SS Chapter 148

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Chapter 148: Prepare for Battle

Lu Xuan went straight back to his residence. After thinking about it, there wasn’t a need to rush to enter his room. He knocked on Lin Xin Yi’s door.

Seeing Lu Xuan come back, Lin Xin Yi was naturally incomparably excited. Lu Xuan had been gone for so long, they hadn’t seen each other for so long. She naturally missed him a lot. Once she saw him, she immediately hugged him.    

However, the two of them still hadn’t been able to talk for long before Xia Ye and Xing Feng intruded. They had learned about Lu Xuan’s news from the other disciples.

Last time, after completing the missions, the two of them had obtained 8000 contribution points. It was enough for the two of them to freely spend for a long period of time. For a large majority of disciples, 8000 contribution points was a vast sum of wealth. They weren’t like Lu Xuan with large hands and feet.
(TN: Spend extravagantly)

“Lu Xuan, in three days will be the date set for you and Lin Tian’s fight. Do you have confidence in winning?” Xia Ye asked.

“That’s right. You’ve garnered an abundance of attention during this period of time. Your fight seems to have been transmitted to the entire inner sect. Most likely, at that time, the number of disciples that come to watch won’t be low.” Xing Feng also said.

“I can’t say definite victory, but if Lin Tian doesn’t have enough trump cards and is still at the same strength as the last time we met, I have 90% confidence that I can defeat him!”

As Lu Xuan said this, the two of them were startled. 90% confidence. That wasn’t too different then definite victory. It should be known that Lin Tian’s strength was body refining seventh level large success.

“However, in three months time, I’m guessing that he has also been bitterly cultivating and his strength may have improved again.” Lu Xuan added on.

Xia Ye nodded: “I also asked around. It seems like Lin Tian has been very low key during this time, burying his head in bitter cultivation. I’m guessing he was also preparing for this fight with you.”

Speaking of which, in this fight, Lin Tian’s pressure was even higher than Lu Xuan’s. He was sword faction’s number one person. If he lost to a new disciple that had entered the inner sect for less than half a year, that would take the color and light from his face.

On the other hand, even if Lu Xuan lost, at most his strong momentum would be influenced a bit but wouldn’t warrant being pointed at by others, thus, last time when Lin Tian assumed Lu Xuan wanted his position, it hadn’t been without reason. The pressure that the two of them bore was not something that could be mentioned in the same breath.

“Lu Xuan, can you tell us real fast, what step your strength has reached now?” Xing Feng couldn’t help but ask. With a 90% confidence of defeating Lin Tian, this was a terrifying concept.

Slightly hesitating, Lu Xuan didn’t hesitate hide it from the two, they would see it in three days anyway. He said: “I’m still missing one step, I’m a half-step to body refining sixth level large success.”

As he said this, Xia Ye and Xing Feng looked at each other. Both could see in the others an expression of astonishment.

Last time when they had separated from Lu Xuan, Lu Xuan was still only body refining fifth level large success, and now in three months time, he had increased by a full small realm!

This level of improvement speed really made them feel inferior. Thinking back to when Lu Xuan had still only been body refining fourth level strength, Xing Feng and Xia Ye were body refining fifth level. Now Lu Xuan was almost charging to body refining seventh level but they were still body refining fifth level. However, Xing Feng had already reached the peak of body refining fifth level and was able to break through to body refining sixth level. Xia Ye was body refining fifth level large success.

“Your speed is indeed demonic, ah. Even Chen Xi can’t compare to you. Were you really studying some enchantment skills during this time or were you secretly hiding away to use all your strength to cultivate?” Xia Ye sighed.

Lu Xuan reluctantly smiled. It was because he had felt a bottleneck that he had studied the rune dao. If he really did closed door, then most likely he would have broken through to body refining sixth level.

He patted Xia Ye’s shoulder and said: “When you have time, you should also exercise spirit power strength. Its extremely helpful for strength increases and breakthroughs.”

To Lu Xuan’s words, the two naturally took it to heart. With their relations, Lu Xuan naturally wouldn’t trick them. He was definitely speaking from experience.

“Alright, we also won’t talk too much. You and Xin Yi haven’t seen each other for a pretty long time. Recently she’s been really missing you and was even tempted to run over to that Enchantment Hall to find you, however, she was worried that she’d bother your cultivation. Kid, you really need to properly accompany people. Thinking back to Lin City and how many young people wanted to chase after Xin Yi. She disdained everyone else but is dead set on you.” Xia Ye laughed.

Right now, Lu Xuan and Lin Xin Yi’s relationship was no longer some sort of secret. The two naturally didn’t avoid the subject.

Lu Xuan awkwardly smiled. Fortunately Lin Xin Yi didn’t go to Enchantment Hall to find him, otherwise, when she bumped into Chen Xiao Ha, he would probably have a headache.

Turning around, preparing to leave, Xia Ye seemed to suddenly think of something and turned around again and said: “Oh yeah, you’re sure that you have 90% confidence of victory of Lin Tian right? Then Xia Feng and I are going to place some heavy stakes on you!”

Lu Xuan said in surprise: “Place what heavy stakes?”

This time Xia Ye still hadn’t opened his mouth when Xing Feng chuckled and said: “Over at the Equipment Pavilion, a group of deacons opened a booth, betting on your and Lin Tian’s victory odds. Quite a few inner sect disciples all went to place bets. We naturally also want to net a profit.”

