volare welcomes magic and assassins in The Sword and The Shadow!

Happy start of February! If you don’t know what to read after Doomed to be Cannon Fodder has ended, come right this way for a fascinating world of magic and thieves in The Sword and The Shadow, written by Hometown Moon and translated by Ryogawa!

We’re incredibly excited to depart on the adventure of this strong, crafty MC. Come slink into the shadows with our assassin MC, come marvel at the magic that abounds in the world, and come tread the complicated paths of power and intrigue!

From the novel itself:

Leguna. An orphan. His life changed dramatically the day the thieves’ guild happened to select him for training and development. He would go on to become lifelong friends with a loyal mercenary, the partner of a beautiful magus who was cold as ice, the savior of a mysterious disfigured dark-elf girl with a talent for the Breath, and the unlikely caregiver for a feisty young maiden. And yet, who would be with him to the very end?

In a twist of fate, the child who fought stray dogs for food emerged to be the most infamous assassin in the world. But the intricacies of power are not so easily grasped, and the price of protecting those that he loves is not as simple as he once thought…

There are already 31 chapters available for you to read today! Ryo pulled out all stops for everyone to be able to sink their teeth into a good amount of chapters. We’ll be going at daily chapters for now, and the rest is up to everyone’s feedback!

Please give a warm hand and a sparkly welcome to Ryogawa and The Sword and The Shadow!