Messages for Snow Mountain Mists

The author of Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator, Snow Mountain Mists, sent us English readers a message, so I collected messages from readers to send back to her~

Here’s the original message:

English translation:

After reading a novel, she suddenly woke up in the body of the evil woman of the story, and her originally loyal and kind husband in the story was actually reincarnated. How will the quick-witted Chu Lian move away from the label of ‘wicked woman’? How will she overcome her husband’s terrible impression of the original ‘Chu Lian’? When faced with struggles and turmoil, how will she resolve them? Can two people from vastly different worlds with different experiences in life get together and have a happy life? I hope that everyone likes this novel, and I hope that the male and female leads of this story can bring all of you some light-hearted humour and laughter in your busy lives.

And here are the compiled messages from the team and the readers in response to Snow Mountain Mists!


From the Team

I finished reading TMR in about a week and loved it so much that I begged etvolare (my boss) to let me translate it! Thank you so much for giving me this chance!

The English readers are absolutely in love with all the descriptions of food and the Chinese culture that you’ve introduced in the story. Personally, I love that your characters are so different and human; each person has their own reasons behind their actions. Thank you again for your message to us, and for bringing this wonderful story to the world!

My aim is to share your story with a global audience and I hope that I’ve done your story justice so far in my translations. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours! <3

一个星期内读完了《穿越女遇到重生男》之后,我完全爱上了这个故事并请求etvolare(我的老板娘)让我翻译它! 非常感谢您给我这个机会!

从英文读者的评论,我可以看出来他们是完全爱上了你在故事中介绍的食物和中国文化的描述。 就我个人而言,我喜欢您写出来的角色是如此的特别和活泼,而 每个人的行为都有背后的原因。 再次感谢您前几个月发给我们的信息!感谢您写了这个美好的故事!

我的目标是与全球观众分享您的故事,并希望我在翻译中准确地表达出来《穿越女遇到重生男》的特征。 祝您今后一切顺利!<3

-timebun, translator (翻译者)


Hi Snow Mountain Mists! Thank you so much for writing TMR and giving timebun (and volare) permission to translate it! It’s been a blast so far and we aren’t even halfway through yet! Chu Lian is definitely my favorite character (with Duanjia coming in as a close second); I think she’s incredibly relatable, playful and clever, and watching her convert more and more people to her Good Eats Religion™ is hilarious. Let her live her peaceful (scrumptious) life!!!

Reading your twist on the transmigrator/reincarnator genre has been a delightful experience. My best wishes to you and all your future pursuits!

雪山岚您好!非常感谢您写了《穿越女遇到重生男》并给予timebun(和volare)翻译权限! 到目前为止,虽然我们都还没翻译完这个故事的一半,我觉得《越女遇到重生男》是个很有趣的故事。 楚琏绝对是我最喜欢的角色(端佳排第二)。 我觉得她非常接地氣,俏皮和聪明,看着她把越来越多的人转化成她的“美食宗教”(Good Eats Religion™)的粉丝是挺搞笑的。 让她过她的安宁(美味)的生活吧!

阅读这个与众不同的穿越故事对我来说是个很愉快的经历。 祝您未来一切顺顺利利!

-renderedreversed, editor (编辑)


