SG Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: Mi Fan visits her mother’s grave

Seeing how Suyang wasn’t taking the papers from her, Mi Fan threw it into the air, as if it were garbage. The papers were scattered everywhere. I was curious to see what was written on it.

Luckily, the wind happened to blow through the window and flipped the pages that I couldn’t touch.

I laid on the ground and followed the wind’s irregular tempo as I experienced the most troublesome reading of my entire life. It was…

Mo Xiaotian’s affair, Ye Lili’s gambling debt, Chairman Jicheng’s weekly church visits, and information regarding his subordinates shifting funds from the company.

It was all their dirty laundry. And they were all fatal mistakes.

Could it have been Suyang’s plan all along to use this info to threaten them? Was that why he wanted me to focus on Xuduo since he couldn’t discover any negative stuff to blackmail him with?

Wow, I’m so slow… I should’ve known. Yet, I put my life in vain.

“Is this the attitude you use to beg for help?” Mi Fan looked past Suyang and turned her attention on “me”. “This is something that could destroy me. Initially, I didn’t want to give it to you because I don’t want to die. But, we have another victim. I honestly hope this will come to an end.”

Was Mi Fan aware of Suyang’s intent from the beginning? Or were they working together as a team to expose the Chairman’s family the whole time?

I was so confused. My IQ was too low and I didn’t understand what was going on. Who could explain the current situation to me?

“Can I trust you?” Suyang stared at the information.

Mi Fan dryly laughed. Sadness appeared on her icy face, “It’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not. At the end of the day, I did what I was supposed to do.”

“Isn’t it a bit late to discover your conscience?” Suyang sounded bitter.

Mi Fan’s hand was on the door handle. Because of Suyang’s line, her hand paused.

The room was uncomfortably silent. Who would’ve thought that Mi Fan and Suyang could create such a nerve wrecking atmosphere? I nearly forgot to breathe.

Oh yeah! Right now, It doesn’t matter whether I could breathe or not!

But breathing wasn’t an issue. If I had known this was their relationship, I wouldn’t have been concerned about the possibility of Mi Fan seducing Suyang.

“Who knows? I just don’t want the punk to come after me anymore. Each time he sees me, he looks like he wants to tear me apart. I might as well avoid him in jail for a bit. Aren’t I quick witted?” Mi Fan sourly smiled.

At that moment, I felt a bit bad for her because she was revealing a weak side I had never seen before.

Suyang pursed his lips and didn’t respond. He turned around and tucked my blanket in. Mi Fan didn’t wait for his reply and left without turning back.

Although I was concerned about Suyang, I was more curious about where Mi Fan was going. So, I followed her.

I realized how convenient it was to be a ghost. I didn’t have to open any doors. I could go through walls and sit in vehicles without getting noticed. She had no clue that I was observing her from her passenger seat the whole time.

Mi Fan’s destination was Lu Zhengyang’s workplace.

My mouth was wide opened. I wanted to block her. Is she nuts? She has the guts to go see Lu Zhengyang? After all, Lu Zhengyang had once attempted to pour sulfuric acid over her. I couldn’t help but feel concerned.

As expected, the moment Mi Fan entered the store, Lu Zhengyang’s facial expression turned repulsive. A second ago, he was smiling at a customer. The next second, he directly took the customer’s beer and splashed it over Mi Fan.

The atmosphere froze. Everyone appeared stunned by Lu Zhengyang’s action. However, Mi Fan reacted as if she had expected this treatment.

“How dare you appear in front of my face?” Lu Zhengyang yelled. As long as Mi Fan was around, Lu Zhengyang’s hatred bar was filled.

“I want to have a talk with you.”

“There’s nothing to talk about between us. Unless you’re going to die and then beg for forgiveness from my father. If he is willing to forgive you, then I’ll forgive you!” Lu Zhengyang sounded very spiteful.

