SG Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Sweetness overdose

At one point, I was suspecting that Suyang was deliberately trying to peel the apple skin with the apple off together. Then, I was flabbergasted. But since he was trying so hard, I had to suppress my urge to roast his skills.

“Here.” With great difficulties, he managed to unpeel one apple and delivered it to my hand.

Originally, I would’ve needed two hands to hold onto this huge apple, but now, I could pick it up with two fingers…

“Thank you.” I took a bite. Although most of the apple was missing, it was still quite sweet. The sweetness went straight to my heart.


As expected, Shen Shaoqian was the person who shattered the perfect atmosphere between me and Suyang. That guy seriously lacked the ability to make discerning judgments. Currently, he had his two hands crossed in front of his chest as he leaned his back against the window. He looked like a bum as he shook his short legs.

Why is he wearing those pants? It makes it seem like his legs were only 30 cm long.

Suyang was putting all his focus on peeling another apple. He didn’t have time to pay attention to Shen Shaoqian.

“So, are you two officially together? Let me tell you. You’re the second person that Suyang has peeled an apple for! Do you feel honoured?”

“The second one?”

“Of course! The first one was…” Before Shen Shaoqian could finish his sentence, Suyang threw the incomplete apple at him. But Shen Shaoqian caught it.

Actually, thrown wasn’t the correct term. It was more like, smashed.

Since Suyang didn’t allow Shen Shaoqian to continue, it evoked my curiosity. I asked, “The first one was…?”

Shen Shaoqian displayed his bitten apple. “Only the skin part could be eaten from Suyang’s apples. Do you see this? This is the legendary Su weapon! If I continue talking, my life will be in danger. A wise man submits to his circumstances!”

What a way to ruin my appetite…

I made a pouty expression as I glared at Suyang with a determined look that conveyed, “Who was the first person? Tell me now!”

Seeing me like this, Suyang finally put down the knife in his hand and sighed, “I’m really no match for you…”

I secretly beamed. I thought he was finally going to tell me.

Suyang made a hand gesture, indicating he wanted me to lean towards him.

So, I tilt my head and pushed my ear in his direction. But who would have expected Suyang to grab onto my ears with both his hands as he fixated my head and gave me a kiss on the lips?!

*cough cough*. After Suyang released me, I heard Shen Shaoqian’s awkward coughing. He must have choked.

“What are you doing?” I was also surprised.

“Weren’t you pouting because you wanted a kiss?” Suyang calmly responded.

“Of course not! I wanted you to tell me who the first person was! How could you.” I had one hand on my face and the other fanning my face.

So strange. Why is it suddenly so hot in here?

“This is not a place for a single dog like me. I’m leaving…!” Shen Shaoqian’s voice sounded a bit broken. Poor guy.

“You’re leaving already?” Although I was saying this, deep down, I had no desire to keep him around. Suyang was the same. Except, he was too lazy to even say anything.

“Is this how you treat a friend who came from distant parts to deliver a gift? As a friend, I’m absolutely heartbroken. This is too sad!”

“Gift? What gift?”

“Suyang hasn’t told you? He has a surprise for you!”

Surprise?! My eyes lit up. They were filled with hope.

“Shaoqian….” Suyang slowly said his name.


“How is it a surprise if you’re telling her? Didn’t I warn you to keep your mouth shut?” Suyang gritted his teeth. The atmosphere couldn’t get lower than this. I could see Shen Shaoqian’s pupils diffusing.

Shen Shaoqian was always so dramatic. It was as if he was acting in a drama and his punishment was death.

“Huh… did you really say so?” Shen Shaoqian carefully took a step away. One step… two steps… he was walking like a crab. It appeared he was planning to escape before Suyang went nuts.

“What surprise? Since he has already mentioned it, tell me! Tell me!” I exclaimed as I grabbed and shook Suyang’s arm.

Suyang sighed again. Using the exact same tone from earlier, he said, “I guess I have no choice…”

I released him right away and covered my mouth. I didn’t want him to make the same move from before.

“What are you doing?” Suyang rubbed my head as he stood up and headed towards Shen Shaoqian’s direction.

“Bro! I didn’t leak on purpose! I forgot…” Shen Shaoqian tried to lie out of desperation. He thought Suyang was going to beat him up.

Instead, Suyang lightly patted his back and said, “Let’s bring it!”

Then, the two of them left the ward. Initially, I thought Suyang was going to let Shen Shaoqian off. But within three seconds, I heard a sharp scream from the hallway.

I should’ve expected it! I coldly humph and silently thought to myself, “Disturbing patients from resting… humph! I don’t know those two! I don’t know those two!”

I waited in my room for a long time. I was sitting in a lotus position as I continuously reached out my neck out to see when they would return.

What surprise could it be? I was so excited!

While I was racking my brain trying to guess what Suyang was going to give me, another visitor showed up.

Shen Shaonu’s head suddenly popped up from the corner. Her eyes were wide open as she looked around the room like a deer. At the end, her eyes landed on me and she smiled, “How are you feeling?”

“Shaonu?” I was surprised. I didn’t expect her to come visit me. “Come in! Your brother and Suyang just left.”

“Suyang brother just left? Which direction did he go?” Shen Shaonu asked with her eyes opened wide. If I told her where, she would probably instantly dash and run to find him. Yes, she was someone that would do such a thing.

“I don’t know. He said he was going to get something.” I waved at her, “Aren’t you here to see me? Why are you asking about Suyang? Come here!”

Shen Shaonu shook her head, “I didn’t come to see you. I came to see Suyang brother. But someone else came to see you!” Then, Shen Shaonu pushed a familiar person from behind the walls into my sight of vision.


Since Zhengyang was forcefully revealed, he looked very embarrassed and cute.

“Ok, you two can chat. I’m going to go look for Suyang brother!” Then, Shen Shaonu disappeared like smoke.

“Is this the first time you’ve seen me? Why are you standing there? Come here!” I acted like an older sister and patted to the seat next to my bed.

Lu Zhengyang obediently came over. He no longer had an angry resentful face as if people had owed him five million dollars. Now, Lu Zhengyang had a youthful sunshine aura like a teenager should.

“I’m sorry…. Also, thank you.”

I didn’t expect this to be his first line. I was a bit confused. “Why are you sorry?”

“You were hurt because of my dad’s case….”

Oh, that silly child! I smiled and took an apple from a basket and handed it to Lu Zhengyang. “If you’re very apologetic, please peel an apple for me to eat!”

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