SS Chapter 145

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Chapter 145: Give You A Reward

Even though it was like this, Lu Xuan didn’t give up. Once he had completely recovered, he once again began a round of drawing. Although it was difficult, the harvest would be similarly great.

Directly using Void Drawing Rune skill to practice could better prepare one to grasp the rune’s nature. Practicing it wielded twice the results with half the effort. More importantly, this way was extremely helpful in increasing his spirit power strength.

Spirit rune skill cultivation developed amidst Lu Xuan’s continuous failures and continual improvements.

And Chen Xiao Han didn’t fall behind. After looking over the books, she took up quite a few spirit rune scrolls, preparing to begin practice drawing spirit runes.

This was the first time Lu Xuan saw a spirit rune scroll. It was similar to an enchantment scroll, but its quality was entirely not on the same level. Just the material used to make the scroll’s price was far higher than an enchantment scroll’s. Enchantment scrolls used enchantment materials to draw and spirit rune scrolls use soul force to draw. The support of the two things were different, thus naturally the supporting capacity was naturally different.

A blank spirit rune scroll’s price was ten times more expensive than an enchantment scroll! For novices, this was just totally burning money. Without wasting hundreds of blank spirit rune scrolls, one wouldn’t be able to succeed.

Of course, using spirit rune scrolls to practice would be simpler compared to Lu Xuan using Void Drawing Rune skill. Spirit rune scrolls were coated with a layer of special powder that could help a spirit rune master stabilize the runes, making it so the spirit power strength consumption and control needed wouldn’t be as high.

Originally, Chen Xiao Han was prepared to choose a slightly simpler one star spirit rune, after all, one should have their eyes high but hands low. However, after she saw that Lu Xuan chose the Thunder Fire Rune, he had also chosen the Thunder Fire Rune. This way if Lu Xuan had some comprehensions, they could also be shared with her.
(TN: Trying to reach for a high goal when your abilities are too low)
(TN: Smh. This girl the type to just copy a friend’s hw)

In this regard, Lu Xuan naturally wouldn’t be stingy. Any comprehensions he had he unreservedly taught to Chen Xiao Han. The relations of the two had returned to its previous state, they ate together, lived together, and cultivated together.

In the blink of an eye, a month went by.

Chen Xiao Han was sprawled on the desk. She attentively watched Lu Xuan, her watery eyes were large and didn’t blink. Lu Xuan was currently focused with a dignified expression as he drew a Thunder Fire Rune.

From the start of the practicing the Thunder Fire Rune until now, it had already been a full month. In this month’s time, he had never succeeded a single time, but he had quite a bit of harvest. Not only had he thoroughly memorized all of the runes in the Thunder Fire Rune to heart,  he had also continually consumed spirit power strength and continually recovered. His spirit power strength increase was very obvious.

At the start, every time he drew he would need to recover once. Over time, his spirit power strength gradually became able to support drawing twice. And now, there was no problem controlling the whole Thunder Fire Rune anymore.

And everyday, the time spent not drawing runes, he would circulate his cultivation technique. His strength increase was also very apparent. Other than his heart meridian, his whole body’s twelve channels had all finished pulse condensation, reaching body refining sixth level small success. If he could also get his eight extraordinary meridians to finish pulse condensation, then his pulse condensation stage would have reached large success. As long as he could then get the thin meridians in his entire body to pulse condensate, then he would reach peak body refining sixth level and would be able to charge for body refining seventh level viscera training stage.
(TN: ????- twelve channels ????- eight extraordinary meridians. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

Right now, Lu Xuan was once again trying to draw the Thunder Fire Rune. This time, he had an 80% assurance of being able to succeed!

Watching one rune fly out after another, the entire Thunder Fire Rune was constructed carefully, without the slightest vibration. Chen Xiao Han’s eyes were sparkling. Watching Lu Xuan draw runes was always a treat.

Under Lu Xuan’s instructing, Chen Xiao Han’s progress had also been very quick. Although she couldn’t directly use the Void Drawing Rune skill like Lu Xuan, by drawing on spirit rune scrolls, she had also been able to reach a similar degree of proficiency as Lu Xuan.

After another five rests, the Thunder Fire Rune had already been 90% completed. It still hadn’t shown any indications of collapsing. Lu Xuan didn’t pause and his fingertip moved faster and faster. In the blink of an eye, he printed out ten more runes and directly pressed them onto it.

The Thunder Fire Rune suddenly flashed for a moment. Success!

Feeling the explosive aura that came from the Thunder Fire Rune, there wasn’t enough time to get excited. Spirit power strength immediately wrapped around the spirit rune and sent it shooting out to a side.

There was a crash as the sound of thunder and firelight shot out everywhere! A wave of hot air rolled over. Even from a distance, Lu Xuan could still feel quite of bit of the attack force.

Without the slightest hesitation, Lu Xuan directly blocked in front of Chen Xiao Han to resist the attack force. With his body, blocking it wouldn’t be a problem, but he didn’t dare to be confident about Chen Xiao Han.

Affected by Lu Xuan’s subconscious actions, Chen Xiao Han who was hiding behind his body immediately revealed a smile. She could obviously feel that having gone through last time’s matter, during this period of time, the relation between the two of them not only didn’t have a gap appear, but instead they had become more intimate.

