TOMAS Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Wind Crane: The First Song

And here we are! At the end of the first arc. To all who have managed to stay with us this far, we sincerely thank you for giving us a chance to tell this story. Please let us know in the comments in this chapter/TOC or better even, on Discord, what you think of our writing/editing! It can be anything from the smallest detail to the vaguest ideas. Your criticism/encouragements will really help us improve more as we go along! Seeya on the next arc! 🙂

p.s. mini mini shoutout to Adstellarum on Discord who has been helping pick out all our mistakes, from the irritating tiny formatting errors to the MAJOR silly mistakes! Thanks for your help in helping us do better all the time!
p.p.s. TOMAS would be on a break for a few days, until the 17th as whale has some ahem* personal stuff to deal with for a bit! thanks for understanding!