SS Chapter 146

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Chapter 146:

Whether it was Lu Xuan or Chen Xiao Han, they both had a tacit understanding to not bring up the incident again.

Time unknowingly flowed by as the pair practiced spirit rune skills. Although it had been a bit dull, with a companion, it didn’t feel boring.

Since finishing practicing the Thunder Fire Rune, Lu Xuan didn’t begin learning a new rune. A powerful rune wasn’t something that could be successfully learned in a short time. Moreover, the power of the Thunder Fire Rune was already very strong. He even specifically went to a training room to try it out. Using it with his current strength, the power of a Thunder Fire Rune was approximately equal to a normal body refining seventh level martial artist’s full power attack. Even if it was a peak body refining seventh level martial artist wouldn’t be able to easily block it.


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