volaretranslations welcomes I’m Hui Tai Lang and Mao Zhi Ming!

Happy Halloween everyone!

How’s everyone’s Monday going? Run into any translating Pikachus on the street? 😀 What better way to kick off Halloween than with a magical introduction of a new novel, “I’m Hui Tai Lang”, written by Pure Little Lily and translated by SnowTime. This was a novel I’d kept an eye on for a while due to its premise, and was sad when the original translator over at Silkpants Entente had other obligations to real life. However, SnowTime picked it up, and not only will she be bringing us the novel, but manhua translations as well. Exciting times and content ahead!

But, back to the announcement, which I will let the synopsis speak for itself:

Transmigrated to another world, bringing with him the “Hui Tai Lang System” and becoming a wolf, since then he has been living a wolf’s pack life… Even though there are countless unclothed female wolves enticing him in every possible ways, he still remains unmoved, in “Wolf’s World” – Decline the Willow’s enticement!

He has howled for long periods to the moon an uncountable number of times, his heart yelling: “I have a dream, I dream that one day, this community will stand up, to really realize their creed’s true meaning: ‘We believe truth is self-evident, creatures live equally; I dream that one day, my children will not be judged by their race, but by whether their characters are good or bad to assess their life in the nation.'”

Goes one way in the first part, and then another direction in the second paragraph eh? The beginning of the novel will make you think it’s in another direction entirely. 😛

SnowTime is keeping to a schedule of at least a chapter a week (so therefore, show her lots of love and she’ll be enticed away from her manhua to bring us more chapters 😀 ) and will not be accepting sponsored chapters. Another announcement will come when he manhua is here!

In the meantime, please join me in a warm round of applause for “I’m Hui Tai Lang” and SnowTime!

[Updated] SnowTime’s manhua “Mao Zhi Ming” is now here! It. is. friggin’. adorable. Ladies, you don’t want to miss out on this! Please find all manhuas under the manhua section in the header menu!

The manhua summary:

The young girl Moli who was about to enter high school, was struck by lightning while running late and was sent to Continent of Mingzu. What is this, so it’s a Q version of a world?! What about the promised beautiful youth! Oh well, at least everyone is half beast~ I’ll reluctantly join in for the time being! The status of a magician or some other heavy responsibilities like that, I don’t want it. I just want to foolishly spend my sweet time being. Selfish!