SS Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: The Day of the Decisive Battle

Testing out the Xuan Iron Sword’s changes a few times, Lu Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction then put it away.

Everything was ready, and there was only one thing left which was to wait for three days, but before that, he still needed to improve his strength.

Pulse condensation requires the meridians to condense over the entire body, but the most important, from start to finish, were the body’s primary meridians. Right now Lu Xuan only had the last two overarching meridians.

Sitting cross-legged and settling his mind, Lu Xuan slowly began circulating the Tai Yi Yuan Return Tactic. A sliver of yuan force was steadily transported to the area of the two overarching meridians. Lu Xuan had long since become familiar with condensing meridians.

The morning three days later, Lu Xuan exhaled a breath of turbid qi and slowly opened his eyes. Today was the day of his and Lin Tian’s decisive battle.

Tai Yi Yuan Return Tactic did not disappoint his expectations. Last night, it had successfully finished condensing the two overarching meridians. Now, Lu Xuan had already become a full-fledged pulse condensation stage large success!

Standing up and stretching his body, a sound of bones cracking sounded. Three days of recuperating and building up energy had brought his power to the peak.

And currently, the sword faction was ushering in a hubbub that it hadn’t had in a while.

It was still early in the morning. There were still a few hours before Lu Xuan and Lin Tian’s decisive battle. The sword faction’s plaza was filled with disciples. The people there weren’t only from the sword faction. There were also people from the other eight faction divisions. Also, the disciples weren’t only limited to inner sect disciples. A few outer disciples with nothing to do also had come over.

There were many Wind Sword Sect disciples. There were thousands of inner sect disciples alone. Adding in outer sect disciples, that number became frightening.

Fortunately, the sword faction used to be the number one top faction in the Wind Sword Sect. Although it was currently desolate, its land space was still there. The sword faction’s plaza was the biggest plaza in the Wind Sword Sect.

But even so, it was still overcrowded now. Normally there were quite a few inner sect duels, and even if it was a duel between overall standings top ten existences, the popularity would still not be able to match this. Most likely, only the annual great sect competition would be able to beat this duel in popularity.

After all, this time’s act was very large. The sword sect’s new budding disciples, challenging the current sword faction’s number one disciple. One side was an overall standing number ten, the other side hadn’t entered the sect for even a full half year. Also, this new budding disciple’s limelight even pressured the overall standings top ten existences. More importantly, many people thought that this new budding disciple could win!

According to the Equipment Pavilion’s  group of deacons report, this time’s betting odds for Lin Tian and Lu Xuan ratio was 3:2. That was to say, almost 60% of disciples favored Lin Tian’s victory and 40% of disciples favored Lu Xuan winning.

There were fewer people believe in Lu Xuan compared to Lin Tian, but to be able to garner such popularity with the identity of a new budding disciple, Lu Xuan could be proud of himself.

After all, no matter what, Lin Tian was an overall standings top ten and his strength had reached body refining seventh level large success in these three months. If Lu Xuan beat defeat him, didn’t that prove Lu Xuan’s strength was comparable to peak body refining seventh level? It should be known, Lu Xuan was sixteen years old and hadn’t entered the sect for half a year. This was too monstrous and was hard to believe.

However, no matter how people were guessing, once they waited till the noon and the two people had finished fighting, the answer would be revealed.

The sun rose higher and higher. The weather slowly became warmer. Fortunately, the crowd of disciples strengths weren’t low. This sort of warmness was resistable, however, it made the crowd more impatient. The two main stars still hadn’t come.

Xia Ye, Xing Feng, and Lin Xin Yi had also come early to the plaza. Standing at the very front of the new budding disciples. This term’s new budding disciples, other than Lu Xuan, Xia Ye and Xing Feng were the strongest. Standing at the very front was a given. There was also that the three had deep relations with Lu Xuan. Lin Xin Yi and Lu Xuan’s relationship as a couple was also publicly recognized. Without speaking of new budding disciples, even the oldest disciples would give them a bit of face.

“Xin Yi, it’s almost noon. How come Lu Xuan still hasn’t shown up. It would be bad if people assumed at the time that Lu Xuan was afraid of Lin Tian.” Not seeing Lu Xuan for a long time, Xia Ye couldn’t help but say.

“He told me that he hadn’t moved for a long time and wanted to go to the back mountain to warm up first. I’m assuming he should be back in a while.” Lin Xin Yi was obviously pretty calm. When Lu Xuan had left in the morning, he had told her.

“Went to the back mountain? It would be better to go the the Sword Forest! What will happen if something happens in the back mountain?” Xia Ye said with some worry.

Hearing this, Xing Feng smiled: “The back mountain has real blades and spears, the real deal. How can the Sword Forest compare? Don’t be a crow mouth. Lu Xuan only went to warm up his body. Also, three months ago, he could take down the flame striped tiger. Now most likely he’d be able to fight even eighth level ferocious beasts.”

The new budding disciples behind Xing Feng heard this and couldn’t help but gulp. My goodness gracious, senior brother Lu Xuan was too fierce. A flame striped tiger was a seventh level ferocious beast! Also it had been taken down three months ago. If I was as strong as senior brother Lu Xuan, that’d be enough.

As the three were waiting for Lu Xuan to come, a martial artist dressed as a deacon suddenly walked over and went straight to Lin Xin Yi.

“This is junior sister Lin right? Just now junior brother Lu Xuan entrusted me to contact you. He said he was waiting for you at the Equipment Pavilion and wanted to ask if you could go over there now?”

