SS Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: The Absent Xu Wen Yang

Indeed it was Lu Xuan!

Lu Xuan’s attire wasn’t as eye-catching as Lin Tian’s, only a common disciple’s uniform. His hair was casually unrolled on the back of his head. The clothes on his body also had quite a few creases, the remaining evidence of some fighting.

However, even though his clothes weren’t as impressive or as eye-catching as Lin Tian’s, his aura wasn’t inferior at all. His pace was neither hurried nor slow. His face didn’t have a trace of pride, nor did it have a bit of anxiety. It was as if he was coming to a normal appointment.

Seeing there were so many disciples in the sword faction’s plaza, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but feel a bit surprised. Although he knew that this fight would definitely catch the attention of quite a few people, he hadn’t thought there would be so many people. Most likely, eight or nine out of every ten of the inner sect disciples had come.

After Lu Xuan came, the disciples similarly began to give way. Among them, there were also quite a few that were encouraging him.

“Lu Xuan, defeat Lin Tian. Make us new students proud!”

“Lu Xuan, I bet 3000 contribution points on you. If you win, I’ll split half with you!”

After the shouting, Lin Tian who had his eyes closed up till now, opened his eyes, his vision sharp. His stared at Lu Xuan amidst the crowd.

“His mother. He finally made it. But how come it doesn’t seem like there’s any sign of him being injured?” Xia Ye sighed in relief, but then had some doubts.

“The deacon from before only said that Lu Xuan’s complexion wasn’t good, he didn’t say injured. I imagine that his consumption was too large. Only, now that Lu Xuan’s here, where’s Xin Yi?” Xing Feng was also puzzled.

“Could it be Lu Xuan had her help to do something else?” Xia Ye guessed.

“Maybe. Wait a while and we’ll ask Lu Xuan.” Watching the fight about to start, Xing Feng also pushed down the doubts in his mind.

Passing through the dense crowd, Lu Xuan finally arrived at field center. Standing across from Lin Tian, their distance was less than fifty steps.

“Good kid! Indeed unworldly talented. He’s actually body refining sixth level large success! He’s only entered the sect fourth months!” Seeing Lu Xuan appear, Elder Xu in the referee seat couldn’t help but stand up and agitatedly say. His face was full of excitement.

Elder Cheng and Elder Lin also had faces of surprise. Slowly pushing down the surprise in his mind, Elder Cheng said: “If I remember correctly, when Lu Xuan had just entered the sect, he seemed to only be body refining fourth level? In just four months, he continuously broke through two small realms. This level of cultivation speed is simply demonic! My sword faction’s hope for rising I’m afraid will rest on Lu Xuan. Old Xu, this time, you really found an absolute genius for my sword faction!”

Hearing Elder Cheng’s praise, Elder Xu couldn’t help reveal a satisfied expression. Lu Xuan was brought from Lin City by him. Currently, Lu Xuan’s performance had been so strong that there was undoubtedly light on his face.
(TN: Gained some face for bringing Lu Xuan)
(TN: Friendly reminder. Lin City’s Lin is different from Lin Xin Yi and Lin Tian’s Lin)

Elder Lin also couldn’t help but say: “Originally I saw A’Tian’s had progress and assumed he would clinch victory. Now looking at it, that won’t necessarily be true. Lu Xuan’s biggest strength seems to be his combat talent right?”

Elder Cheng nodded: “Last time he rushed Sword Forest was three months ago. That time with still body refining fifth level strength, he abruptly killed his way into the overall standing top 100, killing body refining eighth level existences. Now his strength increased by another realm. His combat strength should be quite terrifying, ah!”

Seeming to have recognized something, glancing at Lin Elder by his side, Elder Cheng once again opened his mouth: “Of course, Lin Tian’s odds of winning in this fight aren’t necessarily low, after all, his strength is still more than a level higher than Lu Xuan’s. Also, his foundation is solid. Right now it’s too hard to say who will win.”

Unexpectedly, Elder Lin waved his hand and laughed: “Don’t mind me. In the past, Yan Jiu and I were lifelong friends. Lu Xuan is also considered as my junior. Also, this A’Tian kid is too proud. He always thinks he’s lesser than those in front of him just because he’s cultivated for less time. If this time he can lose to Lu Xuan, that’ll be good for him. It’ll let him know there are heavens outside of heaven, there are people outside of people.”  

“Body refining sixth level large success… It seems you indeed haven’t disappointed me.” Looking at Lu Xuan, Lin Tian slowly spoke.

Speaking truthfully, when looking at Lu Xuan’s realm, he couldn’t help but have a bit of astonishment. Increasing a small realm in three months. This level of speed was too shocking.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan only smiled slightly: “I’m guessing you haven’t been slacking in these three months right? If you’re still body refining seventh level large success, this fight will be pretty unsuspenseful.”

Facing Lu Xuan’s somewhat contemptuous words, Lin Tian wasn’t moved to anger. He knew that this guy in front of him’s combat strength couldn’t be judged based on strength. If someone else wanted to challenge him with body refining sixth level strength, he would definitely turn up his nose, but Lu Xuan was enough to make him pay attention.

“Right now, I am already peak body refining seventh level. It’s a pity that I was unable to take that final step the entire time, otherwise, you absolutely wouldn’t be my opponent.” Although he recognized Lu Xuan’s words, Lin Tian refused to show weakness.

Lu Xuan faintly smiled. Body refining eighth level. Would he really no longer be an opponent? During this time, other than increasing his strength, he had also become a one star spirit runemaster. Even if it was body refining eighth level, with his martial path strength along with spirit rune scrolls, he wouldn’t necessarily not be able to put up a fight, he’d even have a chance to win!

