volare welcomes The Dao of Magic!

TGIF everyone! Today, I’m absolutely delighted and honored to welcome another original novel to our budding ranks, WeirdWhirl and The Dao of Magic!

I read a few chapters of the first book and then just had to sneak onto his Discord server to see if I could lure him over to the dark side, recruit him with fluff, er, join us. 😀 Happily, he did! TDOM is a wonderful read. Hilarious, unexpectedly deep twists, and will always keep you on your toes.

From the novel itself:

A thousand-year-old rogue cultivator named Drew is about to ascend but finds out he has pissed off a few too many powerful figures and deities. He is bitch-slapped across the universe and – instead of reaching a higher realm – is dumped on a medieval fantasy planet. Stripped of his entire cultivation base, he wakes up in a random valley.
And now that you know that, where am I? Why does it smell so bad? Why are those scaled squirrels eating that feathered deer? Why am I teaching this baby rabbit I saved from a cannibalistic mother how to kick beings in the face with the power of qi?

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Cultivation, Original.
Contains profanity.
Book I is complete and available soon.
Book II & III are complete and in the process of editing.
The first novel is complete and has already been published on Amazon. Come nab your copy today!