The Dao of Magic: Book 2 is now available on amazon!

Hey readers!

We have exciting news for you all today! WeirdWhirl’s second book to his series “The Dao of Magic” is now available on amazon!

Book 2 is a continuation of Drew’s journey. In the second book of the Dao of Magic series, the thousand-year-old cultivator Drew Liam – who likes to call himself Teach – is happily sailing along. He has gathered a bunny, some random kids, and (almost) a dragon to his cause, and now all he wants to do is to play pirate. His private pocket dimension Tree is growing nicely, and his studies in the mysteries of mana and mutants are also progressing. Somehow, he feels like this all happened in a previous volume of his life, but every time he thinks about it, the details slip away.

In Book 2, Drew will attempt to enter the foundation realm to find the true path of neutrality. Will he succeed? Will he figure out why he gathered these annoying kids? Will he finally conquer the flighty heart of the wind-aspect dragon known as the Human Guardian? Read to find out!

You can get Book 2 here!

Book 1 is now 50% off to celebrate the release of Book 2! You can get it here!

If you want to read about cultivation, but are sick of arrogant young masters, read The Dao of Magic now!

Starting today, WeirdWhirl will be releasing 3x a week!

P.S. Did you know he designed these covers himself? What a talented young man!