volaretranslations turns one year old!

Happy… birthday to volare~ Happy birthday to volare! Happy BIIIIIIIIRTHDAY to volare~~~~~~ Happy birthday to volare!!!!

volaretranslations is officially one year old! Knock me down with a fluffy feather! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be here writing this post a year ago. I only wanted to do something different with my time one day, whilst in a fit of pique after a long day at work. Being the huuuugest bookworm, one thing led to another and here we are. 22 novels and roughly 40 staff members at volare a year later. To think I hadn’t wanted to host anyone else on volare originally! (Yes, everyone laugh at me now). We have now smashed through 27 million views on volare, with 80% of that coming in the last couple of months when folks started joining the site!

I want to take this moment to thank, from the bottom of my heart, Kidyeon, my first editor, the first to welcome me to the online translation scene, and my very first technomancer (I remember our struggles to 2am to get the site online…). Big shout outs to tzunayoshi and Tamashii, long time supporters who have also helped out with the back end of the site. Mad glomps to Broosk and angerthosenear, our tireless technomancers who have helped the site look as pretty as it is looking now and the servers purring smoothly! <3 (and the ones who made the surprise in the next paragraph possible!) And a huge hug to all our friends around the scene at WW, NU, reddit, and Gravity! xoxo to all the translators and editors at volare, we literally wouldn’t be here without you. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

To celebrate this wonderful, fantastic occurrence, most of the translators on volare will be engaging in some sort of double/triple/mass release. Chapters are going out at random times through Dec. 15 (US EST time). Enjoy and revel in our happiness with us! In addition, many translators will be sharing pictures of their translating setup in their announcement posts. Curious about your favorite translator’s work environment? Go look for those Easter eggs!

We also had some fun in the site chat today whilst chatting about the site’s birthday, feast your eyes on some of our creations from the wonderfully talented crew at volare!


So there was some ideas posed for a volaretranslations logo, presenting…

Premonition’s “mutated seals” (they’re in the traditional Chinese character “fly”):

We then termed this attempt “Bleeding Sakura Trees”.

Whereas timebun had a go as well:

…but Prem said the phoenix in the logo was a chicken, so timebun made him this:

After the staff channel died with laughter, this spawned a series of timebun pictures of the staff:

D’aww. I am so cute.

Her editor MrPriest is such a dapper looking bun:

Poor Deyna, the black hole of edits and TOCs, with a darling fluff cracking the whip in the back. XD

Kidyeon became inspired as well:


Ruyi, the amazing calligrapher, showed off some of her skills!

Everyone was gobsmacked and asked Ruyi to write more:

These are not printed! She wrote ’em!

Grenn threw this into the chat, and Hungry said that this was Prem because it was a “toad eating swan meat” (Chinese saying for someone reaching wayyy outta his league):

And we round out the staff drawings with SnowTime’s adorable addition:


By the way, we officially have our own Facebook page now (editor Prady’s idea!), please click like in support! (and follow our Twitter or join the Discord!) A new novel will also be announced later today, and we like to thank our friends over at Radiant Translations for being a part of this announcement as well!


Here’s to how far we’ve come, and here’s to how much further we’ll go! Once again, thank you all for your support and please keep reading!

<3 etvo

Sigh. So adorbs. By timebun.