SS Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: Sudued

“Lin Tian’s strength exceeds Lu Xuan by a small realm. Right now he has the support of sword intent. If Lu Xuan wants to win, I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult…” Cheng Wang’s vision was directed towards the two people comparing qi auras on the field, slowly shaking his head as he spoke.

Hearing this, Mo Xiao Chen’s revealed a hardly seen mysterious smile but didn’t explain. Was entry level sword intent very strong? The so called entry level only touched an edge of sword intent without having even made clear what sword intent was. For an average martial artist, this was perhaps enough, but in front of Lu Xuan, it was probably not even worth mentioning.

Lu Xuan hadn’t revealed his sword intent many times. Once was during the sect entrance exam, when dueling with Zheng Gang, however, that time he had only revealed the slightest trace and no one could be sure. The second time was in front of the doors of the Martial Skill Pavilion, using sword intent to threaten that middle-aged deacon, but not too many people saw it, and those that could recognize sword intent were even less.

Thus, up until now, other than Xia Ye and compan, no one knew that Lu Xuan had already completely comprehended sword intent. As for Mo Xiao Chen, he himself had already comprehended spear intent. He could faintly feel some resonance from Lu Xuan, thus he concluded that Lu Xuan must have grasped sword intent. Also, it absolutely wasn’t Lin Tian’s kind of entry level.

Feeling the sword intent Lin Tian was emitting, the qi aura covering Lu Xuan’s body did not diminish. He only lightly smiled: “I’m afraid trying to force me to take out the long sword with just this isn’t enough. Since your sword intent is already entry level, then I’ll help you out a bit and let you see a small success stage sword intent!”

Saying this, Lu Xuan no longer hid it. Small success stage sword intent completely came out in the open!

A wildly fierce sword intent immediately gushed out, emitted from Lu Xuan’s body, directly sweeping towards Lin Tian. Lin Tian’s sword intent which had been in the advantageous position moments ago, was completely eliminated in the blink of an eye.

In a moment, Lin Tian felt Lu Xuan had seemingly changed into a sharp sword and was unable to look directly at it. It felt like if he looked at it, then it would directly pierce his eyes.

At this moment, he already completely could no longer feel where his entry level sword intent was. His incomparably swift and fierce qi aura had been completely torn apart and scattered by Lu Xuan. This feeling was like a three year old child holding a paper sword fighting against a big burly man. The result was that big man directly charging over, ripping the paper sword out of his hands, and then tearing it to pieces.  

The qi aura released by Lin Tian had already been completely exterminated, completely enveloped under Lu Xuan’s sword intent. This kind of feeling was similar to inside the Sword Forest. No. It was stronger than the Sword Forest. Although the sword intent in the Sword Forest was vigorous, it was scattered. But now, the sword intent emitted by Lu Xuan was tightly together and concentrated on Lin Tian’s body.

Lin Tian’s face abruptly changed. He had already lost this round of competing in qi aura, and it had been a crushing defeat!

Although it took a long time to say, in reality, from the time Lu Xuan released his small success stage sword intent to Lin Tian’s sword intent being completely torn apart, it had only taken the blink of an eye.

The disciples below the stage watched the two people on stage as they barely moved, their eyes full of confusion, not knowing what the two people were actually doing. However, even if their vision wasn’t able to understand the sword intent competition, Lin Tian’s abrupt change in expression was something that they could see.

Those disciples that were supporting Lin Tian couldn’t help but shiver inwardly. As for the disciples that supported Lu Xua, their faces revealed happiness. Without a doubt, at least from the current way things looked, Lu Xuan had the advantage!

This instant turnaround naturally wasn’t missed by the sword faction’s three great elders’ eyes. The disciples below the stage couldn’t see the treasures, but how could the three of them not understand?

However, this time, the three of them remained still, seeming not as excited as they had when they discovered Lin Tian’s entry level sword intent, but on closer look, one would discover that the three of them were completely stunned and simply didn’t have the ability to react the way they had the first time.

Digesting this stunning information with difficulty, Elder Xu then said: “This is real sword intent. Not that shallow entry level sword intent, but real sword intent!”
(TN: Poor Lin Tian just inadvertantly got ripped on after being praised.)

In one sentence, he had stressed the word real twice!

Only the sword intent emitted by Lu Xuan was real sword intent. Proper sword intent!

Lin Tian’s sword intent was only entry-level. Entry-level sword intent didn’t represent truly grasping sword intent. It was only enough to say that one had touched the edge of sword intent. This kind of vague feeling was an opportunity to truly comprehend sword intent in the future, but without a doubt, currently, Lu Xuan had already successfully crossed over that threshold!

“During that time at the sect entrance exam, I had felt a bit of the presence of sword intent from Lu Xuan’s body, but I hadn’t dared to be sure, but I had assumed that he had at most entry level sword intent. I hadn’t thought that he had actually already completely grasped it. This kid is truly monstrous! Sixteen years old, body refining sixth level, completely grasped sword intent. This level of talent is most likely outstanding even if placed in the core disciple’s floor!” Elder Cheng’s long beard quivered, evidently caused by excitement.

“It’s true, ah. Indeed it’s too monstrous. This time, A’tian lost. Completely lost!” Elder Lin was also a bit sad. Indeed there was a mountain higher than another. He imagined that this time, Lin Tian would learn a lesson.