As the two were speaking, there were small disturbances that appeared in the crowd again.

“Senior brother Mo Xiao Chen came!”

“Senior brother Cheng Wang also came!”

“There’s also senior brother Du Peng!”

“I hadn’t thought so many senior brothers would actually come. These are all the various great faction divisions’ number one people, overall standings top ten existences!”

“Are you speaking nonsense? Lin Tian himself is also an overall standings top ten. His fights, these senior brothers would naturally come to watch in order to analyze Lin Tian’s strength. Moreover, although that Lu Xuan is a new budding disciple, his momentum is too fierce. It’s extremely possible that next time in the great sect competition, he’ll be able to threaten them.”

“Eh, how come I don’t seem to see senior brother Xu? I heard that Lu Xuan pointed his sword at senior brother Xu. Could it be that senior brother Xu doesn’t care about Lu Xuan?”

“Senior brother Xu has long since reached body refining eighth level. With Lu Xuan’s current strength, I’m afraid there’s no way he can threaten him. Maybe he’s cultivating somewhere?”

Lu Xuan and Lin Tian’s fight, other than the blade faction’s Xu Wen Yang, actually attracted all of the other eight people from the overall standings top ten. This really brought a lot of face back home.

“Lu Xuan, Lin Tian, although this fight was privately said by you, you two are both my sword faction’s geniuses and cannot be easily lost. That’s why I and elders Xu and Lin are here acting as your referees. This fight is only comparing notes, not a life and death battle. Stop at your limits, understand?” Elder Cheng stood up and spoke majestically, his voice transmitting to the entire plaza.

“Disciple understands!”

Lu Xuan and Lin Tian greeted at the same time and spoke in unison.

It was indeed as Elder Cheng had said. This fight was only a comparing notes fight. As long as one was decided as higher or lower, both sides wouldn’t have any enmity.

If it was said that at the start Lin Tian had had some feelings of jealousy towards Lu Xuan, then those feelings of jealousy had been swept away ever since the time Lu Xuan made such a powerful stance, pointing his sword at Xu Wen Yang. No matter what, the two were from the same faction. Lin Tian wasn’t an ignoramus, especially since his grandfather was a sword faction elder, which made it even less tolerable for him to have selfish fights.

The reason why he would have this fight, the primary goal, was because he wanted to defeat Lu Xuan once and find back some peace of mind. Right now Lu Xuan’s progression speed was already in his sights. If another period of time passed, he was afraid that he really wouldn’t be Lu Xuan’s opponent.

Seeing the two had friendly attitudes, Elder Cheng nodded his head in satisfaction. He really didn’t want to watch the two contradict one another in the future. After all, no matter who, they were the hope of the sword faction’s rise.

“Very good. Since that’s the case, then you guys can start. If something unexpected happens, I and the other two elders will step in at that time and stop the fight.” Finished speaking, Elder Cheng went back and let Lu Xuan and Lin Tian once again take the field.

Waiting until Elder Cheng had fully returned, sword light flashed and a long sword appeared in Lin Tian’s hand.

Raising the sword in his hand, Lin Tian slid his finger over the sword’s body and slowly said: “This sword is called Blood Drinker, upper grade iron grade, sword length three feet. Due to when it was quenched it drank its fill of beast blood, its whole body is dark red, thus its sword name also came from that. It was the sword that I used back when I was body refining sixth level. The weapon I currently use is a different treasure grade level long sword, however, I expect your weapon won’t be that great. I also don’t want to make this cheap by relying on a better weapon.”

Lin Tian was rather open and upright. Clearly he had a separate treasure grade level long sword but didn’t use it, instead used his previous upper grade iron grade long sword to fight.

However, his words caused Lu Xuan to feel a wave of envy. Treasure grade level weapon. He didn’t even have anything upper grade iron grade, only his Lovesick sword which was middle grade iron grade. As for the xuan iron sword, because it’s forging wasn’t finished, it was about the same as the Lovesick sword. Although the material was extremely good,, it still was only close to a upper grade iron grade weapon.

Finished with his introduction, Lin Tian then said: “Show your sword!”

Without hesitation, Lu Xuan also pulled out his own weapon from his storage ring.

Its weight reaching nine by nine eighty-one kilograms, sword length three and a third feet, thickness of one inch, its whole body pitch black, the xuan iron sword faintly revealed a red light. Finally it was revealed in front of everyone!

Before this, no matter if it was charging the Sword Forest or cultivating in the Five Elements Caves, Lu Xuan had never revealed this sword in front of anyone else. The only person that knew that he was cultivating the heavy sword was probably Lin Xin Yi.

However, once the xuan iron sword came out, everyone was stunned. No matter if it was Lin Tian who was facing him or the three elders in the referee seat, or even the disciples that were surrounding them, they all had expressions of not understanding.

By this year, there were still people in the sword faction actually cultivating the heavy sword? Also, this heavy sword’s appearance seemed to be a bit too strange. If Lu Xuan hadn’t been holding it by its sword hilt, it would seems to have been more like a door plank.

So much so that if you didn’t know that Lu Xuan was a sword faction disciple, they wouldn’t have thought it was a heavy sword and would have taken Lu Xuan to have been a disciple of the strange faction, using a strange weapon.

“This Lu Xuan, didn’t he use a long sword? When did he cultivate the heavy sword?” Elder Lin couldn’t hold back his surprise.

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