TOMAS Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 Abysmal: To The Rescue!

Feng Luodi knew she was abducted again the moment she regained consciousness. The constant headache, the heavy eyelids, her immobile body and her fingers gripping the bed sheet weakly were all signs she was used to. It was then a familiar voice tinged with arrogance sounded nearby.

“She’s all yours. You can do whatever you want with her as long as it doesn’t kill her.” The words froze her blood. “Just remember to send a piece of clothing to the Chamberlain to remind him that it’s time to get off that pedestal of his. Oh! Send one to Situ Muye as well. This one’s just to spite him.”

NO! DON’T DO THAT! Feng Luodi tried to scream, but no sound escaped her lips. She struggled to lift her eyelids and saw a figure dressed richly in purple and gold, turning to leave the room coldly. Just before the door was closed, she saw a savage grin on his face. Out of the corner of her eyes, a few shadows slowly advanced towards her, their eyes greedy and drenched in lust.

No matter how loud she tried to scream, no sound came from her mouth. Why is this happening to me, just because I’m the daughter of the Chamberlain and a friend of the General? All I want to do is to find the ten Guqin in the world! Why am I dragged into this mess? Someone save me! Is that too much to ask? All I wish for is a peaceful life in this world!

However, try as she might, not a single word escaped her mouth. All hopes were lost, and tears started falling from her eyes.

The door exploded inwards with a loud thump. A sword flashed in the air, and the figures that were almost upon her fell like dominos. Feng Luodi struggled to open her eyes again, and she was met with the man’s anxious eyes – a sight rarely seen.

“Luodi, are you alright? Damnit! What did they drug you with!” She felt herself in a familiar embrace, full of warmth and protectiveness. The voice sounded again. “Bring these two back. I will interrogate them myself.”

Luodi couldn’t hold it in anymore. She buried her face into Situ’s chest and bawled, with a wave of relief and helplessness washing over her all at once. Every time I seem to have a cold war with Situ, I end up being saved or helped by him. Is fate to blame, or am I just lucky to have him?

“Don’t worry now, I’m here now. I won’t let anything happen to you.” She heard the gentleness in his monotonous voice.

They quickly got back to Situ’s residence, and the physician who had just finished patching up the attendant was quickly brought to Feng Luodi’s bed. Under the glaring eyes of Situ, the physician slowly felt the pulse on Feng Luodi’s wrist and stood up.

“The young miss was merely drugged with the basic knockout agent, with a dose way too large for her. She’ll be fine if she takes this antidote and rest for tonight.” The physician passed a pill to Situ, and a Covert Guard quickly handed him some water. Situ carefully fed the pill to Feng Luodi and tucked her back into bed before leaving the room with the Guards.

“Bring the two of them here.” Situ’s voice was steely.

Covert Guard Two walked towards him. “General, they have confessed. The two of them are warriors under the 7th Prince’s wings, and they were responsible for threatening yourself and Chamberlain Feng after they were done with Miss Feng.”

“After they were done?” Situ sneered. “Dispose them according to military standards.”

“Yes, General.” Two turned to leave, but was called back by Situ.

“Head to the study once you’re done. I want you to deliver a letter to the Grand Tutor’s residence in private.

“Yes.” Two walked out of the courtyard. Well, looks like that in order to protect Miss Feng,  the general is even willing to cooperate with the Grand Tutor and the Heir. Sure enough, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful maiden. He recalled how Situ made them search every house and room in the western part of the city and sighed. Now that he has his princess, he’s completely forgotten about his subordinates!


When Feng Luodi woke up again, it was already deep into the night. Her throat ached with thirst and her body felt stiff, but she struggled to sit up in the bed. Only then did she realise that someone else was in the room with her. Situ was taking a nap with his head held up by one hand, his features even more entrancing under the soft glow of the lantern.

“I see you’re awake.” Situ sat up straight and poured a cup of tea for Feng Luodi.

Feng Luodi took a sip of tea, her face expressionless. “It was the 7th Prince’s men, wasn’t it. I recognised him.”

“You are correct.” Situ nodded. “He was trying to blackmail Chamberlain Feng into giving up the seat for his men.”

“I’m sure there’s more than meets the eye here.” How could I have mistaken the prince for a useless playboy? He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! I should never forget that appearances are deceiving!

“Are you planning to take revenge?” Situ was calm. “With what little power you have?”

“My heart isn’t big enough to take something like this lying down.” Feng Luodi narrowed her eyes. “Even damsels like us have our methods.”

“Let me give you a hint, then.” Situ poured himself a cup of tea. “The 7th Prince is plotting to assassinate the Heir during the Autumnal Hunt. I’m sure you know what to do next.”

Feng Luodi pressed her lips together and nodded.

