volare’s looking for translators!

Come one, come all, volare’s holding a recruitment fair and we’re looking for translators and a marketing minion!

Update: The marketing minion position has been filled. Thanks for your interest and applications everyone!

Marketing Minion:

If you’re the type of person that loves interacting with others and drawing random doodles, then why not apply to join our marketing team! We have milk, cookies, and exclusive access to our ultra sekrit base where all the staff mingle and make fun of etvo c:


  • A good command of English.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to craft engaging write-ups.
  • Basic graphic design skills for content creation. (Canva counts too!)
  • Work times are flexible, but you’re required to check discord from time to time in the event of an emergency.
  • And last but not least, a love for what we do!

Job Scope:

  • Manage our social media accounts. (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube)
  • Increase activity on our social media accounts.
  • Write blurbs for our novels and promote events on social media.

If you’re interested in applying for the position of marketing assistant, please send in an email to [email protected] with your best take of what an advertising post for one of our novels, ‘Return of the Swallow’, would look like! You can find ROS’ synopsis below.

“If it’s a barbarian you want, then it’s a barbarian you’ll get!”

Reclaimed by her noble family after being swapped at birth, Qin Yining is bestowed a hellish family instead. Just as she turns her situation around and gains acceptance, her country is plunged into danger instead.

Shades of gray color the world. No side is completely good, and no side is completely evil. Refusing to be a trophy won by men, Qin Yining carves her own path instead. In this absolutely riveting and spellbinding tale, what does our MC do when an entire dynasty is at stake?



We’re also looking for translators for these specific novels:

Adorable Creature Attacks!
Wordcount: 53.9萬
Synopsis: Gu Qingyu, a licensed psychiatrist in the modern times, is thrown into turmoil. Her own unjust death, a new world, and much more awaits her!

『A sudden attack from a shadowed figure in a hospital!
She reaches out with one wish on her mind as her blood flows out,
“I-I don’t want to die! S-Somebody save me!”
In the midst of her desperate cries, a mysterious being receives her wish and relocates her into a new body and world!』

Thrown into an ancient era without any warning, she discovers magic, monsters, and localities to explore!
On her journey through the four empires, she encounters hardships, meets new people and builds new relationships, all while trying to evade losing yet another life!
『New situations thrown at her at every turn, a comedic story of love, friendship and trust! Follow Gu Qingyu and her friends’ adventures through the four empires and her path to survival!』


God of Illusions
(This novel is currently under the care of InVader, but life is about to get heinously busy for him for the rest of the year. In order to do it justice, he’s willing to hand it over to someone else!)
Wordcount: 114萬+ (ongoing)
Synopsis: Before he was a little over 10 years old, he was the nightmare of the Gorge of Heroes and the headache of countless people that had been abandoned by the world.

After leaving the Gorge of Heroes, he became a legendary figure of the number one academy in the continent, and he alone brought numerous changes to it.

Thereafter he stepped foot onto the continent to become a legend, but the road to become a legend was far more difficult than he’d imagined….

On a continent where puppet masters reign supreme, using anything and everything as weapons: living creatures, shoes, daggers, pendants, clothes, shields, guns — which they call puppets, this is the story of Bai Xiaofei with his trusty sidekick, Huskie, on a quest to find out exactly what happened to his parents and become the greatest illusion stream puppet master the world has ever seen. This is a story of wit, plot twists, love, strategy, cultivation, humor, and the unknown.


Wordcount: 47萬
Synopsis (rough translation): The ancient continent of Wu is a place where martial arts are law and the strong reign supreme. Thousands fall to their knees when the strong appear, and rivers of blood flow when they anger.

A peak expert known as the evil god fell and was reborn in a young man beaten into idiocy. He lost all memories and his cultivation was crippled, becoming a target of despise for all. In order to wash clean his shame and fight against a destiny of being toyed by others, the young man cultivated with all his strength, killing experts, and splattering rivers and mountain with blood with a swing of his sword…


Tales of Love with a Divine Husband 
Wordcount: 52萬
Synopsis (rough translation): He, removed from the three realms, wanders the edge of time. He was once the last of the most mysterious, strong, and unfathomable race. He’d witnessed the destruction of immense dynasties and experienced the migration of the most mysterious race to outside the boundaries of time.

He’d saved monsters and ghosts; he’d killed man, woman, young, and old.
Just as he sighed at the tedium of life and grew remote and detached, even toying with the thought of ruining the world once for entertainment, a beam of light appeared in his life.
She was a very very very very ordinary girl, but brimmed with vibrant life.

The first time they met, she was a shepherdess on the plains, singing a song that barged into his heart. He took her away from the plains and fulfilled all of her wishes, traveling the four seas and befriending all sorts of humans, gods, monsters, and demons.
The second time they met, she was the noble princess of a dynasty, but her life changed after meeting him. She became the most ludicrous and mysterious princess of a dead civilization.
The third time they met, she was a notable god of slaughter in the underworld…
The fourth time, she was…


Wordcount: 104萬
Synopsis (rough translation):
Heartbroken after her boyfriend of seven years cheated with her stepsister, Mo Suqin somehow ended up in bed with a stranger after trying to drink her sorrows away. An offered promise of responsibility made her decide to get married on the spot.

She’s conquered by her husband’s tenderness and good looks after marriage, slowly sinking further into what was supposed to be a paper marriage. Who would’ve thought that her husband, a small assistant, would have layers of unknown identities to him?

The boss of the business group, a poisonous gentleman of a crime family… which is his real identity, and what’s hidden behind all the lies?

If any of the above novels piques your interest, click here to head on over to our recruitment page to find out more and apply!