volare welcomes first original and published novel The Godking’s Legacy!

Bring out the fireworks and confetti! This idea has been long in the making, and I’m absolutely thrilled today to welcome our first ever original and published novel, The Godking’s Legacy, written by Virlyce!

This series gripped me from the prologue and wrecked my schedule for a couple of nights as I just had to keep reading. Sigil over at This MC is Kickass actually pointed me to this novel, and a lot of the staff find it just as funny! This section in particular caught my eye:

Aside from his (bullshit) achievements in swordsmanship, my master was heralded as a savior of the world because he established peace between the three major factions: the humans, the demons, and the fae. If they knew how he did it, would he still be called a savior?

He kidnapped the emperor’s son, the demon lord’s daughter, and the fae queen’s nephew. But wait. Hold on. Isn’t that pretty impressive in itself? No. He lured the three of them with a piece of candy, a puppy, and a trail of shiny coins. Then he threatened to feed them to a dragon unless they signed a peace agreement. By they, I mean the children, not the parents.

A legendary sword is left behind as a legacy by his master, the Godking. Trapped for millennia, the sword’s spirit awaits the day he’ll be set free. Will his new master be worthy of inheriting the Godking’s legacy? It’s epic, it’s riveting. It’s also shameless and hilarious! Hold onto the seat of your pants, this one’s going to take you on a ride!

TGL officially inaugurates the original section on volare! We’ve always been about good stories and love ones off the beaten path. If you’re an author and feel that your story is a twist on all those out there, come talk to us! Our readers love translated novels, and I’m sure there are many original gems just waiting to be shared as well. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve been writing for a while (20 chapters or so) and show just as much dedication to your craft as Vir. 🙂

Author of “The Blue Mage Raised by Dragons” and “Demon’s Journey”; we are so pleased to welcome Virlyce to our nutty volare famiri! “The Godking’s Legacy” is launching right this moment with a completed volume 1 and the ongoing volume 2! We’ll be the first to get future updates, so come one and come all~ Godly sparkles for Virlyce! 🙂