SWFM Chapter 300 (43.5% complete!)

Some might think this the dirtiest chapter of the novel. I don’t know.

Ignore that.

Anyway, Chapter 300: The translucent light of spring.

Xu Tingsheng’s romantic escapades continue…

Don’t kill the author, because he’s a good guy.

Anyway, now the foundation’s been laid out well.

Real feels to be had as things really get moving in the 300+s.

Much to be expected. Ended up binging again on Friday, haha.

A novel of feels, that is realistic and correctly dimensional. That’s SWFM for you.

Usual schedule will continue being around 6x per week despite super long chapters from time to time, which happens because I try to do one per day but usually end up slacking at least once per week.

So just have fun, and come for some feels in the meantime!


Milestone, yay