“I’ll send you back to the Feng household the first thing tomorrow morning. We’ll head to the Guan Mountains together tomorrow evening.”

“I can go with my Father! He’s a 2nd Rank Official as well.” Feng Luodi protested.

“Do you think the Chamberlain will still let you out after what’s happened today?” Situ appeared expressionless, but he was sighing inwardly. How can this woman be so nonchalant after everything’s that happened?

“I understand. I will do as you say.” Feng Luodi knew she wouldn’t be able to win the argument against her father.

“Would you like a meal? Or would you rather continue to rest?” Situ stood up.

“I’ll rest. Close the door when you leave.” Feng Luodi laid back down on the bed again and pulled up the blanket.

Situ walked out of the room. Just before the door closed, he heard a faint voice. “Thank you.”

He took a few steps into the courtyard, and Quattor appeared with a worried look on his face.

“General, are we really going to just sit back and let Feng Luodi exact her revenge on the prince? What can she possibly achieve with the amount of power she has?”

“I’ll take out the prince before she even gets a chance to.” Situ looked up at the moon. “I’m still putting you in charge of her safety. Get Hex back on the job with you.”

“Yes, General. I will be more careful in the future.”


In the Grand Tutor’s residence, Jiang Moyin was delighted to receive Situ’s letter. Then, he looked at Duo, confused.

“Why did your General suddenly agree to our proposal?”

Duo smiled. “Perhaps, it’s because the 7th Prince is too much of an annoyance, and it’ll be much easier to collaborate with you.”

“I see.” Jiang Moyin nodded. “Unfortunately, we have yet to figure out the details of the 7th Prince’s plans. We will have to discuss further at the Hunt.”

“I will convey your message.”


The next morning, Feng Luodi was summoned to the study by her father.

“Luodi,  what have I said before? As my daughter, every action you make represents the household as well.” The Chamberlain lectured. “I know that you were in his courtyard previously because of his Majesty’s edict, but why did you spend last night in his residence again? You are a lady!”

Feng Luodi quietly heaved a sigh of relief. Seems like Father does not know about the incident yesterday. If he did, he’ll definitely ground me! He is firmly of the belief that the only way to keep me out of trouble is to keep me at home!

“Of course, Father. I was only kept at the Duke’s residence last night because of a case of accidental food poisoning.”

“What? Why wasn’t I told about this when the attendant from the Duke’s residence brought you back?” His furrowed brows eased a little. “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes, Father. That’s why I’d returned.” How am I going to leave the household tonight? I highly doubt that Father will let me leave the house after hearing this.

“That’s good. Go and get some rest then.” The Chamberlain waved her out of his study.

“Father, I have something important to say to you.” Feng Luodi leaned towards the Chamberlain and whispered in his ear. Then, she bowed and took her leave.

When Feng Luodi returned to her courtyard again, Scarlet happily laid out the saddle from Situ on the table and exclaimed to her.

“It’s my first time seeing such an exquisite saddle!”

“The saddle doesn’t even need to be exquisite, Scarlet. It just needs to be sturdy.” Feng Luodi smiled as she examined the saddle. This was the cause of the incident last night.

Jet brought out another saddle. “Young miss, the Grand Tutor had sent this awhile back if you remember. It looks pretty good as well! Which one do you intend to bring to the Hunt?” Now Feng Luodi recalled. This saddle had arrived at her place the day she was released from detention, but she hadn’t thought much of it.

“Yeah! This looks really good as well!” Scarlet looked at the set Jet was holding up, and liked it as well. “Which are you going to bring, young miss?”

“It’s such a tough choice! The Grand Tutor is your elder brother, and is a good friend of the Duke as well! It doesn’t seem right to choose either one of them.” Jet fretted.

Scarlet frowned. “Why don’t we prepare our own set for young miss right now?”

“No! That’s such a waste, Scarlet.” Jet pouted.

“No need to be so conflicted over this, girls.” Feng Luodi laughed. “Just pick the lighter set.”

The two girls quickly got to weighing the two sets while Feng Luodi tried to think of a way to sneak out of the household in the evening. However, she did not have to wreck her brains for it. Situ sent an attendant to the household, spreading the news that Qi Jianqiu had gotten into an accident and wanted to see her friend. Naturally, the Chamberlain could not deny such a request and had to let the anxious Feng Luodi leave.

When Feng Luodi finally reached the Duke of Anping’s residence, she saw a perfectly fine Qi Jianqiu in the courtyard as Situ sat by the table, calmly sipping a cup of tea. How did I fall for that?

Qi Jianqiu immediately pounced on her. “Luodi! Father has banned me from going to the Autumnal Hunt! Ahhhhhhhh!”

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