Translator Thursdays: Kuu-chan’s story

For this week’s Translator Thursday, we’ve got our volare mascot Kuu-chan sharing how she got involved in the scene! Big glomp from etvo to Kuu, and I want to say, you’re not a vassal!! <3

Little kookie bird was a big fan of novels and built a nest with chapter translations. Normally, she would spend her time looking out at all the other birds who flew in flocks, a clear contrast to herself who remained secluded in her nest alllllll alone without a single friend to speak of. She was not happy with the situation, but there was nothing she could do. As she was searching for more novels to add to her nest, a paper mail suddenly dropped out of nowhere into her little nest. Little kookie was puzzled, she did not have any friends, who could have sent her a letter? Clutching it, she looked out of her nest only to see the same blue sky.

Puzzled as she may have been, her curiosity was sparked. Little kookie carefully opened the paper mail only to be greeted by an invitation! The moment kookie finished reading the letter and proclaimed her acceptance, a warp gate suddenly appeared and teleported her into a secret pocket dimension known as Skype. The Skype dimension was full of novel translators and enthusiasts just like her but as shy as she was, little kookie remained a lurker for quite a while.

It took her several weeks to find her bearings and finally gather enough courage to explore the dimension and meet its inhabitants. Then one day, she heard the voice of someone singing as she was gliding through a cluster of clouds. Interested, she went to find the source of the music to see and was drawn in by a serenading song from a Taffygirl, then was roped into singing herself. In the end, she learned that the simplest way to make friends was to sing and so she did, for hours and hours on end.

Some many months later, she heard from her friends that a new domain was discovered and thus came the great migration to the domain of Discord. This region was a lot bigger than the dimension of Skype and little kookie bird decided to make her home there. She occupied a tiny little corner that slowly expanded to become a great empire with its own corrupted nobility. After making friends with its citizens, kookie decided to visit some of her subjects in their homes and made new friends.

It just so happened that one of these subjects actually held dual-citizenship with a neighbouring realm, the Fluff-filled Volare Realms. This realm was full of yummy foodz and she received lovable glomps every time she visited. Then came the offer she couldn’t resist—become a vassal of the mighty Celestial Fluff for a Gourmet Food Supplier that would supply the realm with even more yummy treats!

She finally felt like she had found herself a wonderful family to join and she played her part, contributing her translations. But everything changed when the Qimera nation attacked. They kidnapped the poor Gourmet Food Supplier and brought a famine upon the inhabitants of Volare Realms. Little kookie bird decided against declaring war against the Qimera nation, choosing instead to relinquish claim to the Gourmet Food Supplier for the greater good and avoid conflict. In doing so, she lost her job. However, Etvo, the Celestial Fluff, was benevolent enough to bestow upon her the role of Mascot (self-proclaimed) and thus she avoided eviction from the celestial court.

Nowadays, little kookie bird spends her newfound freedom casually drifting around between worlds as she looks for another stray novel to adopt and secure her place in the community.