volare welcomes VRMMORPG ‘Show Me the Money’!

Show me the loot! Show me OP! volare is delighted to welcome Show Me the Money, written by Wu Shao Ling (武少陵) and translated by Selutu!

If you’re a fan of VRMMORPGs, if you like a good ole shameless character who takes no bullshit, if you’re a money grubber… then this novel’s for you. Our dear MC, literally named Money Grubber, is the type who haggles even with NPCs. The mobs in this game have their own thoughts, emotions, and… even harems.

From the novel itself:

Goddamnit! Now I’ve got to look for another job to pay the bills! That f*cker! I did nothing wrong!

Huh? What’s that? Eternal, a full dive VRMMMORPG that gives you the chance to make real money? Perfect, that’s exactly what I need!

Now… What class should I pick?

Warrior? No, I don’t want to tank.

Knight? Please, I already said I hate tanking.

Healer? Oh God, please don’t make me babysit people.

Archer? Mage? No, I’ll be too far from the loot!

Rogue? Seems nice. We can steal stuff too? Perfect!

Now…. Show me the gold! Show me the cash! Show me the money!

This novel is quite some fun and easy to get lost in. I planned on reading just a chapter or two, and twenty chapters later realized I’d completely lost track of time. And psst. Fans of Red Packet Serve should be familiar with Selutu and his frequent mass releases. SMTM is launching with 50 chapters and celebrating with a game giveaway today!

SMTM will have a double daily release schedule for 14 chapters a week! Since we’re starting with 50 chapters straight off the bat, there’s a lot of information. Please head over to the glossary to keep everything straight. Everyone, please join me in giving Selutu a warm and sparkly welcome!