volare welcomes Defiant Martial God!

Hey everyone, we’re very excited to announce a brand new cultivation novel, Defiant Martial God, written by 鹏成万里, and translated by Kiki! We found a wild Kiki wandering around in the wilderness, so we nabbed her and got her to work on this new novel! +_+

Here’s the novel’s synopsis to give you guys an idea of what to expect:

The ancient continent of Wu is a place where cultivation is law and the strong reign supreme. Thousands fall to their knees when the strong appear, and rivers of blood flow when they’re angered.

A peak expert known as Xie Di fell and was reborn in a young man beaten into idiocy. He lost all of his memories and his cultivation was crippled, causing him to be despised by all. To rid his shame and fight against the destiny of being toyed by others, the young man cultivated with all his strength, killing experts, and splattering the whole country with blood. All until the day he becomes a martial god who shatters the firmament and scorns mortals.

And here’s a quick word from Kiki herself too:

Although the first ten chapters may seem like your standard cookie cutter cultivation novel, stay tuned as it really gets going after chapter 15!

Defiant Martial God releases with 20 chapters, and Kiki will be releasing 5x a week. The novel’s a pretty short one, clocking in at only 149 chapters, so expect the story to move along at a nice clip!

And now without further ado, you can click here to get to the first chapter of Defiant Martial God. Happy reading~