From Readers

1 Thank you for writing this! It’s been a rather amusing read and I look forward to reading more! Aridas
2 Thanks for very interesting story. Love all the foods brought by Chu Lian. So far, don’t like He Changdi, male lead yet. Prefer the Prince. Cannot wait to see whether you can change Chu Lian’s love wind to He Changdi. Plus more food porn. Novelcrazy
3 Hi, how are you? Thank you for your story, it’s one of the novels I enjoy:) Cheesepit
4 Thanks you for writing this great series! I love watching Chu Lian build her place in the world and especially love reading about all of the dishes she helps create! kirindas
5 Thank you for such a lovely novel, I really enjoy Chu Lians personality, and the food element incorporated!! MissCherry
6 I really enjoy reading your novel! As a person born in America to Chinese parents my Chinese literacy is embarrassingly poor. Your novel helps motivate me to improve so I can read ahead of the translations to find out what happens next! Thank you for generously sharing your stories and I will always be a fan! apricot blossom village
7 This is a very good idea since I have read both the reincarnation and transmigration before. To be able to read both in the same novel is a pleasant surprise. Not to mention, the food related stuff in the novel. Thanks a lot for the novel 😁😊😊 Alwaysareader
8 thanks for writing, your novel makes my day Arandano
9 The premise is great. The research made by the author is greatly appreciated. Looking forward in enjoying more of the novel. 祝福
10 Thanks for writing up such an interesting story ^_^ It has a very different approach from most novels and I’m looking forward to how the ML and FL’s future relationship will be like given their wildly different expectations.

The strong focus on food is really enjoyable as well since it gives us an excuse to google pictures of new food~ … Although the hunger after seeing said pictures is not so enjoyable… Orz.

11 You have me drooling on every chapter with the food porn! Thanks a lot for a great story! <3 Triba
12 The first impresion of this novel is Traditional Chinese Food ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)! The traditional chinese food that appear in Transmigator meet Reincarnation is so unpredictable and rare to see in modern society nowdays because the chinese tradition already rarely held in family. And I just vague remeber that tradition when in my childhood… When I remember many of that food, I remember of my family members that I forgoten. That I remember someday I must contact them again.

I qlready finished read the novel.

My impresion is I see the story itself pretty vague about Chu Lian and He Changdi trust each other because of the condition. But I never experienced that condition so I can’t say that was 100% vague. But I like they unified and agree that they past life is not important, the important things is to set and walk for the future life.

And the idea of LDR with letter is unique too.

Hope author can make more good and unique story like this and didn’t give up to finished it 🙂

13 Thank you very much for writing such an interesting story! Yours is one of the few stories that I follow where I feel I need to stop whatever else I am doing in order to read a chapter once I notice that it has appeared online. I look forward to He Changdi finally figuring out that all is not as it once was and working to win back the affections of Chu Lian! spotmarkedx (現貨標有X)
14 Great novel Tradebizmy
15 Thank you so much for your delicious and hilarious tale, and especially for allowing those who can’t read your language to still enjoy it. I hope for you to have as much fun writing as I am having reading.

Once again, thanks. Xie xie.