Mi Fan took out tissue from her bag and calmly wiped the beer off her face. Then, she solemnly said to Lu Zhengyang, “It’s as you wished. According to my calculations, my time of death should be approaching shortly. If you want to talk then, that’s fine. I welcome you to come to my grave.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Zhengyang was confused by Mi Fan’s words, “Your time of death is approaching?”

“Do you want to talk now?”

“Regardless, women like you are all frauds. Just get the f**k out!” Lu Zhengyang turned around and stormed into the kitchen without looking back.

Mi Fan lightly sighed. She didn’t mind all the looks from everyone as she walked out of the store. In the end, she never told Lu Zhengyang what she wanted to say.

Since she didn’t fix herself, she looked like a sorry figure. Mi Fan was in a rush to head to another place. It was as if she was rushing to chase after a celebrity. She travelled without stopping to rest.

Her ultimate destination was a cemetery on the outskirts of town.

Who’s she visiting? Is it Lu Wenxue? But from what I remember, Lu Wenxue’s grave isn’t located here…

“Mom, I came to visit you. I haven’t visited for a very long time. Do you miss me? Please forgive me. These days, work has been very busy. Also, I have a lot of stressful things to deal with.” Mi Fan was kneeling in front of a woman’s grave. “Because of me, another person is hurt… Mom, are you very disappointed in me?”

“Honestly, I didn’t want this to happen either. I don’t know why things ended up like this… No! That’s not true!” Mi Fan shook her head as she rejected her own words, “Actually, I knew this would’ve happen the moment I decided to take this path. I was mentally prepared to have people scold and despise me…”

“Why did I become like this? Mom, do you remember? When I was little, I said I wanted to become a righteous reporter that will unmask evil.”

“But… ever since a year ago, after that incident, my path has been offset, and I was unable to control the development ever since.”

Suddenly, Mi Fan began to dig through her bag. After quite a long time, she ended emptying all the content to fish out a photo with her shaky hands. She displayed it in front of the grave and she began to whimper.

“See? I have proof. At one point, I really wanted to be a good reporter. I r-really…wanted to be a good reporter…” she cried.

Mi Fan’s voice was turning weaker and weaker, “But why? Why is reality so cruel? It’s so cruel that I thoroughly killed my old self. The good reporter Mi Fan had long left this world. What remained was a person filled with self-interest; someone who allowed a large corporation to exploit her in exchange for status!”

By now, I somewhat understood why Mi Fan was in such a rush to see Lu Zhengyang and her mother. Since she gave Suyang the documents, Suyang was going to expose everything very shortly. When that happens, the Chairman’s family will definitely know that Mi Fan had betrayed them. Then…most likely, she will end up like my current state. It was understandable why Mi Fan felt like her days were limited.

Worse of all, the person who shot me (Director Rui) was still on the run. Police and private detectives were unable to find any traces of him. That was the most scariest part of all.

“As of now, I haven’t once went to visit that man. Probably it’s because of the overwhelming amount of guilt I have. I don’t have the courage to go.”

“Mom, if everything is exposed, does it mean I am qualified to see that person? Or is it really as the child had said -I must die in order to pay for my mistakes?”

“Today, I came because I wanted to let you know that your daughter was once a good person. That’s all….” Mi Fan sighed. Then, she took the photo and placed it in front of her mother’s grave with a rock on top of it. In my eyes, Mi Fan moved like she was dragging rocks with her feet. Each step was indescribably heavy.

I bowed in front of Mi Fan’s mother’s grave. After all, I was secretly eavesdropping on Mi Fan’s conversation for so long…

After Mi Fan left, I leaned closer to the grave to take a look at the photo. It was a picture of her before she was famous. Based on the background of the photo, it looked like a school’s opening ceremony. She was in the picture with a student from the school.

Based on Mi Fan’s expression, she appeared to be very inexperienced and passionate about her career. Her face had the smile of joy.

The child she had her arms around had a ribbon of first place over his neck. Why does he look so familiar? Although he looked about 12-13 years of age, I felt like I had seen him somewhere before….

Oh! I know who it is!

It was Lu Zhengyang!

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