TOMAS Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Cloud Nine: An Ephemeral Longing

Hello Guys!

The new chapter is out, and so is school! YAYYYY!

Anyway, my lack of updates have been disappointing (I know, I know), and so I’ve decided to take up bossu Etvo’s advice: to slowly build a team of TLers to work on TOMAS! Currently, I’m trying to transit from working as a slow and lazy solo TLer to it being a team project, so I’m still currently in the works of ironing out some kinks! We already have a new member to the team, but we’ll formally introduce her when she’s releasing a chapt! Huge shoutout to Grace for her help in this as well!! 😀

This arc is over, and I’m sure this will be one of the most agonizing so far. Enjoy!