The firelight and attack force dissipated. Chen Xiao Han happily said: “Congratulations. Now you’re a qualified one star spirit runemaster. If dad knew that you could successfully learn the Thunder Fire Rune in just a month, he’d definitely be amazed.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan turned his head a revealed a bitter smile and said: “Although it was a success, I’ve discovered that there’s no way that I can use it in combat.”

Drawing the Thunder Fire Rune took too long. In combat, when where there be time for you to use it. The enemy would have long since come over and killed you in one attack. Last time he had seen Hallmaster finish drawing the rune with just the wave of a hand and thought it was pretty powerful, but now that he was doing it, Lu Xuan discovered how difficult it would be to reach a similar degree as Hallmaster.

Chen Xiao Han blankly looked at him: “Do you think that everyone’s as formidable as you? Able to Void Drawing Runes without even becoming a spirit runemaster. From what I heard from my dad, he had reached four star spirit rune skills before he mastered it. Prior to four star spirit runemaster, spirit runemaster combat still relies on spirit rune scrolls.

Lu Xuan nodded. Of course. There was still spirit rune scrolls that he could use. As long as enough spirit rune scrolls were brought along, a spirit runemaster could attack in an endless stream with spirit runes. With just this point alone, it would be enough to win over similar level martial artists. It seemed he still needed to draw some spirit rune scrolls to bring with him just in case.

Lu Xuan shook his head and didn’t think about it any more and said to Chen Xiao Han: “Forget it. No need to think so much about it. I first want to talk with you about how to avoid the mistake in the last step.”

The two of them had practiced and become very good at the front part of the rune and had become stuck on the last step. Now Lu Xuan succeeded in crossing this obstacle. Of course he could give a pointer to Chen Xiao Han.

Chen Xiao Han nodded her head well-behavedly. Once again opening a spirit rune scroll, she listened to Lu Xuan’s experience and prepared to try once again.

Lu Xuan didn’t rush to continue practicing and earnestly watched Chen Xiao Han draw. Even if it was known how to do it, actually doing it wasn’t that simple. She failed another three times in a row.

“Don’t rush. Relax your emotions. If you’re too anxious, then your haste will make waste. Calm down. Just pretend like you’re trying to draw an enchantment scroll.” Lu Xuan patiently gave pointers on the side.

Chen Xiao Han nodded and took a deep breath. She circulated a mind calming cultivation technique that Hallmaster had taught her once. Now she neither hurriedly nor slowly began again.

This time, she preserved a blankness in her mind. The Thunder Fire Rune’s rune had long since been memorized by her. With a month of practice, she didn’t even need to think and her hand could draw it out.

On the blank spirit rune scroll in front of her, very soon there were many crystalline rune lines. Each rune that went down didn’t have any obstacles and went very smoothly.

Soon she reached the most critical portion. Chen Xiao Han’s didn’t shake at all, still steady as normal, but the Thunder Fire Rune was showing signs of fluctuating. And at this moment, her small hands just barely twitched, and just like Lu Xuan, the last few runes immediately came out!

The spirit rune scroll flashed with light and the completed Thunder Fire Rune and entered in Chen Xiao Han’s eyes!
(TN: As in she saw it.)


Chen Xiao Han’s eyes flashed with an irresistible happiness. In the short time of just a month, she had actually been able to successfully draw a spirit rune, and it was a more difficult rune among one star spirit runes. This was simply an unimaginable matter!

Of course, this was also because of her solid foundations. It should be known that she had practiced enchanting since she was small. She had a very need understanding towards rune, otherwise, even if Lu Xuan had wanted to teach the Ancient Enchantment Techniques to her, she wouldn’t be able to understand.

However, the other portion that must be credited was Lu Xuan. If it wasn’t for all of the comprehensions that he had unreservedly imparted to her, with Chen Xiao Han by herself, she wouldn’t have been able to reach this step in such a short time.

“Lu Xuan, I succeeded!” Chen Xiao Han turned her head to look at Lu Xuan, her delicate small face flushed red. It was incredibly lovely.

Lu Xuan couldn’t help but reveal a smile: “Congratulations. Now you’re a qualified one star spirit runemaster. If your dad knew that you could successfully learn the Thunder Fire Rune in just a month, he’d definitely be amazed.”

These were almost the exact words that Chen Xiao Han had said to Lu Xuan. Now he was using them to give to her.

“So annoying, copying my words.” Chen Xiao Han said filled with joy, “However, I still need to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, then I definitely wouldn’t succeed so quickly. I’ll give you a reward.”

“What reward?” Lu Xuan curiously asked.

“A sweet kiss!”

Saying this, Chen Xiao Han, like a sudden peal of thunder leaves no time for covering the ears, stood on her tiptoes and quickly kissed Lu Xuan on the lips.

(TN: Before you have time to react. Super fast.)

The feeling of the fleeting softness caused Lu Xuan to be unable to move. Although they had kissed last time, and it had even been a deeper kiss, that time Chen Xiao Han had been sleeping. This time, the two of them were clearly awake! This kind of suddenly arriving sweet twist was truly too stimulating!

After suddenly kissing Lu Xuan, Chen Xiao Han’s face was also red. She didn’t know how she was so daring, however, just now was truly too exciting.

After holding it in for a while, Lu Xuan finally squeezed out a sentence: “You took advantage of me!”

“Hmph, getting an advantage and still trying to be clever. You shouldn’t think so much. I don’t have any other intentions. We should go back to practicing for now and improve our proficiencies.” Chen Xiao Han hurriedly changed the topic with her face still red.

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