SS Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Thunder Fire Rune

Soul force smoothly broke through a few obstacles and in the blink of an eye, it had already arrived in the heart meridian’s vicinity.

The heart meridian was the human body’s vital point, plus he without using a Pulse Protection Pill to safeguard it, Lu Xuan didn’t dare to be to reckless. Controlling the slivers of soul force, he carefully had it move towards the heart meridian for impact.

The degree of smoothness this time was far outside of Lu Xuan’s expectations. Once Lu Xuan’s soul force arrived, in a flash, it had successfully infiltrated into the heart meridian. There wasn’t even the slightest feeling of sluggishness!

Body refining sixth level, successful breakthrough!

This time’s breakthrough had been so smooth and so sudden. Lu Xuan couldn’t feel more excited.

However, he still forcefully suppressed his happy feelings because right now wasn’t the time to celebrate. Although his soul force had successfully entered into the heart meridian, representing reaching body refining sixth level, but the realm wasn’t stable yet.

Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic continued to circulate. Slivers of soul force unceasingly were moved into the heart meridian by Lu Xuan and began to condense. As long as the entire heart meridian could be completely condensed, the body refining sixth level realm would be considered as having stabilized.

This time, the reason why Lu Xuan had been able to have such a smooth breakthrough was due to a multitude of reasons. During this month, every day, other than drawing runes, he would circulate his cultivation technique. Whether it was soul or body, all of it had extremely large improvements. Once the moment came, it was natural, like water flowing forming a channel.

Lu Xuan’s cultivation continued for a long period of time. A night’s time quickly went by. Once Chen Xiao Han had woken up, she saw Lu Xuan still sitting cross-legged circulating his cultivation technique. She didn’t dare to bother him. After thinking for a bit, she went out to go take a bath.

For an entire night, Lu Xuan condensed his heart meridian. This was the most fundamental step. As long as the heart meridian had finished condensing, he could move on to the next step which would be condensing all of his body’s meridians. Once they were all condensed then he would have reached pulse condensation realm large success and he would be able to attack body refining seventh level.

Only after completely finishing condensing his heart meridian did Lu Xuan slowly bring the training to a close and open his eyes. It just so happened Chen Xiao Han pushed open the door and came in.

“Awake? Go wash up first. I brought breakfast over for you.” Chen Xiao Han was put down the breakfast she had in her hand and pulled out some things for washing out of her storage ring. Her service could be said to be very thoughtful.

Lu Xuan didn’t decline. Either way, the past days had been spent like this. He had also taken care of Chen Xiao Han. Although there was the accident yesterday, but Chen Xiao Han herself didn’t bring it up so Lu Xuan naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to bring it up.

Looking at Lu Xuan, Chen Xiao Han said with some slight hesitation: “How come I feel like you’re a bit different today? A bit more spirited?”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan cracked a smiling, revealing a mouthful of white teeth and said: “Last night I broke through body refining sixth level.”

“Body refining sixth level?” Chen Xiao Han had a look of surprise, “Sixteen years old body refining sixth level. Your martial path talent isn’t inferior at all to your rune dao!”

Although she didn’t walk the martial path, but she was still familiar with the levels used. Naturally she knew what a sixteen years old body refining sixth level represented. Although previously Lu Xuan had already reached the peak of body refining fifth level and there was only a thin line between body refining sixth level, this line in between was as distant as heaven and earth.

If Lu Xuan used his current strength to sign up for the Wind Sword Sect, he wouldn’t have even needed to participate in any inner sect assessment and could go directly become a core disciple. It should be known that Xia Chen Xi was body refining sixth level strength at sixteen had been directly accepted as a core disciple.

“First I’ll continue cultivating spirit rune skills and properly become a one star spirit runemaster earlier!” Lu Xuan said. Successfully breaking through to body refining sixth level, his self-confidence soared and had no hesitations.

There was still more than a month. He believe that with Tai Yi Soul Return Tactic’s power, then even if he had no way of reaching body refining sixth level large success, he absolutely would at least be able to reach body refining sixth level middle stage. Although Lin Tian was body refining seventh level large success, and the difference in their strengths was still large, but that didn’t necessarily represent combat strength. If he could also become a one star spirit runemaster, with spirit runes, his chances of winning would undoubtedly increase by a lot.

Chen Xiao Han nodded. She sat down opposite of Lu Xuan and picked up a book she hadn’t finished reading yesterday and continued to read it. In her head, she thought back to what her father had said yesterday to her.

“Lu Xuan’s talent is extraordinary. In the future, his successes won’t be low. It’s not just anyone who will be able to qualified to be together with him. Once he reaches the spirit refining realm, or the even more powerful Guiyuan realm. His longevity will become even more substantially longer. Even choosing a partner will have to be someone someone of similar strength, otherwise while he’s still in his prime, the partner will already have become old and feeble.”

“Although right now he has a beauty in the inner sect, but who can guarantee how long they will be together. Moreover, after a year, Lu Xuan will definitely become a core disciple. At that time, the two will definitely break up. If you really have Lu Xuan on your heart, then you need to work hard and cultivate right now. When there’s a day that you will be able to surpass your father and become a six star spirit runemaster, or even a higher level seven star, eight star, nine star, ten star, or even an incomparably powerful divine runemaster. By then, do you think Lu Xuan will choose you or that current beauty?”

It had to be said, Hallmaster Chen Mo’s speech immediately made Chen Xiao Han brighten up. No matter what, this was a world that respected strength, otherwise, even if Lu Xuan chose her now, at that time, she wouldn’t be able to keep up with Lu Xuan’s pace. Even if Lu Xuan didn’t say anything, she most likely wouldn’t have the face to stay at Lu Xuan’s side.

