TMK Chapter 144

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, and I know some of you might be starting to feel a little burned out from school/work, but fear not! We’ve got yet another piece of fanart from one of our lovely readers, Duck Tie!

Artist’s Thoughts

This is my version of Jingbin….well….if she was pretty in the game.

Thinking Face on Apple iOS 11.2 True, Shen Jingbin is definitely supposed to be ugly in game, but who cares when there’s art that looks this good!!! Flex your imaginations people! This is how she would have looked like if she was pretty! XD It was a really wonderful piece of art, Duck Tie. Thanks for sending it in <333

As for the rest of you, if any of you are still on the fence about sending in your own art, now’s the time to pick up your pens/pencils/tablets etc and [Make TMK’s Fanart Great Again!™] Send in your fanart to [email protected] Or, if you’re not so artistically inclined, have a look at TMK’s art page containing all the art we’ve previously received here!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled chapter releases. Enjoy!

Tler: Rozenbach
TLC: Sigil
Editor: Purpledragon

Chapter 144

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