Hearing this, Xia Ye and the two others looked at each other.

“This Lu Xuan, what’s he doing? Why’s he not hurrying over and calling Xin Yi to the Equipment Pavilion?”

However, Lin Xin Yi started getting frantic and hurriedly asked: “He okay right? Did he get injured?”

Once Lin Xin Yi said this, Xia Ye and Xing Feng’s hearts also shook. Xia Ye’s crow mouth wouldn’t have actually caused something right? The Equipment Pavilion had various wound curing dan medicines for sale. It just so happened that Lu Xuan had given them all of his contribution points to place the bet. Could it be that he didn’t have enough contribution points to buy the medicine?

“I’m not sure if he’s injured, however, it seemed like junior brother Lu’s complexion wasn’t too good.” The deacon replied.

Hearing that Lu Xuan’s complexion wasn’t good, Lin Xin Yi became even more anxious: “I’ll go right now. Senior brother deacon, please lead the way.”

“We’ll go with you and see what exactly is going on.” Xia Ye and Xing Feng said unanimously.

Lin Xin Yi nodded and prepared to go, but unexpectedly the deacon had a difficult expression and said: “Junior brother Lu specifically told me to only let junior sister Lin go. Although I don’t know why junior brother Lu said that, I’m guessing it’s best if two junior brothers listen to junior brother Lu.”

Xing Feng furrowed his brows. He didn’t know what sort of games Lu Xuan was playing. Xia Ye also wanted to scratch his head. Could it be that he wanted some intimate time with Xin Yi at this time?

“Forget it, I’ll go by myself. It shouldn’t be anything big. You guys just wait here.” Lin Xin Yi didn’t want to be late and proactively said.

“Eh, alright. Take good care of him. If he’s really hurt, then this fight will just be recognized as a loss. Anyway, there’ll be chances in the future.” Xia Ye advised.

Lin Xin Yi nodded. After that she left with the deacon.

Watching Lin Xin Yi’s figure disappear, Xia Ye and Xing Feng’s hearts also had a shadow cast over tem. They hadn’t thought something would occur at this point in time. However, as long as the person was okay, then it was fine.

After Lin Xin Yi left, the crowd suddenly began to make a lot of noise. The two of them turned their heads and saw the sword faction’s three great elders, Elder Xu, Elder Lin, and Elder Cheng come from the sky at the same time.

The two sides of this fight were both sword faction people. One was the current number one sword faction disciples Lin Tian, the other was their most favored, most hopeful to lead the sword faction’s rise Lu Xuan. The palm and back of hand were all meat. No matter who, they didn’t want to see either break.

In order to guarantee there wouldn’t be any unexpected injuries, the three great elders all simultaneously acted as referees for the fight to guarantee both sides safety just in case.

After the three great elders, the crowd once again became noisy. Lin Tian appeared!

“Go Lin Tian! I favor you!”

“Lin Tian has to win. I bet everything on you!”

As soon as Lin Tian appeared, countless disciples began shouting. They didn’t necessarily actually support Lin Tian, primarily they had bet all of their contribution points on Lin Tian. If Lin Tian won, naturally they would be very happy. If he lost, then that would be miserable for them.

Xia Ye’s pair once again turned their heads and saw Lin Tian wearing a white robe, his hair combed and in a bun. His hands were on his back as he walked towards the crowd. It could be said that it was a truly graceful demeanor. His bearing was extraordinary. Wherever he went, the disciples made way.

A discerning person could see in one glance that the current Lin Tian’s entire body’s power had increased to its peak and was all contained within, without any leaking out. Once the battle began, it would definitely immediately burst out!

“Eh, A’Tian’s strength actually improved again! I hadn’t thought he would hide it from even me.” Elder Lin from the referee’s seat said in surprise. Lin Tian was Elder Lin’s blood related grandson.
(TN: Yes, they have the same Lin. As does Lin Xin Yi, but they’re probably not related.)

“Haha, it seems indeed that only with pressure will be there movement!” Elder Cheng laughed loudly: “It looks like Lin Tian is also concerned about this fight with Lu Xuan. Recently he hasn’t slacked at all.”

Hearing this, Elder Lin couldn’t help but reveal a smile: “That’s the way it should be. It’s a pity that Lu Xuan came late. If he came a bit earlier, in the last great sect competition, with A’Tian and Lu Xuan, my sword faction perhaps would have long since risen.”

“Oh well. As long as he came it’s fine. This year’s great sect competition, my sword faction will definitely let the rest of the other faction guys have a big surprise!” Elder Cheng proudly said.

The next great sect competition, Lu Xuan would hopefully attack the overall standings number one and now that Lin Tian’s strength increase was speeding up, remaining in the top ten was absolutely no problem. If he could even improve another step, the great competition first place would be in the bag.

At the moment, Lin Tian already arrived at the competition field’s center. The followers behind him already backed away. He was alone with his eyes closed and reposing himself, accumulating power, waiting for the other leading role, Lu Xuan, to come.

However, the fight was about to start but Lu Xuan was still nowhere to be seen. Xia Ye and Xing Feng became truly anxious. They didn’t know what had actually occurred.

Right as the two were at reaching their anxiety limit, they heard the crowd once again burst into an uproar!

Hearing this uproar, the two hurriedly turned their heads and their faces flashed with happiness. This time, the person who could attract this sort of uproar was Lu Xuan without a doubt!

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