And just now, Lu Xuan broke through body refining sixth level. This served the strengthen Chen Xiao Han’s determination. Lu Xuan’s terrifying talent was not only in the rune dao, and included the martial path. All she could do right now was work hard to cultivate.

It was exactly because of this thought process that when Lu Xuan saw Chen Xiao Han later on, he thought that Chen Xiao Han seemed as if nothing had happened, but truthfully, she had long since readied her heart for a prolonged war. Even if she hadn’t met Lin Xin Yi, she still regarded her as a rival.

Lu Xuan naturally didn’t know what Chen Xiao Han was thinking. He currently was only focused on the spirit rune skills. The thing he was looking at now was the spirit runes most central part, the spirit rune skill’s spirit runes!

Chen Mo hadn’t given them didn’t have many high level runes and were only a few one star runes and two star runes. For a pair of people that were just starting to cultivate spirit rune skills, it was already plenty. Most likely, even if Lu Xuan’s talent were even more heaven-defying, he still absolutely wouldn’t be able to break through to the three star spirit runemaster step in just a few short months.

Skimming over the one star spirit runes, Lu Xuan picked which would be his very first rune to cultivate, the Thunder Fire Rune.
(TN: For those wondering why I didn’t call it a thunderflame rune which is similar to what Martial World called it, well, it’s for that reason lol)

For most low level spirit runes, they were basically all primarily five elements related. For example, the Intense Fire Rune, Wind Blade Rune, Flying Sand rune, etc. Last time, the rune that Chen Mo had casually demonstrated for Lu Xuan was the Intense Fire Rune. However, that was only Chen Mo casually making a move and he hadn’t been putting in too much effort, otherwise, with his five star spirit runemaster strength, then most likely if he used a one star spirit rune, its power would have been much greater.

And the Thunder Fire Rune that Lu Xuan was choosing now was the Intense Fire Rune’s advanced version. Although it was still a one star rune, but its power was far greater than an Intense Fire Rune’s.

Thunder and fire both had explosive natures. The two combined together used thunder’s explosiveness as the rune activator and used fire to increase the deadliness, undoubtedly increasing the explosiveness.

The memories that Lu Xuan had obtained from the sword crystal last time only had the Ancient Enchantment Technique’s usage method and some Ancient Enchantment runes. It didn’t have any spirit runes recorded. This made him a bit regretful, but fortunately spirit runes and enchantment skills were of the similar strains. Ancient Enchantment Techniques general principles and essentials had already been completely mastered by Lu Xuan. It could be similarly applied to spirit rune skills.

After taking the Thunder Fire Rune’s rune and memorizing it, Lu Xuan began to practice.

Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. Focusing his mind, Lu Xuan then opened his eyes. Slowly lifting his right hand, he stretched out his index finger and began moving it through the air.

Spirit rune skills already no longer needed to use enchantment materials. Drawing runes only needed soul force, However, a vast majority of spirit rune skills didn’t cultivate the martial path and a person’s body’s cultivation wouldn’t be high and naturally wouldn’t have enough soul force, thus the origin of their soul force didn’t originate from their own body but came from heaven and earth!

Using a spirit runemaster’s powerful spirit power, directly moving the soul force between heaven and earth for personal use, and using that soul force to draw runes, and spirit power’s strength to constrain and stimulate the rune, that was the spirit runemaster’s means of attacking.
(TN: Didn’t have my glossary with me. Not sure if spirit power is right term here.)

The higher level the spirit runemaster, the higher their spirit power strength would be, and the amount of soul force they could move would be higher, and they would even be able to compress and bind runes more tightly together, exploding with even stronger power. The power of a same level one star rune from a one star spirit runemaster using it and a five star spirit runemaster using it couldn’t be spoken in the same sentence.
(TN: It said five star spirit rune skill, but that didn’t seem right.)

After having just finished going over the books that Chen Mo had given him, Lu Xuan already understood how to use spirit power strength to move soul force. It didn’t need to be said that he originally already had to ability for Void Drawing Rune skill. His hand’s movements were very quick.

Spirit power strength flowed out. Lu Xuan immediately felt vigorous soul force that filled the earth and sky, however, his current spirit power strength’s degree was simply unable to move too much, and was only be to move a portion of the soul force in his vicinity, but for the sake of drawing a one star rune, it was already more than enough.

Lu Xuan’s fingertip lightly sketched. Dazzling light flashed and some soul force formed a small thin rune. It momentarily appeared, and under the control of the spirit power strength, it stayed in the air and could not dissipate.

Not daring to be neglectful, the fingertip moved again, and another rune was drawn, quickly superimposed onto the first rune by Lu Xuan. The two runes connected and were simultaneously controlled by his spirit power strength.

Then after a wave of his finger, one rune after another appeared. The faint outline of the Thunder Fire Rune was already visible. There weren’t any errors, but even so, this Thunder Fire Rune still began to shake.

Perspiration appeared on Lu Xuan’s forehead. He was feeling a bit of strain. Spirit power strength’s huge degree of consumption forced him to be unable to stably control the rune’s energy. After enduring drawing a few more of the runes, there was a flash of light and the half finished Thunder Fire Rune immediately dissipated into the air.

The first drawing was an unsuspenseful failure.

Lu Xuan sat down cross-legged and circulated his cultivation technique, recovering his spirit power strength while also meditating over the experience just now.

This time’s failure was within his expectations. The Thunder Fire Rune could be considered as a higher difficulty one among the one star runes. Moreover, Lu Xuan had directly been using the Void Drawing Rune skill to draw, so its difficulty was much higher than when drawing on a scroll.

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