Lu Xuan immediately understood, then berated them: “I was wondering why you guys were being so kind, finding me when I just came back. Originally it was to sound me out ah. Hey, what are the odds right now?”
(TN: Gambling maniac back in action.)

Hearing that there were people opening a booth, Lu Xuan was also a bit moved. He had plenty of confidence in himself. If he could take advantage of this opportunity, that’d be a pretty good idea.

“Lin Tian is 1:1. Yours bet is 1:1.5. It seems like people still favor Lin Tian a bit more, however, this is naturally the best. Once you when, we’ll have earned big.”

“So it was like that. You guys also help me place a bet. Place 30000 contribution points, place it on my victory!” Lu Xuan pulled out a huge sum!

The reward for him charging through the Sword Forest, as well as the compensation from the Mission Tower, in total added up to 30000 or so. Originally he had prepared to use it for studying enchantment only, but who would have thought the Hallmaster would take him as an honorary disciple and didn’t have to spend anything and had saved all of it.
(TN: Author actually said Sword Spirit here, but I’m pretty sure he messed up.)

Hearing this, Xia Ye and Xing Feng couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath: “**, playing so big? 30000 contribution points. If you win, you’re going to instantly be rich!”
(TN: ** Stars placed there by me. Homonym for a word that rhymes with luck. No swearing on the site.)

According to the current betting odds, if Lu Xuan won, he would not only get back his 30000 contribution points, but also get a 45000 contribution points reward. In total, that was 75000 contribution points. This really was an enormous amount of wealth.

Xia Ye and Xing Feng added together only scraped together 3000 contribution points. Neither imagined that Lu Xuan would be able to ten times their amount with a single move, however, since Lu Xuan himself was playing so large, then their confidence undoubtedly also grew. Lu Xuan ate meat, for them, drinking soup was enough.

Then Lu Xuan handed the 30000 contribution points to Xia Ye’s identity plate to have them go and help him place the bet.

After those two left, Lu Xuan accompanied Lin Xin Yi and talked for a while. Their chat naturally had quite a few whispers of love. After separating, he went back to his room. There were still three days left before the match They couldn’t be easily wasted.

Also, for Lu Xuan, other than attacking body refining sixth level large success, there was something else he needed to do. That was to enchant the Xuan Iron Sword.

He had specifically learned the astral rune for the Xuan Iron Sword. Now that the fight was approaching, naturally he wanted to increase the Xuan Iron Sword’s combat effectiveness to its highest.

Returning to his room, Lu Xuan spread out a peak grade blank scroll then took out a bottle of beast blood. This was something he had Chen Xiao Han specifically grab. He didn’t need to go through specialized liquids or any kind of treated raw materials. He had taken the blood from an eighth level ferocious beast, a thick earth rhino.

A thick earth rhino’s strength was very large and could even use the soil’s yuan force, increasing its power. Its blood was one of the best materials for the liquid when enchanting an astral rune. Normal enchanters required using modified liquid during and after, but for Lu Xuan who used the Ancient Enchantment Technique, undoubtedly, using the original blood was the way to get the best value.

Thick earth rhino blood was very thick and a large earth aura and its blood’s density was thicker than most ferocious beasts.

Lu Xuan reached out his hand and raised it. A stream of blood was pulled out by him. Two hands moved like lightning. One rune after another was quickly formed, correctly landing on the peak grade blank scroll in front of him.

He had already practiced the astral rune who knew how many times. It had long since become very familiar. Then after the last few runes landed, the astral rune flashed with light. Successfully completed!

Then he pulled out the long dusty Xuan Iron Sword, placing it on the table with a heavy thud. During this time, Lu Xuan, other than practicing the rune dao, had been cultivating yuan force. He simply hadn’t used it, however, the Xuan Iron Sword still was as heavy as always. It was plain-looking, but just looking at its end, no one would doubt its power.

Picking up the astral rune scroll that he just finished drawing, Lu Xuan directly injected some yuan force, stimulating the trigger rune on the scroll. For a moment, the astral rune seemed to have come alive.

The rune suddenly flowed then the entire rune flashed with light. A miniature version of the astral rune suddenly flew out, directly landing on the Xuan Iron Sword’s sword body and where the hilt intersected. The rune flashed once and deeply seared a brand. The brand’s appearance was the astral rune!

Enchantment success!

Picking up the heavy nine by nine, eighty-one kilograms Xuan Iron Sword, Lu Xuan felt a burst of excitement. This was his personal successfully drawn, personally enchanted, first weapon!

The rune on the Lovesick sword, although it had also used the Wild Explosion Rune that he had drawn, but it had been Xia Chen Xi who had enchanted it.

Unable to resist waving the Xuan Iron Sword in his hand, Lu Xuan immediately felt that it was different after the enchanting. Randomly chopping, he felt that the power that came out was much more powerful than before.  Carefully observing it a bit, it had approximately increased in power by about 35% or so. This was a terrifying increase.

Also, increasing the power wasn’t the only effect the astral rune had. Lu Xuan circulated his cultivation technique. Yuan force immediately went into the Xuan Iron Sword. Originally, the heavy sword without edge, Xuan Iron Sword, impressively appeared to have two sharp sword edges! However, this wasn’t the Xuan Iron Sword’s original sword edge but was the astral rune converting yuan force into astral qi which was spread across the Xuan Iron Sword, forming the sword edge.

With this astral qi forming the sword edge, the Xuan Iron Sword simultaneously obtained both the heavy sword’s power and the long sword’s sharpness. Without a doubt it was more powerful and harder to block!

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