TS2 Book 2 Chapter 100

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Save Her, I Beg You

The sight that greeted her eyes caused the glacier girl to reveal a look of shock.

There were five enemies in total, two of whom weren’t that powerful to begin with. But the other two were a high-order magus and high-order knight respectively. And yet, the two low-order warrior attendants were dead with the high-order knight at his last breath.

The combination of a knight that specialized in defense and protection and a magus that excelled in dealing damage was a troublesome one. Faced with such a combination, even Annelotte felt that there would be naught she could do but escape. She didn’t think that Leguna would be so daring as to face all of them alone and even manage to kill the high-order knight. And all he had suffer in exchange was spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood?!

If the usual Leguna were to fight to the best of his ability, he would definitely not be a match for either Nabir or Kratt. The fact that such a result occurred was nothing short of a wonder.

It truly was wondrous; it was too far out! How could an 11th-stratum assassin possibly rise up to the 15th stratum in a few short seconds? There was no such technique that allowed one to do so in this world!

What was more frightening was Leguna’s style of battle. No assassin or rogue could enter stealth right before the enemy. However, Leguna did disappear from his enemies’ vision!

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