SS Chapter 121

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Chapter 121: Shock Without Danger

They quickly picked their missions, one six star mission and one seven star mission.

The six star mission was to kill a sixth level ferocious beast, the lightning marten. Just killing a lightning marten and bringing back its corpse was enough. It didn’t require Lu Xuan and company to process it. The mission reward was 4000 contribution points.

In total, there were four people. If they could complete this mission, each person would get a 1000 point split, which could be considered as quite wealthy.

As for the seven star mission that Lu Xuan had picked, the contribution reward was even greater, a full 10000 contribution points, more than twice the six star mission’s rewards. Of course, the difficulty was also much higher. The mission request was to kill a flame striped tiger. Flame striped tigers were seventh level ferocious beasts whose whole bodies were streaked with fire-red, which was the origin of its name, not that it could spit out flames.

“Let’s go. Stay close, don’t get any big ideas.” Lu Xuan warned the group. This was the first time they were entering the mountain and there wasn’t an older student to lead them. It was very easy for something to occur.

The place where these ferocious beasts lived was in the mountain behind the Wind Sword Sect. The mountain behind the Wind Sword Sect was an extremely large forest that had countless birds and animals living inside of it. It was said that there were even demon beasts in there. It wasn’t something ordinary disciples could handle.

However, those demon beasts all lived deep within the forest. When the Wind Sword Sect people hunted, they would almost never encounter one, and also, those demon beasts’ wisdom wasn’t low. They knew that the Wind Sword Sect had countless experts and didn’t dare to walk out, otherwise they would definitely be killed by the various great elders of the Wind Sword Sect. The price of a demon beast wasn’t cheap. Its entire body was treasure. Even the blood and flesh were very tonics that were very useful for most people.

With the map imprinted inside of the identity plates, they naturally wouldn’t get lost and went directly to the back mountain. On the way, they rubbed shoulders with quite a few other disciples, and judging by the way they were going, they were also going towards the back mountain.

After walking almost half an hour, Lu Xuan noticed the road was becoming more and more deserted, more clusters of trees, and the occasional sound of a beast’s roar in the distance.

“This should be in the scope of the back mountain. Everyone be careful.” Lu Xuan vigilantly scanned the surroundings. Sword light flashed, the Lovesick sword was already taken out of his storage ring, held in his hand.

While he had been in Qing Mountain Village, he had gone into the mountains many times. He knew that the creatures inside the mountain were very cunning. Who knew when they would be attacked, moreover, these ferocious beasts would be even stronger than the ones in Qing Mountain Village, their intelligence would be higher too.

Upon seeing this, Xing Feng and the others also tightly held onto the long swords in their hands. They all knew this wasn’t something to mess around with. In the event of danger, it was very likely that they could die. However, rather than nervous, they were more excited.

Although the back mountain had dangers, it wasn’t as bad as previously imagined, after all, countless disciples went into the mountains to kill ferocious beasts and successfully completed their missions every day. Moreover, they were still at the outer boundaries. To come across a fifth level ferocious beast was already a rare enough event.

Maintaining vigilance under Lu Xuan’s lead, the line of four people began moving inwards, after all, their goal was a sixth level ferocious beast lightning mink. A ferocious beast of that strength wouldn’t appear in the outer boundaries.

Lu Xuan walked at the very front. Xia Ye and Xing Feng walked in the very back, placing Lin Xin Yi in the middle. Speaking of which, with Lin Xin Yi’s current strength, completing a six star mission was already her limit. She wouldn’t be of any use on a seven star mission. For the sake of safety, she probably shouldn’t have come. However, Lu Xuan was worried that rowdy guy Xu Wen Yang wouldn’t be peaceful, thus he brought her along. He was confident that he would be able to take on a seventh level ferocious beast without any problem. Also, Lin Xin Yi wasn’t a troublesome person. Even if she couldn’t help, at least she also wouldn’t get in the way.

Just at this moment, a bush to the side suddenly shook and a large figure immediately broke out of the bush, quickly springing out, directly attacking Lu Xuan’s group.

Lu Xuan was undoubtedly the target of the incoming attack. Although this figure’s attack was very fast, it didn’t seem too quick in Lu Xuan’s vision. For him who used Rushing Thunder Flash, this kind of speed was truly not worth mentioning.

Lu Xuan didn’t dodge and flicked his wrist instead. The Lovesick sword waved and a stream of soul force immediately came out, very precisely striking the ferocious beast.

The ferocious beast was in pain and howled. Its figure immediately stopped, allowing everyone to clearly see that it was a wolf-type ferocious beast. Currently it was grimacing in pain as it stared at Lu Xuan and and the others. It was very aggressive, but its eyes held a faint trace of terror. It was appearing tough outwardly but was timid inwardly. It knew that this group of people in front of him weren’t good to provoke.

“It’s a bush wolf, fourth level ferocious beast. This kind of wolf is different from other wolves, for example, it’s always alone and likes to ambush its enemies from inside bushes. Its speed is extremely fast. If the ambush is successful, it can take a life in one attack.” Xia Ye walked forward a step to stand by Lu Xuan’s side and speak. His family wasn’t an ordinary one. The City Lord’s Mansion had many texts, among them were some books that talked about various ferocious beasts. After being forced to by his father, he had read many of them when he was younger. Naturally he could recognize this one in a single glance.

