SS Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Killing Into the Overall Standings!

After going through the sword crystal’s modifications, the Thunder Light Sword Skill had become stronger and stronger each successive move. The attack that had directly killed three people in a second was the Thunder Light Sword Skill’s seventh move.

After exterminating those three martial artists, all of the body refining sixth level martial artists had been cleared out by Lu Xuan. Next up he would be facing body refining seventh levels.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Xuan didn’t delay and took another step forward!

After going through the Thunder Light Sword Skill’s first seven moves, currently, Lu Xuan’s accumulated power was at its peak. The next move would be the last one and would be a thunderbolt attack.

Taking a step forward, the sword intent emitted by the Sword Forest became larger and larger. Lu Xuan finally began feeling some pressure. This time was the best time to perceive sword intent, however there wasn’t the time for Lu Xuan to perceive. Countless black figures appeared, quickly beginning to congregate before him. Body refining seventh level enemies were going to appear.

Body refining sixth level pulse condensation, body refining seventh level viscera training. To be able to reach body refining seventh level mean that all of the bodies meridians had been condensed. When the meridians could withstand more pressure, the strength that could explode out would also become more powerful.

Although it was just the improvement of a small realm, the improvement in strength was extremely great. The combined attack of the multiple body refining seventh level martial artists was absolutely more threatening than the one posed by Long Zhan, and in that situation, he reason why he had been able to oppose Long Zhan was because Xia Chen Xi’s containment had played a significant role. With just his one person, that was something that was impossible.

And now, he had to single-handedly fend off a number of body refining seventh levels. Previously, Zheng Gang had reached this step.

Just in this moment, four of the black figures had already appeared before Lu Xuan’s eyes, each with body refining seventh level strength.

Seeing that there were only four black figures, Lu Xuan was a little startled, then very happy. Originally he had assumed that based on the pattern that this time there would be seven body refining seventh level martial artists. With his body refining fifth level strength, trying to forcefully block seven body refining seventh levels, even if Lu Xuan had more self-confidence in his own strength, he still wouldn’t dare to boast that he’d be able to do it.

But he hadn’t thought that after reaching body refining seventh level, although the strength of the martial artists still rose, the number of them was a bit less. This undoubtedly instantly raised his chances of winning by a large margin!

Without the slightest hesitation, Lu Xuan snatched the first move and didn’t even give the four people a chance to react. Even if it was only four people combining together, the power should still not be underestimated. Lu Xuan didn’t dare to guarantee if he could defend against them, so the best way would just to be attack.  

Lu Xuan bellowed. The fully accumulated power from the seven moves of the Thunder Light Sword Skill at this time exploded out without restraint. Not only that, the entry-level sword intent that he had comprehended was entirely gathered into this sword stroke!

This was Lu Xuan’s strongest sword stroke when using the Thunder Light Sword Skill!

Under his crazy compulsion, the scattered sword intent in the Sword Forest was completely gathered up by him, and an incomparably sharp killing intent converged onto the tip of the sword!

The long sword chopped down!

There was the sound of thunder and a dazzling thunder light followed the sword’s chopping. The sudden flash made people unable to open their eyes. All of the soul force and sword intent in the surroundings were all sent into chaos by Lu Xuan’s sword. An unblockable powerful qi suddenly exploded out, swiftly heading towards the four martial artists in front of Lu Xuan.

Under the Thunder Light Sword Skill’s most powerful eighth move, these four martial artists simply couldn’t fight back and could only use forcefully circulate the soul force in their whole bodies to try and block it.

And it was just at this time, a thunderbolt suddenly shot out from the sword tip, aiming at one of the martial artists.

This was Lu Xuan’s real killer move and was also the Thunder Light Sword Skill’s eight move’s thunderbolt. A large portion of the attack was contained in this thunderbolt. Previously all of the powerful qi that had been sent out was only something for the four martial artists to block, so that a chance for this attack could be created.

Currently those martial artists that had been attacked by the sword intent and soul force simply hadn’t expected that Lu Xuan would still have this move. When they hadn’t made any preparations, they simply had no way of resisting it.

The thunderbolt’s speed was the fastest. There was just a flash of thunder light visible and in an instant it hit the martial artist. There was only a loud thunder noise and the thunderbolt instantly burst open the martial artist’s body. In a moment, this martial artist was blown up into ashes.

A kill in seconds!

The first body refining seventh level martial artist, dead!

On the ranking monument, Lu Xuan and Zheng Gang had the same score. Suddenly, Lu Xuan’s score shot up 1000, directly reaching 4700 points, leaving Zheng Gang far behind!

Lu Xuan heroically took first place. Zheng Gang had already been surpassed by him!

But, the change wasn’t limited to just that. The other ranking monument which hadn’t moved at all up to now suddenly had a change, instantly attracting the eyes of the disciples. Under their gazes, Lu Xuan’s name suddenly appeared.

Five hundredth place, Lu Xuan!

Although it was only last place, but this was the overall standings. On the standings, it wasn’t just this term’s new budding disciples but included all of the inner sect disciples. They had been cultivating in the Wind Sword Sect for a number of years and were thus able to place in the standings, but now, Lu Xuan had just entered. He hadn’t even received a bit of the Wind Sword Sect’s resources and directly killed his way into the overall standings. This starting point was enough leave countless people dead in the water.
(TN: As in leave them all behind, not necessarily dead)

Of course, more importantly, Elder Jin had previously said that if anyone could successfully kill into the overall standing’s top five hundred places, other than the rewards for the new budding disciples, an additional two thousand contribution points would be added.

Even if Lu Xuan currently couldn’t advance another step, coupled with the reward for being first place among the new budding disciples, he could currently receive four thousand contribution points. This was a huge sum of wealth!

The two ranking monuments changed at the same time, and the entire field was dead silent.

Xing Feng laboriously gulped down. Looking at the enormous ranking monuments, he muttered: “He really did it. New budding inner sect disciples first place, killing his way into the top five hundred on the overall standings… It’s simply unbelievable!”

“A peerless genius! Really a peerless genius! With this kid here, within three years, my sword faction will definitely become the first place faction division!” Elder Cheng couldn’t help but feel a tear trickle down his old face as he wept with joy. He had been waiting for this day for far, far too long.

Seeing Lu Xuan really took first place, treading upon that arrogant Zheng Gang underfoot, Xia Ye couldn’t help but fiercely shake his fist, “I knew this guy wouldn’t let us down. Just wait, the assessment still hasn’t ended. I believe this absolutely isn’t Lu Xuan’s final strength!”

As soon as Xia Ye spoke, it caused everyone else to be shocked. Killing a body refining seventh martial artist had already broken the Wind Sword Sect’s long record. If this still wasn’t Lu Xuan’s limit, then how strong was he?!

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