volare welcomes shameless strategy and fighting puppets in God of Illusions!

Summer is staring us down, and so is a long anticipated novel launch, God of Illusions, written by Seven Little Eagles and translated by Invader/KurazyTolanzuraytor!

Invader might be a familiar name as he previously translated War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens on Webnovel and is concurrently translating Talisman Emperor on Wuxiaworld. He’s no stranger to translating or good stories! Author Seven Little Eagles is also supremely excited that his novel is being translated, so please say hello in the comments to him. Invader’s in close contact with the author, who is definitely curious about what English readers think of his novel, so don’t be shy!

GI comes with a huge dash of good adventure, shameless fun, and of course, classic face-slapping. As the title indicates, we’re dealing with a world of illusions, but also fighting golems/puppets. More from the novel itself:

Before he was a little over 10 years old, he was the nightmare of the Gorge of Heroes and the headache of countless people that had been abandoned by the world.

After leaving the Gorge of Heroes, he became a legendary figure of the number one academy in the continent, and he alone brought numerous changes to it.

Thereafter he stepped foot onto the continent to become a legend, but the road to become a legend was far more difficult than he’d imagined….

On a continent where puppet masters reign supreme, using anything and everything as weapons: living creatures, shoes, daggers, pendants, clothes, shields, guns — which they call puppets, this is the story of Bai Xiaofei with his trusty sidekick, Huskie, on a quest to find out exactly what happened to his parents and become the greatest illusion stream puppet master the world has ever seen. This is a story of wit, plot twists, love, strategy, cultivation, humor, and the unknown.

GI comes with 25 chapters straight off the bat today and will be releasing daily. The schedule can speed up, but it depends on how much folks show their enthusiasm for Invader’s new novel. So please give him and God of Illusions a warm and firework-poppin’ welcome to volare!

Before you dive into the new chapters, Vader has his own announcement as well and a launch event that ties in with bonus GI and TE chapters!