SS Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Entry Level Sword Intent?

Elder Cheng also furrowed his brows and said: “The heavy sword is indeed powerful, but the heavy sword dao is deep and wide. Its cultivation difficulty is even larger than the quick sword. If one’s cultivation isn’t there, it will be full of holes. It will have the form but lack the essence. My sword faction has already not seen a person who uses the heavy sword for a long time. Could it be that Lu Xuan is relying on his stupendous talent and giving up on the quick sword and changing to cultivating the heavy sword?”

Hearing this, Elder Xu didn’t quite agree with what Elder Cheng had said. He had first contacted Lu Xuan in Lin City. He knew that although Lu Xuan’s talent was extraordinary, he was a humble person. Overly proud emotions wouldn’t appear on Lu Xuan. He spoke on Lu Xuan’s behalf: “Lu Xuan’s a kid with a good heart. I imagine he wouldn’t make a wrong choice. Since he cultivated the heavy sword, I imagine he has his reason, or perhaps he started the heavy sword in order to find a new breakthrough. Right now there’s no hurry to make any conclusions. Just watch and we’ll know.”

Elder Cheng and Elder Lin nodded, however, in their hearts they decided that once the match was over, they would go find Lu Xuan to have a good talk. Such a good piece of jade couldn’t be allowed to go astray, wasting such good talent.

“This sword is called Xuan Iron Sword, made from xuan iron. Its weight is nine by nine eighty-one kilogram. As for its level, I’m also not clear. Perhaps it can somewhat manage to be an upper grad iron grade.” Lu Xuan put the Xuan Iron Sword Down and introduced it.
(TN:My apologies everyone. I always assumed that the xuan iron sword was unnamed. I guess it was named Xuan Iron Sword…)

However, Lin Tian’s eyebrows scrunched up, his voice carried unhappiness: “Lu Xuan, could it be that you’re looking down on me? Everyone knows that your greatest strength is the quick sword. Right now you’re taking out a heavy sword to fight me, one that’s even heavier than normal heavy equipment. How can you release your strength. If it’s this way, then we can forget about this match!”

Lu Xuan’s quick sword could be said to be famous. During the sect entrance exam, with less than a tenth of his yuan force, he defeated the blade faction genius Zheng Gang in one sword stroke. And last time in the Sword Forest, with long sword in hand, he had taken down Xu Wen Yang. Although there were only two examples of his strength, it was already more than enough for people to take notice of it.

“How come Lu Xuan suddenly took out a heavy sword? For a fight of this degree, he shouldn’t be hiding his strength. Could it be that his heavy sword is even stronger than his quick sword?” An observing disciple whispered from below the stage.

“You think too highly of Lu Xuan. Even if he’s famous, he’s still only a body refining sixth level. Didn’t you hear Lin Tian just now? He already achieved peak body refining seventh level. How is that Lu Xuan an opponent. The way I see it, Lu Xuan’s most likely is assuming that he’ll lose so he simply making excuses, using things he’s not used to for the fight. This way, even if he loses, he’ll have an excuse.”

“I also see it that way. Even if it’s a heavy sword, he should at least pull out a better looking one right? Look at his sword, it’s simply a poker. It doesn’t have a sword tip, doesn’t have a sword edge. How can this kill enemies. Oh yeah, he also just said how heavy it was. It weighs eighty-one kilograms. Even if it’s the weapons that the axe and hammer faction disciples use, they wouldn’t be that heavy right?”
(TN: Poker as in the thing you use to stab at logs in a fire.)

Speaking of which, the disciples felt that this made sense. Although the Xuan Iron Sword had a pretty big head, it didn’t give them any confidence.

Thinking up to here, those disciples that had bought into Lu Xuan’s win, although they still supported Lu Xuan, inwardly they had already begun to secretly curse. If Lu Xuan lost, the bets they had placed would disappear.

“The heavy sword is also a type of sword. There’s a reason it exists. How do you guys know the heavy sword’s power can compare to the quick sword’s?” To Lin Tian’s doubt, Lu Xuan wasn’t unhappy and only explained with a smile.

“Hmph, arguing irrationally. Since you won’t change swords, then let me recognize how good your heavy sword is. I won’t be holding back and will naturally use the quick sword.” Lin Tian did not desire to argue with Lu Xuan. Since you refuse to pull out your true strength, then I’ll beat your true strength out of you!

“Come. You’re my strongest opponent up until now. Let me see how strong a peak body refining seventh level martial artist actually is!” Lu Xuan’s expression also became more serious. He began to slowly mobilize his yuan force, entering a combat state.

Facing Lin Tian was indeed the strongest opponent that Lu Xuan had faced since his birth. Those martial artists that were formed by the Sword Forest had strengths that didn’t match a real martial artist. And although Long Zhan had also died at Lu Xuan’s hands, it was because of trickery and wasn’t a direct fight. Not to mention, although Long Zhan was also peak body refining seventh level, his combat strength wasn’t necessarily as strong as Lin Tian.

Both of their qi auras unceasingly increased, especially Lin Tian. The qi aura that had been previously contained unreservedly came out now like an explosion, however, Lu Xuan wasn’t inferior.

His entire person didn’t move. The Xuan Iron Sword’s sword tip was stably on the ground facing Lin Tian’s qi aura like a reef amidst a violent storm. You’re strong if you’re strong, I’m as stable as Mt. Tai. A few strands of hair by his ear fluttered adding to Lu Xuan’s natural and unrestrained image.

The fight was about to start!