16 Thank you so much for writing such an interesting story! The characters are so funny and the dishes Chu Lian make sound so yummy. The amount of times I felt so starved after reading this novel are uncountable lol. Although I haven’t read far enough, I’m happy that Chu Lian has the wit and confidence to deal with any obstacle that comes her way. This story gives me relief from busy days, so again, thank you for writing this and I hope to read more works from you in the future! 小纸鹤
17 I really hope He Sanglang discovers how nice and smart the new chu lian is! Heath_clif
18 the story is touching, well made, its a good change pace from all those revenge reincarnation novels, keep up the good work. 😀 sheehan
19 I really appreciate and can’t thank you enough for bringing this amazing novel/story to us! I always wait for the updates everyday and will not stop doing so… This is already part of my daily routine. Thank you author and translator for giving color to my life! ‹3 BhLover
20 I’ve been loving TMR so far! I’ve been getting into Chinese novels recently and despairing at some of the selection, so not only is TMR a well-written story, it’s a gasp of fresh air! I love how there’s small conflicts that build on each other so there’s always something new to expect. I love how Chu Lian has this divine confidence that shocks people when she thinks she can handle a situation, but panics and fumbles when she doesn’t know what to do, it makes her triumphs rewarding and her misfortunes nerve-wracking. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story and a wonderful heroine! Crossy
21 Thank you for making incredible story. l immensly like your story. every time l read about food and cooking from your story l felt hungry and want to try it. so l felt like there must be no one can stand in the way of chu lian of making her food empire. And if there is one who stand in the way, l will hate that person. So thank you for making me hungry for your story. Guchi Gushi
22 我爱你 isengoethe
23 Thank you for writing such an amusing story! Keep up the great work. Your writing helps me get through the day. OfficePony671
24 Thank you very much for writing such a fun story! The parts where I get to learn new things, especially food, is also an enjoyable part of reading the story. I hope that you could continue writing more stories that would not only entertain us, but would also be enjoyable for you to write. Rafi S.
25 I love this story. The male lead makes me wanna smack him upside his head sometimes, but if he was not frustrating like this I would not enjoy the story as much. The female lead is such a foodie, but it is a struggle to read the food descriptions without getting hungry. I do kind of feel bad for the female lead since her cooking skills have somewhat backfired on her by making all her servants gluttons. XD I cannot wait to see where this story goes. 🙂 Selkie
26 Dear beloved author, thank you for this book that causes quite a bit of salivation over the tasty food that you lovingly describe in great detail. Every time Chu Lian cooks, I always want to eat, haha. I really like reading about her daily life and how she is working towards her goals–it’s not even a little bit boring. Hopefully we can see a successful Guilin Restaurant soon! In any case, her laid-back but clever way of dealing with her problems is refreshing; she won’t be bullied, but she doesn’t forget to have fun as well. I wonder how He Changdi is doing out on the war front right now. Likely, as bitter and miserable as he was last time we saw him, oops. Changdi, hurry up and figure out that this Chu Lian is a different person! I scream that in my heart almost every time he appears lol *tear*. Thank you once again for sharing this great story with us! 媛媛
27 Mystery, romance and food, food, food! Our thoughtful author has included everything that makes a enjoyable novel. Thanks for stirring the pot of your imagination and producing such a delightful confection! Humbledaisy/谦逊的雏菊
28 Hello Ms. Snow Mountain Mists. I am so thrilled to have this chance to message you. As a foreign reader, I love Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator. It is funny and at the same time making me hungry everytime foods were mentioned. Hehehe… More power to you and I hope you can create more awesome novels that can be translated to English. Sakura
29 To: 雪山岚 – Thank you for letting Volare Novels to translate and share your story with people that would normally not have access. They have done a wonderful job and I wish I knew Chinese so that I could read the original! I’m looking forward to finding out the remaining story and future stories that you write! Sincerely, Canadian-Born-Chinese (CBC) CBC
30 Thank you for writing such a great novel! It’s a new idea I’ve never seen before, and I love waiting for each chapter to come out to see what Chu Lian is up to next, and when will He Changdi realize she’s not the same person as before. Actually, my favorite parts of the novel are the food parts. They always make me hungry and smile. Keep up the good work and stay healthy! Updown1234
31 This story is a lot of fun and I look forward to every chapter. Chicken
32 Thank you so much for writing this novel! Every time I read it I get so hungry, which is definitely a good thing. I look forward to it every day, so thank you so much for bringing this story to life! Cieli
33 Hi there Ms. Author! First of all, thank you for the hard work and for the opportunity it gave us, and me personally, to read such an entertaining book. I love brewing a hot cup of coffee and reading some nice chapters before I start my day. It’s my way of destressing before starting a particularly busy day. So thank you very much and hope you have a very nice year. Happy late new year! briose
34 Love the story, but before reading new chapters I always prepare table of food to not get hungry 😀 I only regret that Chu Lian’s restaurant is not real, so I can’t visit it one day. Still, story which makes me laugh (Chu Lian thoughts and how they are perceived by others), angry (because of villain characters), hungry (so many delicious food) and satisfied. chibimi
35 I love your novels but are you going to make a similar one. Also I love transmigration novels and I wonder why they don’t do a ‘died from ancient times to be reborn in modern’ Kawaiichic
36 Hihi author~ I really really like your novel! It’s so cute and interesting ~

I don think know about how things are in China but to me, this novel is so original!! I have never read a novel where a transmigrator and a reincarnator are actually a couple 😍😍😍 it’s just so cute

Marry me! Marry me!

