UPX Chapter 302

To my dear readers,

I have received only 3 submissions so far! If you guys want to win more chapters, you have until Feb 10th! (Check Chapter 300 announcement for more details). Remember, you get a bonus UPX chapter for every 5 submissions. Mo Ly was like, “Are you sure we can handle 1 bonus chapter per every 5 submissions? What if we get a few hundred?” LOL I was like, “Nah, people are lazy yo. I’d be surprised if we even get 25.” AHAHAAHA

Feel free to prove me wrong! 😛 Btw, I’m willing to post an extra UPX chapter for every additional 50 followers on instagram! Right now, we have 141 followers. Once it hits 191, I’ll release another chapter. 😉 Soooo follow us on volare_novels now if you want more chapters! (This is only effective until Feb 14th)

Chapter 302

Come back tomorrow for chapter 303 teaser! And Chai assisted me with 302! Thanks, Chai! Hehe.. I wanna make a lame pun and say “Gong xi fa chai”! LOL (it’s supposed to be “cai” but sounds almost the same.. tee hee! Happy Lunar New Year!