn’t remove any of your clothes!” Timebun quickly said, with Premonition nodding away in the background. She then pointed to the side where two oranges lay on a crate. “We didn’t even touch your fruits!”

“Chef Timebun, the royal doctor is here!” A voice called out from outside the storage room.

“Timebun, did you call me over to take a look at another grey cat again? It’s the sixth time you’ve called for me this month!”

“Oh no, Grace. It’s a human this time!” Timebun said in indignance.

A young maid had opened the door to let a kind-looking lady wearing a white outer robe into the small room before shutting the door. In her hands, a large medicine box could be seen.

“Little wife, let’s leave first.” The unwilling Timebun was pulled out of the room by her husband, pouting all the while. Soon the room was left with an angry beauty and the Royal Doctor.

Grace had expected to find an unconscious cat, but treating a human was way better than any old cat. It was even better to treat such a beautiful woman!

Grace, the royal doctor, gave Rozenbach a reassuring smile. “Timebun loves picking- oh no, I mean, helping animals in need. Finding out that you’re a human certainly surprised me.”

Rozenbach did his best to hold back his anger and frustration. “I see,” was the only reply that he could manage, otherwise else he might have yelled at this kind-looking lady.

“Can I take a look at you? Timebun’s servant informed me that she found you unconscious.”

Rozenbach felt very hesitant, but he still nodded in the end. He had no idea why he was found unconscious and it’d be better if he received a checkup.

He remembered going to a meet-up with his buddies at a nearby internet cafe to play a some games when… he was pushed from behind… and he got hit by a car!

Am I dead?

“You’re very much alive!” Grace hurriedly said in a panic. “You’re not going to die just because you fainted!”

Oh, he had accidentally said that out loud.

“I…!! I-I’m sorry for saying something foolish.” Rozenbach smiled nervously. As he replied the nice looking doctor, he had finally noticed the abnormal change in his voice. His brows furrowed slightly at the thought that there might really be something wrong with his body.

Grace nearly swooned when she saw Rozenbach’s beautiful smile blossom on her face. It was a pity that she was a woman, otherwise she would not mind trying her luck!

“Please take a look at me,” Rozenbach requested. It would not hurt to let a doctor check if there’s anything wrong with his body, but what’s with their weird clothing? He did not spot any cameras or filming equipment in the room.

A small thought of him being transmigrated entered his mind but he refused to entertain the idea until he had gotten certain proof of it!

“Lie down and hold out your hand, please. That would make it easier for me to make a diagnosis.”

Rozenbach held out a hand and startled to see this hand was smaller and more slender than his own!

Could it be… this body was not his?! Had he transmigrated into a female body?!

While Rozenbach was deep in his own thoughts, Grace expertly pressed few points on his wrist with her fingers and took his pulse.

“Hmm, you are very healthy.”

“Thank you.”

“I didn’t detect any abnormality in you.”

Grace removed her fingers, but her eyes lingered on Rozenbach’s chest. She silently noted that it looked rather small for Rozenbach’s age. Grace estimated that this beauty have to be at least fifteen years old.

Noticing that the doctor had fallen silent, Rozenbach raised his head…only to find the doctor fixated at his chest.

When Grace found that Rozenbach had caught her inappropriate staring, she tried to act as if her staring was just a coincidence.

“Ah!” Due to her flustered, Grace tripped over her bag that she’d placed on the floor when she took a step back.

Seeing the doctor about to fall, Rozenbach’s quick reflexes allowed him to reach out and grab her arm, pulling her towards him. Rozenbach, who had misjudged her weight and his strength, end up having the doctor falling on top of him.  

Grace had already braced herself for the pain and tightly shut her eyes, but she was suddenly yanked back up and found herself lying on top of a warm, firm body.

“Are you alright, Doctor?” Rozen worriedly asked.

Their face was currently within kissing distance, their lips mere inches away from one another. However, Grace found herself distracted by the sensation under her hand that rested on the beauty’s chest. Strangely, it was flat. It was not soft and supple like a woman’s chest should be.

A light bulb suddenly lit up in Grace’s mind as her hand unconsciously made its way down to Rozenbach’s nether regions and groped him.

Rozenbach felt something being grabbed and flinched.

The first thought that came to mind was relief! He was still a man!! Confirming his manhood was much more important than being groped. But that did not mean he’d just let himself be groped so easily!

Rozenbach was about to politely ask the doctor to remove her hand when he felt a wet and sticky fluid drip onto his face.

“I-I’m so sorry!” Grace quickly pressed her sleeve to her nose in an attempt to stem the bleeding. “I didn’t know you had such…unique tastes.”

No, it’s a misunderstanding! Q.Q


Behind the scene!

Rozen: …I’m a cross-dressing man. In the novel. Presses temple.

Choco: Don’t worry master, you will be a man again!

Rozen: ……………….. Resist the urge to cough blood.

Choco: …Master? Concerned

Rozen: Cups Choco’s face Choco…That… is not me…

Choco: Ahaha~ What are you saying Master? The main character has your name-

Rozen: THAT IS NOT ME!!! D8

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