Please Marry Me, Author-san
37 Hi this is Aquilla from your neighbouring country India . I have read many Chinese novels of transmigration and reincarnation but this is the first time I am reading one with both. It is a lot of fun especially Chu Lian’s foodie followers. My favourite is tsundare princess . Reading about all the food and seeing the pics from our translator makes me so hungry 😭😭😭. I want all those food.😭😭. Anyhow thanks for righting such a beautiful story author and thank you timebun for putting in so much effort in translating them and also giving us all those food pics.😊 Aquilla Singh
38 I love reading your story with the fiery burning passion of 10,000 suns! libraryrocker
39 Thank you!!! great story. It’s a mystery who will discover who isn’t what or who they used to be for the husband and wife. P.s that husband is a major jerk he seems to know the story line more then the girl who lol didn’t get to read the book in which she is starting on. agen
40 I would like to thank the author for publishing such an enjoyable novel. The characters are well developed and the plot has several very clever aspects to it that make reading each chapter, as it is translated, something to anticipate eagerly. The story moves well and doesn’t drag on and stall as many such novels do. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys transmigration novels. Khem
41 Thank you very much for writing this interesting novel, it’s my first time reading a novel of a transmigration and a rencarnador as a couple, so my excitement is the chapters is pleasant and I hope many more emotional, funny and somewhat crazy chapters: 3 Little black cat
42 I really like the plot and especially the food~ I’m Chinese, but I can only write 谢谢 XD. Thank you for your hard work and I wish you the best of luck! 🙂 SR
43 I love your novel and look forward to reading it everyday ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) if only I could read chinese and actually read the original qwq mayo
44 I adore your detailed descriptions of delicious food! I live for reading these descriptions. I am eagerly awaiting to see what our plucky heroine is going to do with her jewelry-making talents and her newfound restaurant as well. Your novel has me hooked, thank you for writing it! Enkida
45 Thank you for creating such a great novel! I love reading it to relieve stress, as well as to enjoy Chu Lian foiling the noble officials antics with grace and style. Please continue to release this novel, I can’t wait to see how she’ll revitalize the restaurant! Once again, Thank you! Abdullahi Ali
46 Thanks for writing this wonderful novel and created one of the most amusing female main character! Love your work! Kaname-chan
47 Thank you so much for writing this story! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading their antics and how they get out of sticky situations or, end up in them. I have smiled, laughed, and cringed in sympathy and even done a weird mesh of all the above. So thank you! I can’t wait for more!

~(‘ . ‘~)(~’ . ‘)~

48 Hello! I really enjoy your story. Chu Lian’s attitude about life is so refreshing and all of her antics make me smile. Thank you for sharing it with the world! Vyvy
49 I love your novel so much. Simply because i love the fact that the female lead is someone who try to make a good life for herself by her own wit and might, and the way you describe the foods and the reaction of people who eat it for the first time. 😘😘😘 Nanda
50 thanks for writing this novel, I have been enjoying the character interaction, the food porn and the funny bits of Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator. I hope you keep on writing great novels like this one if it’s possible … dale123
51 (>’-‘)> BunnyTheStrong
52 Will Chu Lian ever learn some kind of self-defense or depend on bodyguards? ToyBoat
53 Hi I really enjoy your novel:) it’s very interesting and cute. Stay healthy and take care of yourself! Tanzmoon
54 One of the best novels I’ve read so far. Thank you for giving your time and effort in writing this. We (the international readers) appreciate it a lot and hope to read more of your stories in the future. Good luck and my the force be with you. NotARealPerson
55 I really enjoy reading your work! Please take care of your health, and keep creating refreshing and funny content for us readers. >< sooae
56 Your story is very wonderful and interesting so far, I especially love Chu Lian! Thank you for writing this story and enabling Volare to share it with us!!! Yue
57 Hello, author dear! I really love your story. I’m glad I finally get to read a story where it’s not about the love between the couple in the beginning but more about female lead herself. Chu Lian is a very interesting character and totally relatable to everyone no matter what nationality or culture they are—because if there is one thing everyone loves, it’s food, and I love the food porn that both you and the awesome translators of this novel are providing for us. I think I’m going to finally pick my butt up one of these days and actually try some of the food I keep hearing about in the novel. And most of all, we can’t forget about Princess Duanjia! She’s my favorite! Kudos to you for writing such a fantastic book! Foenix
58 My name is Sha and I’m from the Philippines.

