TMK Chapter 169 + Bonus Chapter Event!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Sigil here bringing you your regularly scheduled dose of TMK to brighten up your day 😉 But wait, there’s more! We’ve also got a sparkling new event for you to help usher in the Lunar New Year!

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In the spirit of the coming Chinese New Year, This MC Is Kickass (TMK) and King Of Hell (KOH) will be doing a joint event with bonus chapters up for grabs.

TMK: Maximum of 5 bonus chapters
KOH: Maximum of 4 bonus chapters

To unlock these chapters, all you have to do is take pictures of Chinese New Year decorations where you live and show them off in the comments section below this post! PS: Pictures of your dog will be accepted too since its the year of the dog 😛

These pictures can be anything from the decorations you see on the streets or even the ones you have at home; anything goes!

Every three people who comment with a CNY picture (a real life one, don’t grab pictures from google! XD) will unlock a bonus chapter, and the unlocks will alternate between TMK and KOH.

So the unlock order will be: TMK-> KOH->TMK->KOH etc. Bonus chapters for TMK will be posted as soon as they’re unlocked, so the faster you guys take pics, the faster they’ll be released! :3

The event will run from now till Sunday GMT+8 (14/2 to 18/2), so get to snapping and unlock those chapters!


But wait, there’s more! If we have 50 people submitting by the end of the event on Sunday (18/2), TMK and KOH will both throw up one final chapter for you guys to binge on.Huzzah!

Wait, wait! Don’t go yet! There’s one FINAL event that we came up with on the spot for all you doggo lovers. It’s official, there will be a Best Volare Doggo 2018™ event immediately after our CNY event. And, there’ll be an exclusive prize for the winner of the poll – acess to the next 3 unreleased chapters of TMK!

Keep those doggo pics coming!

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Here’s today’s chapter, enjoy~

TLer: Wynne
TLC: Sigil
Editor: Purpledragon

Chapter 169

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