The disciple below the stage had already hushed. There eyes unblinkingly stared at the two people on stage, including Mo Xiao Chen and the other overall standings top ten existences. Currently, they also had somber faces, waiting. After the qi aura competition would come the lightning fast attacks!

Seeing Lu Xuan facing his stored up qi aura without any problem made Lin Tian a bit surprised. He was higher by a full small realm and actually couldn’t shake him in the slightest. It could be seen that Lu Xuan’s foundation was incomparably solid.

But Lin Tian was set on using his qi aura to pressure Lu Xuan a bit. There was no rush to make a move. His whole body’s soul force wildly circulated. The robe on his body began to move without any wind. The amount of qi aura released suddenly increased, increasing in majesty!

Seeing Lin Tian insisted on competing with qi aura stimulated Lu Xuan’s pride. Since you insist on comparing qi aura, then let’s compete a bit!

Originally, Lu Xuan was only trying to use the unburdening skill he had comprehended in the fierce wind array to unburden Lin Tian’s qi aura. He hadn’t been trying to have a frontal collision with his qi aura.. Now, he suddenly stopped unburdening and began to grett Lin Tian’s qi aura!

The Xuan Iron Sword turned in his hand. A fierce look suddenly appeared in Lu Xuan’s eyes. Tai Yi Yuan Return Tactic circulated more quickly. An incredibly aggressive qi aura was unreservedly released!

He had just come back from the back mountain and had killed over ten ferocious beasts along the way. Originally the fierceness and killing intent in his heart hadn’t completely disappeared. Now it naturally made its way into his qi aura as a matter of course.

Lu Xuan’s sudden burst immediately took Lin Tian by surprise. He felt as if Lu Xuan, who had originally been like a stubborn reef, in the blink of an eye, had become an ancient and fierce beast. In the powerful qi aura, there was a shocking fierceness and toughness. Immediately his qi aura had been forced back, causing his person to uncontrollably feel a wave of fear, subconsciously wanting to take a step back.

However, he quickly reacted, forcefully stopping his impulse to take that step back. Calming his heart, he quietly assimilated a sharp aura into his qi aura!

With the addition of this aura, Lin Tian who seemed to be unable to resist actually once again had a stable footing. Lu Xuan’s fierce and tough qi aura was directly torn apart by him and he once again took the initiative!

Feeling the sudden change in Lin Tian’s qi aura, Lu Xuan’s eyes flashed with a strange expression. This aura was familiar!

“In these three months, my greatest improvement wasn’t entering into peak body refining seventh level but was successfully comprehending sword intent. Currently my sword intent has already reached the entry level. Lu Xuan, are you sure you don’t want to take out your quick sword?!” Lin Tian slowly said.

Originally, he didn’t want to take out his sword intent so quickly. This was his trump card. However, Lu Xuan’s qi aura was even stronger than he had expected. For someone as proud as him, he naturally wasn’t willing to recognize his loss, thus he could only reveal his trump card early and overwhelm Lu Xuan with his qi aura.

Although Lin Tian’s sword intent was only at the entry level, he had touched the sword intent’s threshold after all. With the addition of sword intent, his qi aura immediately became sharp. Lu Xuan’s fierce and tough and vigorous qi aura could no longer stop him. Unable to break the sword intent, Lu Xuan’s qi aura was torn apart and directly went towards Lu Xuan to oppress him.

“Good kid! Sword intent! It’s actually sword intent! Hahaha, there’s someone for my my Lin family’s future generation!” Feeling the sword intent emitted by Lin Tian, Elder Lin in the referee seat excitedly stood up. Whether or not one had comprehended sword intent was a large difference for a sword cultivator.

Why could Lu Xuan go kill enemies realms higher than his own in the Sword Forest? Other than the Tai Yi Yuan Return Tactic and his powerful martial skills, sword intent was an extremely important reason. This gave the ability to fight above one’s level!
(TN: The first two are pretty dang important though. Like heaven level? Yeah. A bit better than small success sword intent)

“Not bad, not bad. Indeed it is thirty years the river runs east, thirty years runs west, the wind and water goes back and forth. Recently, it’s finally my sword faction’s turn to rise. If Lin Tian continues to work hard, then in the next great sect competition, then we will have the strength to be able to compete for at least top three.” Elder Cheng’s face revealed a smile.
(TN: Thirty east and west something like life’s full of ups and downs. The wind part means every dog has his day I think, which means everyone will have good luck or success at some point in their lives)

Feeling Lin Tian’s change, the overall top ten disciples that were observing the fight, their eyes became more serious. Originally they had come to see Lu Xuan, after all, Lu Xuan’s talent was extremely likely to threaten their positions. They hadn’t thought that they would unexpectedly discover Lin Tian’s strength had progressed so much!

“Senior brother Mo, according to how you see it, between Lu Xuan and Lin Tian, who’s going to win?” A rough looking disciple asked to Mo Xiao Chen beside him. He was the axe and hammer faction’s number one person, Cheng Wang, and was the overall standing fifth place. The axe and hammer faction also didn’t see eye to eye with the blade faction, thus its relations with the sword faction and spear faction weren’t bad.

“Lu Xuan.” Mo Xiao Chen very simply spat out these two words.

Hearing this, Cheng Wang was startled. At the start he had also favored Lu Xuan a bit, but now seeing Lin Tian had not only reached peak body refining seventh level and had entry level sword intent, his evaluation of Lin Tian greatly increased. He hadn’t thought Mo Xiao Chen would actually still favor Lu Xuan and his response had been quite simple without any hesitation. Who knew where this confidence in Lu Xuan came from.

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