I really enjoyed reading your novel it is so much fun and it gives a smile on my face and cheers me up when I feel down.

MORE POWER to you Snow Mountain Mists!!!

*add oil!!! 😆😆

59 You’re great A
60 I’m a fan of your book. It is so interesting and i’m waiting to read more! 😍😍

Thanks for your hard work. Fighting!!!

61 Happy new year and greetings from Singapore. I love your novel. I’m a very busy and stressed at work working mom. Your novel brings me lots of enjoyment and allow me to de-stress. The translators have done a great job and justice to your work. the only downside to reading your work is that it makes me hungry 😂 很感谢您的努力和创作。加油。 猫云云
62 Dear author, thank you for writing this entertaining novel! I always look forward to the food p*rn and love learning about unique Chinese dishes. I have a question — what’s your absolute favorite food? Kristen
63 Thank you very much for all the work you’ve put into this story! Tuzki
64 Your story has made me laugh quite a few times! I love stories where I can tell the author is having fun writing it too! Thank you for your hard work, add oil! 🙂 Llly
65 Halo~ Of course I love this novel very-very much, too bad I can’t read Chinese. I only know a few letters and how to write my own Chinese name. :d. Would really love to see how the development between our male & female leads goes. ’cause so far in the translations, the two still haven’t properly meet yet. Only through letters and the like. TT ^ TT -cry-

So happy to see that you message us~ Thank you~ And we love you too~

66 Funny and interesting premise. The contrast between the terrible food in their world and the mouth watering dishes prepared by Chu Lian is something I haven’t seen before. The reactions of others eating her food are hilarious and relatable. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does with the Old Madame’s restaurant, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the male lead. anon
67 I really love your novel! It is lighthearted, beautiful and a treasure to read! Tia
68 Thank you so much for the story’s love it alot Lily leaf
69 I never tought I’d like this kind of novel, but I’m really enjoying it. Taypa
70 Thank you so much for writing and sharing this story. I know how hard it is to wrestle with one’s demons while writing stories. You know, I look forward to each morning the translations are up. I’m cheering for you and Chu Lian! Panda
71 I really really enjoy the novel, thank you so much for your hard work. I look forward to reading each translated chapter, and I’m very excited where the story will go. Kori
72 Hi, I really like Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator since it’s a fresh twist to the usual female protagonist transmigrating stories. Even if it still follows the typical plot of an independent woman being forced by a family who doesn’t love her to marry a man she doesn’t love the unique plot points shine enough to display clear contrast with the other novels. Thanks for writing a wonderful story!


73 Thanks so much for writing this! I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will keep up the good work~ Junko Kawashima
74 Thank you so much for allowing the translator to translate your novel because without your permission I may never have read your book. Every day I would check to see if the translation is updated since the novel is intriguing and humerous. Thank you once again for giving us such a marvelous novel and good luck with your endeavors! Christina
75 Thanks for the wonderful novel, even when I only read the english translated version. I can’t get enough of the MC and her ability to make good food along with the funny misunderstandings with the ML! 林金花
76 Each mountain has its beauty, each novel brings new lessons useful for its readers. 🎓


The story is like sugar and salt: salt as an important ingredient in cooking and sugar to give the desserts a sweet and delicious taste. For now we tasted how sweet is the revenge of fate against those that have the seed of greed in them. *yummy yummy*😉

Thank you for giving us the chance to “taste” it! Can’t wait to see what other stories you’ll bring to light in the future! 加油!

Picky Reader
77 Thank you so much for creating this wonderful and hilarious story! 🙂 SunBurst