Valentine Event : Treasure Hunting Quiz Game! Can you unlock all the chapters?

Happy Seduction & Chocolate Day!

Who say that Valentine day is the day you declare your love? If you can’t tell someone you love them 365 days a year, what’s the point. I believe that Valentine Day could be the day you decide to spice things up a bit by overeating on chocolates. 😉

In our case, instead of chocolate, let’s spice the day with a few chapters of PTW. BUT you know you can’t have them for free. You need to unlock all 12 chapters and you have until midnight EST timezone to do so. Here’s the rules below. The questions are after the rules and don’t forget, you comments the answer in this post. 🙂

Treasure Hunting Quiz game.

So, how does it works?

Its very simple to understand, you will hunt for the answers of the quiz questions through various websites on the internet from the clues we give you. When you have the right answer, you will post the answer with the question number as a comment in this post.

What do you mean by cooperative game?

It means that you have to help each other since the first person to give the right answer in the comments in this post will unlock the bonus chapter for everyone to read. Isn’t that a good thing? Even if you give 10 answers, but only got 1 answer right and you are the first one to get that answer right answer, you will unlock one bonus chapter for everyone.

That means you guys can give one answer or two, no need to reply to all of them. The number of questions is equal to the number of bonus chapter.

When will you unlock the bonus chapter?

Since Im not glue to the website, Ill post it as soon as I see the right answer. It wont take days before I unlock a chapter, just a few hours delay at most.

When will the game ends?

You have until february 15th midnight GMT-6 to get all the answers right.

=============== READY? START! ================

1. In Great Teacher Onizuka, what was Onizuka’s score in whack-a-mole against Kunio Murai?
2. How old was Tang Jia San Shao when he wrote Douluo Dalu?
3. In which dynasty the dish Shaoyazi became officially known as Beijing duck (Peking duck)?
4. On Khan Academy, how many skills do you need to master to complete the mission “The World of Math”?
5. What’s the percentage of completion if you only master 136 skills?
6. Lanzhou is situated in what kind of climatic region?
7. Easy one, what is the bird on Volare Novels’s logo?
8. Put in chronological order all the novels on Volare Novels, including the inactive ones, by the date of their first posting?
9. What is the name of the compound used as the radioactive label for a molecule that inhibits EPRS?
10. And what is the compound’s decay product?
11. A person came to the emergency room through ambulance. On the heart monitor, we can see his heart beating at more than 150 beat per minutes. He has supraventricular tachycardia and non-wide QRS. What is the name of medication that will help him which is not a beta blocker?
12. And the mechanism of action of the medication on his heart?


Good luck everyone!