SS Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Five Star Spirit Rune Scroll

Returning back to the desk, he had Chen Xiao Han sit down. Lu Xuan began to transmit the Ancient Enchantment Technique in all its entirety, including various subtle theories as well as some long lost runes. Whenever Chen XIao Han had any areas where she didn’t understand, he used Void Drawing Rune skill to directly demonstrate it until Chen Xiao Han nodded before stopping.  

The more and more Lu Xuan said, Chen Xiao Han’s expression of amazement became greater and greater. The theories that Lu Xuan had previously told her about was already incomparably astonishing, but only now did she know that the things that Lu Xuan told her about before was only the tip of the iceberg. Only once the Ancient Enchantment Technique appeared before her eyes did she know how valuable the things that Lu Xuan was currently imparting to her.

Now she understood why Lu Xuan was so serious and warned her that she must not leak it. As a person of the Enchantment Hall, as the Hallmaster’s daughter, she knew more than Lu Xuan the value of these things. If it were to get out, it would lead to a great disturbance!

Wind Sword Sect’s area of jurisdiction encompassed the surrounding three great empires and the Enchantment Hall in the Wind Sword Sect’s enchantment abilities were definitely the top in this area, but even so, in front of the things that Lu Xuan was imparting, the theory that the Enchantment Hall was proud of was simply not fit to be seen.

Without even having actually starting to cultivate the Ancient Enchantment Technique, just watching Lu Xuan explain and demonstrate, Chen Xiao Han felt as if many of the places where she couldn’t figure things out were suddenly  clear. It was if someone had opened a new door for her. No wonder Lu Xuan could perform so extraordinarily.

Also, Chen Xiao Han believed that during this period, the abilities that Lu Xuan had displayed in front of her absolutely weren’t his true strength.

The Ancient Enchantment Technique was extremely subtle. Even if Chen Xiao Han’s talent was extraordinary, wanting to understand everything in such a short time was impossible. Thus, she was forced to write it down and wait until later to learn it.

Spending a whole two hours, Lu Xuan finally finished imparting all of the Ancient Enchantment Technique. Finished explaining everything, although he had spoken very thoroughly and clearly, but even so, he still worried that Chen Xiao Han wouldn’t be able to understand. After all, at the time, the Ancient Enchantment Technique had been directly implanted into the memories in his head, making understanding very easy, but Chen Xiao Han needed to comprehend on her own and see the light.

Thinking over it, Lu Xuan then took out a few peak level blank scrolls.

“I’ll draw some runes for you. If you have times you don’t understand, you can take it out to look at. Perhaps it can bring some inspirations to you.”

Chen Xiao Han obediently nodded her head and took the initiative to help Lu Xuan open the bottle that contained the enchantment liquid and watched him begin to draw.

The first thing Lu Xuan drew was a Wild Explosion Rune. Although the Wild Explosion Rune was an intermediate level rune, it contained how to combine runes. On the potency channeling aspect, it far better than most high level runes.

This time, Lu Xuan didn’t hold back any strength and completely displayed the Ancient Enchantment Technique. Some runes that had been long since lost were also unreservedly drawn out.

To Chen Xiao Han, listening to Lu Xuan’s theories and personally watching Lu Xuan draw had completely different feelings. The Ancient Enchantment Technique had been completely mastered by Lu Xuan. Currently constructing the runes brought Chen Xiao Han enlightenment and shock that words could not describe. She believed, if during the Enchanter’s assessment Lu Xuan had brought out these scrolls, then Elder Fan would most likely not only give him a score of twelve,  and most likely wouldn’t dare to score it.

Finished drawing a Wild Explosion Rune, Lu Xuan didn’t stop, but continued and began drawing higher level runes. Among them included the astral rune which Lu Xuan had specifically spent a long time on.  

Back when they were practicing high level enchantment runes, each time Chen Xiao Han fell asleep, Lu Xuan would quietly use the Ancient Enchantment Technique’s skills to practice, thus right now when he used it, there wasn’t any unnaturalness to it.

Lu Xuan drew five runes before stopping. These five runes all embodied an aspect of the extremities of runes to let Chen Xiao Han use for reference.

“Alright, everything’s here. With your talent, after just spending some time, you’ll be able to completely master it. Truthfully, your talent on the rune dao is better than mine. If it wasn’t for the Ancient Enchantment Technique, I definitely wouldn’t have my current success. I believe that it won’t be long before you surpass me.” Lu Xuan put down the scroll in his hand. His dao path was primarily the martial path, and Chen Xiao Han was primarily the rune dao. Naturally it would be easy for her to surpass him.

Seeing Lu Xuan put down his stuff, the good mood that Chen Xiao Han had been in since she saw the Ancient Enchantment Technique once again plummeted. Obviously, this time Lu Xuan was really going to leave.

However, she quickly tidied her feelings. At least right now she had seen hope hadn’t she? Since Lu Xuan had been willing to share this level of secret with her, then what did she need to worry about? As long she worked hard to cultivate in the future, she would definitely be able to fight with him side by side.

“What you’ve taught me is too valuable, it’s priceless. I’ll also give you something too.” Chen Xiao Han looked at Lu Xuan and said.

Hearing this, Lu Xuan couldn’t help but have a smile rise to his face: “Could it be another kiss?”