Elder Cheng nodded: “However, Lin Tian this time had some bad luck. This brat Lu Xuan’s aspirations are even broader than I had imagined. Even if it was me at that age, I most likely would be far from being able to do this.”

As he spoke, the praise in Elder Cheng’s eyes became even more concentrated.

Hearing Elder Cheng’s praise, Elder Xu immediately widely smiled. The more eye-catching Lu Xuan’s performance was, the brighter his face would be. He input: “That’s right. How could I, Old Xu, picking a disciple incorrectly. Back at the sect acceptance assessment, Lu Xuan was first place for all four rounds. Even the mental strength assessment which was the hardest, he was still extremely quick. The only trial he got held up on was the lust trial. Hey, this little kid in the future will be the bane of women.”

Hearing this, Elder Cheng and Elder Lin both couldn’t help but chuckle a bit and nodded in agreement. In terms of appearance, Lu Xuan wasn’t one of those very handsome men, but he did have a very attractive part that was his masculinity. And with his excellent talent, the number of girls that would send themselves up to his door would be uncountable.

Lin Tian, who had been enveloped by Lu Xuan’s sword intent, currently completely gave up on resisting and closed his eyes. His entry level sword intent simply wasn’t worth mentioning in front of Lu Xuan and didn’t have any energy to resist.

A full ten rests of time passed before Lin Tian slowly opened his eyes. Looking towards Lu Xuan’s, his eyes were full of complex expressions, but quickly, the complex expressions gradually came together and turned into something genuine.

“Thank you.” Lin Tian bowed towards Lu Xuan very sincerely.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan faintly smiled. The sword intent was quietly put away, disappearing without a trace, as if it had never appeared in the first place.

“No need. Everyone is originally from the same sect. It’s enough if it can help.”

Hearing Lu Xuan speak like this, Lin Tian’s face flashed with a trace of shame. Shaking his head: “No wonder everyone all favors you. You’re much better than me. Just your broadmindedness is enough for me to need to learn.”

Although their voices weren’t loud, none of it was missed by the ears of those observing disciples that were closer. As for those disciples that couldn’t hear them talk, they had also seen Lin Tian bow towards Lu Xuan. Their faces couldn’t help but reveal expressions of surprise. What kind of performance was this? They still hadn’t even fought and Lin Tian recognized defeat?

Could it be that Lu Xuan actually born with the air of a tyrant and when this air of a tyrant was emitted, it had instantly subdued Lin Tian?

“I hadn’t thought this Lu Xuan’s strength was hidden so deeply. No wonder senior brother Mo favors him so!” Cheng Wang panicked a bit and then spoke to Mo Xiao Chen.

Although their eyesight wasn’t as good as the three great elders, it was still a lot better than normal disciples. Just now, Lu Xuan and Lin Tian’s qi aura competition seemed to be very simple, and the time spent was very small, so how could those ordinary disciples understand it with all the twists and turns.

Not only had Cheng Wang seen through the treasure, the other overall standings top ten disciples’ visions were also focused on Lu Xuan. At this moment, it seemed to them that Lu Xuan would be far more difficult to handle than Lin Tian and would definitely be a rival!

Just now, after Lu Xuan used his small success stage sword intent to break Lin Tian’s entry level sword intent, he hadn’t taken the opportunity to attack Lin Tian, instead allowing the small success stage sword intent to completely envelop Lin Tian. From an outsider’s view, perhaps Lu Xuan was suppressing him, but only those with clarity knew that Lu Xuan was completely releasing small success stage sword intent to let Lin Tian to carefully experience it.

Right now Lin Tian was already at entry level sword intent. To be able to could comprehend a tiny bit of real sword intent was enormously beneficial for him. Not only would it allow him to build a stable foundation, it could also significantly shorten the time needed to cross that threshold.

Because of that, Lin Tian was immediately subdued by Lu Xuan and sincerely thanked Lu Xuan.

Previously he had been provocative towards Lu Xuan, but Lu Xuan not only didn’t hold a grudge and instead had repaid evil with good. Such broadmindedness truly made Lin Tian feel ashamed.

Because of the way Lu Xuan did things, he had completely eliminated the prejudices that Lin Tian had in his heart. Lin Tian now felt cheerful in his heart and once again raised the sword in his hand and loudly said: “Lu Xuan, this fight, I have already lost. However, I still want to have a real fight with you for a round. Perhaps this is only chance I have of beating you in my entire life! In the future, your successes will far surpass mine!”

Lin Tian’s sincere words immediately won Lu Xuan’s favor. Laughing loudly, he said: “Good! Just now, the qi aura competition wasn’t entertaining. My hand is also itchy. Next up, we both won’t use sword intent and will only compare martial arts. How about it?”

Lin Tian revealed a smile: “That’s what I wish for. However, this way I’m getting off very easy. Let me see just what exactly makes you so confident!”

Although Lu Xuan was still holding a heavy sword in hand, Lin Tian currently no longer dared to be contemptuous. From what had occurred just now, Lu Xuan insisting on using the heavy sword definitely wasn’t him looking down on Lin Tian. By virtue of his powerful sword intent, there definitely wasn’t any ideas of so-called fixing the cracks. He absolutely had some guarantees which is why he had pulled out the heavy sword to fight with him.
(TN: Making excuses for something breaking, or in this case, losing)

After these two had spoken, the fighting intent that had disappeared just now was reignited!

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