TOMAS Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Green Vines: Cooperation

Hello Friends!

This chapter is done by the new translator on the team, Rakumon! 🙂 Please shower her in your love!!!!!! Rakumon is a really passionate and dedicated translator (as evidenced by the HUGE pictures of the dishes she sourced) and will be joining us from now on! And! In case you guys missed out on the post on the front page of volare, there’s a short post about me and a couple of the other TLers done by our dearest Grace! 🙂 Please do go ahead and check it out!


p.s. I just realised how paggro and angry i sound in the “interview” ._. Etvo, if you’re ever reading this, please be reassured that it is NOT THE CASE HAHA my brain was probably not working when i typed the response to the questions!

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