Lu Xuan lightly nodded his head, but his eyes were continuously focused on the bush wolf, not relaxing at all. He had also heard of this bush wolf before. It was said that there were some also in Qing Mountain Village, but over there, the bush wolf was the top of the food chain. He couldn’t imagine that after coming to the mountain behind the Wind Sword Sect, that it would be reduced down to a boundary predator.

All of a sudden, the bush wolf suddenly howled and made a motion to charge forward, as if it wanted to attack again, but then its next action was entirely out of Lu Xuan and company’s expectations. Its forward momentum was brought back and it immediately shifted backwards. It wanted to run away!

It wasn’t stupid. It knew that these people weren’t easy to handle. The one attack didn’t work and now it was thinking of escaping.

But how could Lu Xuan let it do as it wanted? It was a mere fourth level ferocious beast. If he let it escape, how could he kill even higher leveled ones? Rushing Thunder Flash circulated, and his body immediately appeared in front of the bush wolf. A sound of thunder rang as the Lovesick sword chopped down. It was the Thunder Light Sword Skill. To handle a guy of this speed, the Thunder Light Sword Skill was enough.

But at this moment, the situation was flipped. The bush that the bush wolf had just sprung out of, actually ruffled again and there was another figure that charged out of it. It’s target was Lin Xin Yi, who was in the very back!

The bush wolf just now was actually just bait. The wisdom of these ferocious beasts was too high. They actually also understood the concept of luring the tiger out of the mountains, make a feint to the east and attack in the west!

Xia Ye was shocked. Originally he should have been standing behind Lin Xin Yi, but just now he had thought there was no more danger and had walked to the front. He hadn’t thought there would be another enemy waiting in ambush.

Xing Feng reacted quickly. With a low shout, he immediately rushed towards Lin Xin Yi’s side. Unfortunately, the bush wolf originally relied on its speed to eat its meals, he had no way of making it in time.

Discovering that she had been targeted, Lin Xin Yi had a moment of panic, but immediately she recovered and calmed down. She swiped with the long sword in her hand, using the middle Huang grade martial skill, Flowing Water Sword Tactic.

Although her strength was the weakest in their group, that didn’t mean she was just a flower vase. These months, she had been staying with Lu Xuan every day. She had been imperceptibly influenced by what she saw and heard. In this situation, panicking was of no use, also, the bush wolf was only a fourth level ferocious beast. She was also body refining fourth level and wasn’t much weaker than it.

Because Lin Xin Yi timed her sword well, when this bush wolf charged over, it just managed to run into her long sword.

Lin Xin Yi didn’t try to hard block it. Flowing Water Sword Tactic’s strategy didn’t involve using raw strength. She simply moved her body back a bit then stirred her long sword. The bush wolf was actually sent upwards. With its forward momentum, Lin Xin Yi fiercely tossed it. There was a “bang” as the bush wolf was thrown onto the ground by her.

At this moment, Xing Feng finally arrived. Without hesitation he rushed forward and chopped down. Immediately, this ambushing bush wolf was split open at the stomach, directly killing it, ending the crisis. On the other side, Lu Xuan also had long since exterminated the bush wolf that had acted as bait. Overall, it had been a shock without danger.

“I was careless, otherwise Lin Xin Yi wouldn’t have encountered danger.” Xia Ye took the initiative to recognize his mistake. If he had been by Lin Xin Yi’s side just now, it wouldn’t have even required Xing Feng to make a move and try to make it in time.

“As long as you know your mistake, that’s enough. Don’t do it again next time. This is still the outer boundary and we only faced the attack of two bush wolves. If there had been another two, not only Xin Yi, even Xing Feng might have been injured.” Lu Xuan said with a straight face. For this kind of situation, even if their relationships were even better, Lu Xuan still wouldn’t speak mercifully, because who knew if at some time a small mistake would lead to personal injury, or even death.

“Forget it. Lu Xuan, don’t blame Xia Ye. I didn’t come just to spectate. A bit of annoyances naturally don’t require your guys’ help.” Lin Xin Yi said.

“It’s okay. Lu Xuan’s right. Fortunately it didn’t lead to a big mistake, otherwise, I really don’t have a good way of explaining to Uncle Lin.” Xia Ye bitterly smiled, “It seems like when my father said I was unsuited for going out, he hadn’t been wrong.”

He naturally wouldn’t feel aggrieved just because of Lu Xuan’s reprimand. He had made a mistake. Lu Xuan was only discussing it. If Lu Xuan actually didn’t say anything, then he wouldn’t be taking responsibility for their team.

Seeing that Xia Ye’s attitude was sincere, Lu Xuan gave a soft nod. His goal wasn’t to blame Xia Ye, only to have him remember the lesson from this time. After all, whatever they faced next time would be even stronger and with a larger quantity of enemies.

“Let’s store away the corpses of these bush wolves and go. In a while we can go back and see if there were any missions that required bush wolves. Even if a mosquito’s legs are smaller, it’s still meat.” Xing Feng spoke up. At the same time, he squatted down and stored the bush wolf that he had exterminated. Xia Ye then tossed the bush wolf that Lu Xuan had finished off into his storage ring.
(TN: Everything can be useful.)

After dealing with it, the team once again went forward. With the experiences from just now, they were even more vigilant, especially Xia Ye, who didn’t dare to relax. The first mistake could be forgiven. If there was a second occurrence of the same mistake, he, himself, wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. Also, he now understood that the things inside a book weren’t necessarily accurate. The book had said that bush wolves hunted alone, but in reality, just now the two bush wolves had worked together. In order to survive, practices could be completely changed.


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