Chen Xiao Han blushed, then rolled her eyes: “You’re imagination’s rich. Is this lady’s kiss so easy to receive?”

Saying this, her divine sense went inside her storage ring. In a moment, a few things appeared in her hand. Impressively, these were spirit rune scrolls!

“These are spirit rune scrolls my dad personally drew. All of them are five star spirit runes. Their strengths are each equivalent to an intermediate stage spirit realm martial artist’s full force attack. Originally he gave me these to protect me, however, I’m basically always in the Enchantment Hall and there’s no danger. I think you might use it.”

Seeing the three spirit rune scrolls in Chen Xiao Han’s hands, Lu Xuan’s eyes widened. He hadn’t imagined that Chen Xiao Han would pull out such valuable items!

He had seen the explanation regarding spirit runemasters and naturally understood how much a high level spirit rune scroll was worth. Don’t look at Lu Xuan being able to previously draw fifty Thunder Fire Rune scrolls in one go. In reality, the higher the level of the spirit rune, the chances of successfully drawing it decreased.

Since higher level spirit rune scrolls meant more powerful force, trying to bind that force to a scroll was very difficult!

For a spirit runemaster, prior to four star spirit runemasters, they would basically use spirit rune scrolls to enter combat, but after reaching four star spirit runemaster, more of directly draw spirit runes to enter combat because the higher star level the spirit rune the harder it was to draw on a spirit rune scroll.

Otherwise, if those divine runemaster made eighty spirit rune scrolls in one go which each would be equivalent to a divine runemaster’s full force attack, then no number of martial artists would be able to fight back.

“This was given to you by Master to protect you. How can I take it. Also, I won’t go to those dangerous places either.” Lu Xuan refused decisively.

“If, if you don’t take it, if you don’t take all these enchantment scrolls, then I won’t learn the things you just taught me.” Chen Xiao Han pouted angrily, “Also, aren’t you going to compare notes with that whatever number one sword faction disciple person or something? If you can’t beat him, then you can take this to beat him and see whether or not he’ll recognize defeat.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan smiled, “You’re a bit too unconfident in me aren’t you? How could I lose? Also, such precious spirit rune scrolls are used to protect your life. Using it in this sort of match is too wasteful.”

“Then will you take it or not?”

“Since there are three, then I’ll take one. The other two you can keep to defend yourself.” Lu Xuan took one of the scrolls from Chen Xiao Han’s hand.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xiao Han grabbed his hand and placed the three into his hand, “Once my dad comes back, I’ll just say that I used it to play around and have him make some more for me. Relax, before dad comes back, I’ll properly cultivate the stuff you taught me and won’t leave the Enchantment Hall. There won’t be any danger.”

Chen Xiao Han was so determined and Lu Xuan didn’t have any methods to fight back against this sort of attack. In the end, after he had tried his best to persuade her, he managed to get her to take one back. After all, with an ace like this in hand, if something actually occurred, perhaps it could give him a lifeline.

Bringing the two five star spirit rune scrolls that Chen Xiao Han had given him, Lu Xuan finally left the Enchantment Hall which he had stayed in for four two whole months.

Chen Xiao Han didn’t send him out. According to her, she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Taking a look back at the majestic Enchantment Hall, he seemed to be able to see the sobbing figure of Chen Xiao Han who was on her desk. He could only sigh, turn around and leave. Could this be considered as showing mercy?

It seemed every woman that he met would give him something. The storage ring on his hand, and in the ring was the Heaven Mixing Dan which had been gifted by Xia Chen Xi. The Lovesick sword which he had been using all this time was gifted by Lin Xin Yi. Just now, the newest two five star spirit rune scrolls were then gifted by Chen Xiao Han.

The value of these things ranged between great and small, but undoubtedly, they all represented the feelings of their owners.

Circulating yuan force, Lu Xuan raised his speed to its fastest and rushed to the sword faction. There was still a final three days before the fight with Lin Tian!

Right now, his whole body’s meridians were almost all condensed. The heart meridian and the twelve channels had all finished condensing. Of the eight extraordinary meridians, there were only the last two overarching meridians. In these three days, he wanted to attack this last step. If he could finished condensing all of the eight extraordinary meridians, then he would have completely reached body refining sixth level large success!

The strength gap between him and Lin Tian would be one step smaller. Of course, he didn’t dare to be sure. In these three months, Lin Tian most likely also had enormous improvements in strength.

Under his full strength rush, the sword faction was already in sight. Once he stepped into the sword faction’s area, Lu Xuan attracted quite a few disciples’ attentions. After recognizing Lu Xuan, a crowd of disciples said their greetings. Among them were both old and new students.

To the sword faction’s new students, Lu Xuan was undoubtedly their pride. Each of them worshiped him. As for those older students, they also didn’t dare to underestimate Lu Xuan. Three months ago he had been the overall standings 86th place. Now another three months had passed, what sort of step had Lu Xuan’s strength reached?

What concerned them more was that in three days was Lu Xuan and Lin Tian’s fight. This fight not only decided who deserved the title of the sword faction’s number one person, but also determined whether or not Lu Xuan had enough strength to make it into the overall standings top ten!
(TN: It said kill his way into the top ten, but I’m pretty sure you don’t put your teammate in the ground just because you wanna be number one. Usually anyway.)

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